BASED: Rody Duterte Vows To Kill His Own Son For Drug-Trafficking Offenses

Time for a little history lesson, Goys.

Back in the days of the very early Roman Republic (about 2500 years ago exactly), there was a man named Lucius Junius Brutus who valued his nation’s independence over everything else on the mortal realm – even his own flesh and blood.

During this time, word had circulated that Brutus’ own sons had engaged in treasonous activities with the deposed King of Rome – an offense that could have ultimately led to the fall of the Republic from within.

Due to this happening, our man thought it most prudent to endorse the execution of his own progeny in order to defend what I guess could be described as “the greater good.”

And now in this fallen modern age we have the greatest Flip who has ever lived seemingly pushing to emulate the long-deceased Brutus in an attempt to save his people from the scourge of drug traffickers and junkie scum. Knowing someone who is a drug addict and needs help requires immediately contacting addiction centers near me. There are professionals that can assist in sober living.


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says he will not hesitate to have his own son murdered if allegations of his involvement in a $125-million drug shipment prove to be true. He has also vowed to “protect the police who kill him.”

“I said before my order was: ‘If I have children who are into drugs, kill them so people will not have anything to say,’” Duterte said in a speech on Wednesday night, as quoted by AFP.

“So I told Pulong [son’s nickname]: ‘My order is to kill you if you are caught. And I will protect the police who kill you, if it is true.’”

The statement comes amid an allegation that Paolo Duterte is connected with an international drug cartel that attempted to ship $125 million worth of crystal methamphetamine from China to Manila in May.

The accusation was brought forward by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a vocal opponent of the president.

As part of his argument, Trillanes provided photographs of Paolo beside the businessman alleged to be responsible for importing the drugs. He also cited unspecified foreign intelligence that Paolo is a member of a crime syndicate while alluding to a “dragon-like” tattoo on his back as proof.

Paolo, 42, has denied the allegation, telling a Senate inquiry earlier this month that the allegation was “baseless.”

Duterte’s bold statements regarding his son are the latest in a string of shocking remarks expressed by the leader as part of his ‘war on drugs’.

The controversial campaign has led to the deaths of more than 7,000 suspected users and dealers since July 1, 2016, according to figures released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) in July.

According to HRW, the deaths have been committed by a combination of security forces and “unidentified gunmen,” with the government claiming to have killed more than 3,800 people.

Duterte has repeatedly defended his hardline stance against drugs, previously saying he would be “happy to slaughter” 3 million drug addicts and describing children shot dead in the campaign as “collateral damage.”

Last week, Duterte slammed the country’s human rights commission chief, Chito Gascon, for expressing concern for the teenagers who have been killing in the ‘war on drugs’.

“I now have my doubts. Are you gay or a pedophile? Why is this guy suffocated about the issue of young people, especially boys? Are you a pedophile? Do you want the young? You almost cry blood. Of course it’s repugnant. You are so fixated with young males. So I have doubts if you are a pedophile, you are stupid, idiot,” Duterte said.

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  1. Hey, Stalin didn’t give a shit when the Germans captured his own son Yakov. It’s not easy being the child of a powerful authority figure, there’s a tendency to become a spoiled, arrogant jerk.

  2. Except I’m going with the idea that a good King (no queens) or strong man leader is way better than any republic once the population declines to where the likes of Marion Barry, Coleman Young, Elizabeth Warren and muds and sexual degenerates here in Chicago can get elected.

    Egypt’s best times were when Egypt had God kings. Russia’s best times were with nationalist Czars and now Vladimir Putin the Great.

    Democracy is way over rated.

    • I agree one hundred percent, and we need to remember that even the Roman Republic degenerated into chaos – and it was nothing like the cuck fest we have today.

      The Roman Republic was an aristocratic-based system that had extremely limited suffrage, was highly patriarchal, and was so Nationalistic that it makes us look beta to the extreme.

      Hell, for the longest time they even considered the Latins a few miles away from them (essentially the same people) as subhumans unworthy of suffrage and citizenship.

    • Unfortunately Czars were not nationalist but liberals and ruled so that despite 200 years together people in the Russian Empire thought that maybe jewry power is better. . the result was USSR and 73 years of madness.

      Genetical white liberal is the root cause of all problem. When you get the Kings and Knights back, they will srew you so that jewry sins will be forgotten very fast and then the history repeats itself.

      Be very aware from the enlighted persons. Jewry march to the power begun from the moment when Average Joe understood the complete decadency of the aristocracy. In Russia, there is a big beef between historians. Some folk claim that killing Czar was crime and the rest of the folk claim that they deserved it.

      Lenin mausoleum btw is still on the Red Square but nobody putting up memorials to the aristochracy because in the deep heart, everybody undersand that killing white liberals is probably the only useful thing jewry did right.

    • “…I’m going with the idea that a good King (no queens) or strong man leader is way better than any republic…Democracy is way over rated…”

      I’m profoundly and totally against this kind of defeatist thinking. The Jews are the ones pushing KINGS and other such stupid nonsense. They are the same ones that have recently started attacking Democracy. The reason is so they can get some cuck to rule us.

      We had a perfectly good system which was Republican Democracy that limited the vote to people of some small means that could read and owned property. It worked damn well. Much better than most governments have ever worked until the Jews and their lackeys destroyed it. This is type of government we had that made us great. We can have this again. Pass laws that make it legal to restrict the voting franchise and then impeach judges until they agree. Another path is to restrict the judiciary from ruling on voting laws in the States at all. Congress has the power to limit what the judiciary rules on. It wouldn’t take a Constitutional amendment just a majority vote to pass this.

    • Democracies and republics always seem to degenerate to the lowest common denominator. After all, it’s easier to bring a nation down than it is to bring it up, especially when a good part of the population borders on the subhuman.


    According to the Torah, Avram (Abraham) was ready to kill his own son as a human sacrifice to Yahweh. Even though his son was NOT into drugs.

    The Judaists read the Torah to this day in their synagogues and admire Avram and consider themselves as children of Avram.

    Who is more evil?

    • Those who call themselves Jews today, are in no way related to the people of the Book, or the ancient Israelites. Vide John 8:44, Revelation 2:9, and a number of books by Arthur Koestler, Shlomo Dand, and Dr. Elhaik’s DNA research, have proven that the modern Jews are Khazarian impostors.

      • I have heard that the term “jew” was not even used until very recently (19th century). I suspect these people are not who the tell us they are and their G-d whose name can’t be spoken is actually Molach. The Torah is part of their bible and there is probably loads more that we don’t know about.

        • The Greek word for “Jew” appears NOWHERE in the texts that the KJV and later English language Bibles derive from. The word is basically an anachronism in the Bible and doesn’t even belong there.

          When the NT speaks of “fear of the Jews” the word Jew translates from “Judean” not “Judahite,” and refers to the Edomites that were in control of Judea in the time of the life of Jesus.

          Note the KJV and later English language Bible also took out the Apocrapha, the books that describe the Edomite takeover of Judea. Nothing suspicious about any of that lol.

          Hence Christ’s condemnation of them in Rev 2:9, Rev 3:9, John Chapter 8, Matthew 23:25, etc. These passages all refer to the Canaanite lineage of the Edomites who called themselves Judeans even though they were not Judahites, or even Israelites.

          Jews used to be open about this, the 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia states “Edom is found in modern day Jewry.” Or some such similar wording.

    • Most subscribe to the Talmud whether they even know it or not. They certainly aren’t Israelites, although I understand the Palestinians very well may be. That land is theirs after all.

  4. If he plugs his own son, I’ll really have the utmost respect for this shitlord. It proves he’s a man of his word, something unheard of from a leader in the degenerative, morally relative, postmodern world.

      • Sooner or later word would get out that he had his son knocked off. More than likely this will cause him to go full throttle.Then look for the body count to increase exponentially. If you have to kill your own flesh & blood over this shit, might as well go all the way & finish the job.

  5. Only severely domesticated animals don’t destroy their defective. We’re way beyond even that….. we celebrate them.

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