(((Anthony Weiner))) Sentenced To 21 Months In Prison For Sexting Teenage Girl

I’m going to have to call out the blatant Anti-Semitism behind this prison sentencing.

The evil Goy judge (just a concealed Nazi more than likely), did not even take into account Talmudic teachings when making her decision.

Our glorious multicultural nation is supposed to guarantee freedom of religion, but yet we see the most sacred Jewish scriptures ignored as if they were nothing more than the rantings and ravings of a race of debauched maniacs DNA-coded to subvert and destroy.

New York Post:

It’s hard time for Anthony Weiner.

The disgraced ex-congressman broke down crying as he was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday for convincing a high school student to undress and touch herself via Skype in 2016.

“This was a serious crime. It’s a serious crime that deserves serious punishment,” Manhattan federal judge Denise Cote said as the convicted sext fiend dropped his head into his hand and wept.

After the courtroom cleared, the one-time mayoral hopeful sat crying silently in his chair alongside his tearful mother.

His father and brother also joined him in the courtroom — but the serial sexter’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Huma Abedin was nowhere to be seen.

In addition to his prison stint, Weiner was also sentenced to pay a $10,000 fine for his crime, participate in sex offender outpatient treatment program and spend three years on supervised release once his sentence is up.

He will have to surrender to his designated facility by Nov. 6 — his lawyer put in a request for Schuylkill Federal Correctional Facilit in Pennsylvania, or another low-security prison near New York.

That would be the least that this disgusting racist Shiksa could do for such a poor and repentant Jewish man.

Just imagine what would happen to him if he ended up in a unit populated by Hispanics and Schvartzes…

The feds said the latest and most insidious chapter of Weiner’s sexting problem began on the evening of Jan. 23, 2016, when a high school student messaged him on Twitter, prompting a flurry of “provocative” responses from the former public servant, who knew the teen was in high school, court papers show.

“As January turned to February, their intermittent exchanges grew more lascivious,” Manhattan federal prosecutors told the judge in court filings.

By the end of February, Weiner — who by this time knew the girl was only 15 — was video-chatting with her via Skype and using “graphics and obscene language” to ask her to “display her naked body and touch herself,” the feds said.

He also sent her “obscene material” on self-destructing messaging apps like Kik and Confide, including adult porn and a message “describing what he would do to her, if she were 18,” according to court filings.

You can pretty much find the whole series of conversations online in various places, but you should know already what the deal is – I just think Weiner putting the echoes on his name sums everything up perfectly.

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  1. I am shocked at how his fellow Jews have bailed out on him. Leo Frank raped and murdered an innocent young white girl and back then they fought for him.

    • I do too. Jews tend to be ugly, but Weiner takes the schnozz to limits I can’t even comprehend. It’s his entire head, and being He’s hideous in every single way. Even the smiles makethe flesh crawl.


    After the bad news of the Judaist, a member of this gutter religion and criminal cult called Judaism, who killed his pretty girlfriend by draining her blood, this is welcome news.

    Let this Judaist rot in prison.

  3. Jugs of jew weiner tears. Boo hoo jew.
    They always cry out when they are caught. Guilt is an alien emotion to (((them))).

    Have fun with Bubba in general pop, goof.

  4. Hillary did far worse and look at her now.

    If Weiner hadn’t lost the protection of the Clinton cartel he wouldn’t be serving even a day in prison.

  5. We all know this dirty, hateful JEW is going to be sent to a minimum security Club Fed located in downstate NY, where he’ll get special treatment like weekend furloughs, satellite TV in his private, air-conditioned cell, internet access, Mogen David with his kosher-prepared dinners, etc, etc. It’s not called the jew-dicial system for nuthin’.

  6. I don’t know if this applies to Weiner, but I heard recently that those who are part of the pedophile ring that rules the world does not engage in sex with children for the thrill of having sex with children. They take delight in destroying their innocence.

    • Where, Snowhitey? I ask because I didn’t believe in the vastness of pedo until someone explained sort of what you’re saying to me. It all still seems unfathomable. But in an evil world, it’s rational to destroy innocence, whereas sociobiologically it doesn’t really get a tyrant anywhere to rape kids.

  7. The question should be asked of the Weiner bandit, “What will it be, six-inch or foot long?” If it were me in that judge’s shoes, he’ll be in the general prison population. A guy like him would like chum for the sharks.

  8. She was 15, a full grown woman. His behavior was bad, almost as bad as that of the woman he texted with. How much time did she Get? You people are so full of liberal presuppositions, that you cannot comment intelligently. The typical American thinks a 19 year old is a ‘kid’. Weiner obviously was not getting satisfaction from his sham wife Huma, who was actually Hillary’s wife. The Jews abandoned him because of the laptop, that caused them so much trouble. Very stupid on his part. Anyway he went down, and that is good, even though it was for the wrong reason. The big question, will he now talk?

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