Time For Your Babies To Die Now: Black Woman Caught Abusing White Infant

Replace all your former emotions with a calm and detached hatred, White Man.

Forget the old egalitarian nonsense and “color blind” foolishness that has brought our people to the lowest point in recorded history.

Abandon suicidal forgiveness and just live by the phrase, “Let God sort them out,” when dealing with enemies of all those you love.

Otherwise, the Law of the Jungle will consume everything before you, and you’ll be left with nothing but a useless feeling of moral virtue to go with the guilt caused by letting death become king.

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    • Here’s the video on Live Leak. Apparently, the victim is a little girl and the coon is now charged with attempted murder. Definitely could have broken her neck with that toss:

      www (dot) liveleak (dot) com/view?i=27f_1505843538

  1. Well now, in a sane world, the parents of that child would be charged with reckless endangerment or some such thing. Love the rasta hat and body posture. How blinded by (((equalitarian))) virtue does one need to be not to observe the blindingly obvious?

    • I have a hard time believing that anyone would leave their child in such a creature’s care. But, Whites have been so brow-beaten, they will fall over themselves to virtue-signal, and in this case, risk an infant’s life. The insanity that has the White race by the throat is astounding. Our people are being suicided, and they refuse to see it. Makes me ill.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. How many more incidents like these need to happen before whites start realizing that black and brown people cannot and should not live in the same space as us?

  3. In the antebellum South many elderly house-nigresses were devoted to Massuh’s chillun. There are reports that those mammies even fought off nigger Union soldiers to defend the plantation. So the coloreds will behave themselves if they are immersed in a White patriarchial environment, where punishment for disobedience is severe.

  4. Hiring a gorilla to take of babies would actually be preferable to hiring a nigger, since gorillas are intelligent and gentle creatures.

  5. Another reason for traditional white family culture. The mother would be home, not working. I’m not blaming the mother, I’m blaming the jews that convinced mothers they need ‘careers’ in order to live a full life.

    • you’re right, of course, the Judeo-feminists set all this up. Nonetheless, any White mother who hires a negress to care for her child needs to be face-slapped a few times. Hard.

      • And one steel-tipped boot kick in the ass to send her 20 feet into the air landing face down. Ditto with dad. Hell, let’s throw in all four grandparents. They obviously did something wrong.

      • That White mother should be locked up in a women’s prison full of sheboons who like to beat White females (hell, don’t they all) for several months. That would teach her what sheboons are really like.

  6. IvankaBeAWASP Trump has just today decided to announce that she ‘struggled with postpartum depression’ after all three of her children were born. Those jews just have the damnedest timing. Seriously, I have no idea if there is some cohencidence happening here but…

    Ivanka is clearly pushing along the white women’s parenting (and even men’s post partum ‘mental health’ they’re now saying) needs to be monitored by the state commissars aka psychiatrists from birth on. The shrinks are running with it if it wasn’t planned to begin with.

    White parents are really the true dangers to their white babies, according to our ‘betters.’

  7. That poor baby. This enrages me!!! The f***ing parents need a whipping for leaving their most precious gift with an animal. I hope the little sweetie wasn’t injured.

  8. This happened in SOUTH AFRICA, too. HQ of baby AIDS rape, necklacing, and of course Amy Biehl’s grave.

    This angers me literally to no end. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight. Just a few thoughts:

    1) Why the HELL would any White South African, in the midst of all they’re going through (ya know, GENOCIDE) leave their baby with a subhuman of a different species. I’m REALLY sick of overly trusting, narcissistic White Eloi ‘parents’.

    2) Supposedly, the Eloi parents saw bruises on their baby and felt at least some sense of alarm. Yet it wasn’t enough alarm to actually physically separate their young, defenseless child from the subhuman Congoid that must’ve obviously been responsible for the appalling physical abuse. OH NO! In the damaged mind of the White Eloi, merely rigging a security cam to catch the second (inevitable) round of abuse is just fantastic.

    • The book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” even states that apartheid was a mechanism to protect whites (physical safety et al) as was Jim Crow. Yeah, Mercer’s a Jew but the book can be a wakeup call for brain-damaged whites. Well, maybe not.

  9. Move… to a safe place, if you have to.

    Lower your ‘standard of living’ until
    you can live on the husband’s income.

    Mother stays at home and home schools.

    You just raised your real standard of living 1000X.

    Problem fixed.

    • Problem is, we’re running out of safe places to move to. Diversity keeps chasing us down until there is no one left to chase.

      • MORE OF THE SAME: Especially since the Obongo illegal alien Oval Office occupant started that Just Dept and HUD nonsense whereby local gov’ts had to rezone property under threat of fed gov’t housing law to allow high density residencies (section 8) in nice suburban neighborhoods. We all know that means relocating niggers into White suburbs where they will have easy access to property to rob/vandalize while the owners are at work paying for said Section 8 housing. Plus the nig nogs will have their favorite type of victims for violent crimes of rape/robbery/murder/assault i.e. other races. Negroids are well known to be the worst perpetrators of interracial violence. They delight in it.

        Also, the last White House occupant started dumping non-White third world refugees and migrants into “red” states to eventually turn them purple and then after that solidly blue.

        If the White people, at least the ones who know the score and are willing to act on it, don’t start retaking this country back from the non-Whites there will come a day within a generation where no state electoral vote for US President, two US Senators, Governor of said state will go to the Democrat party, anything other than the White people’s candidate. Time has come to act.

  10. Thanks for that link as I refuse to Twit. I wish people would stop linking things that can only be seen on twitter. YouTube is bad enough but I use it anyways. I refuse to sign up for twitter and funnel more money to them.

  11. Never have anything at all to do with niggers, not even the allegedly ‘tame’ ones. Fuck all of them. I would have attacked that female gorilla with my bare hands if I saw her doing that to a white baby.

  12. Young children or the elderly and infirm in nursing homes- Africanis Primitivus will attack and abuse them all since they love having helpless victims.
    I remember reading stories of South African murderers of whites. When the agonies of the tortured victims were described in court, the perps and the niggers in attendance in the court would all burst out laughing. They find the pain and suffering of others to be hilarious and enjoy inflicting it or hearing about it.
    The sheboon in this video is no different than the rest.

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