Why Internment Camps Are Necessary: A St. Louis-Inspired Visual Argument

White Man,

No matter how many times President Cuck pushes the idea of saluting the same “beautiful red, white, and blue flag,” and no matter how many times you push unity, these people are going to hate you.

They will continuously agitate against you, will constantly plot against you, and will pray to whatever it is they believe every single night that the day may soon arrive when they will be able to kill you.

They wish to rape your women, torture your children, and make you watch before they slit your throat.

They are tearing down your history before your eyes, and will soon turn to the real flesh and blood thing once stone, metal, and concrete becomes boring.

Even if you were to somehow seize control of the state and push for repatriation/deportations, you would have these feral creatures strike hard while the details were hashed out.

No, the only places these critters could be safely contained would be inside properly-constructed camps sealed by barbed wire, guard towers, and soldiers aplenty.

This would of course be a temporary measure, and yes, I suppose you would have to send in rations from time to time, but it’s probably the only measure that would work in the long-term.

Otherwise, you might as well start explaining to your children that what you are about to witness will soon become a daily feature all across this crumbling nation.

And I think we found one of the potential (((ringleaders))) of this specific semi-riot, because all of a sudden it smells quite like certain parts of New York City, Miami, or Boston up in here.

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  1. Marcus, thank you for the disturbing visuals. Enough is enough!

    This is an excellent argument (as though any of my fellow longtime OD readers need to be persuaded) for EUGENICS. I am so SICK of STUPID white cucks (unfortunately, I saw three interracial relationships just when I was downtown today, all WF/dindu male) and their disgusting miscegenation is literally destroying this country. I don’t even know what can be done, anymore. So ready to fire up the ovens.

    • It’s nature and nature knows how to correct an anomaly. Do you really want these pathetic, weakling white zombies, who are so easily manipulated by the government/media/entertainment, to breed with sturdy and clear-headed whites? No way! Trust me, our people are being strengthened and reinforced by being culled of our defective. It’s a win-win. We get rid of our worst and other groups reap the “benefits”!

  2. I take some consolation in the fact that the first Whites to be literally eaten by the mindless black mob will be the liberals and the faggots who marched in BLM demonstrations.

  3. The camps could be made to look like Malls. Complete with strange shoes and clothes and fried chicken or Thai cuisine.

    • They’re way ahead of you, Captain!

      www (dot) thecommonsenseshow (dot) com/2015/08/14/architects-confirm-shopping-malls-will-become-fema-camps/

  4. If that dark day ever comes when Whites become a minority in the USA, an attempt at our extermination is guaranteed. The magical thinking orcs and antifa have themselves convinced that once their hated overlords are displaced then everything will be a multi-culti utopia. We all know that this is bullshit, and that the inferior groups will remain inferior whether they’re calling the shots or not (and let’s be realistic, the idea of niggers running the near-future USA is ludicrous. Jews, Chinese, Indians, and High caste Hispanics will be locked in a power struggle while the country deteriorates), but as the unhappy dindu and mestizo/Indio remain mired in failure despite the ending of “White Privilege,” they’ll still have to blame the evil Whitey for their plight. Whoever the elites are at that time will encourage the demonization of Huwhyte remnant in order to distract the seething hordes of Mordor from tearing up the place.

  5. When did shopping malls become free-speech zones? They are private property. If they want to survive, they need to make clear that demonstrations of any kind, WN included, are not allowed, and anyone who violates this rule will be arrested and charged with trespassing.

    At least 90% of mall revenue comes from white and Asian women, and I don’t mean the white women with black babies who attend BLM rallies. If you don’t provide them a safe, relaxing environment every time they come to shop, it’s goodbye mall, hello Amazon!

    • The West County Mall is pretty nice and has a wealthy clientele. Now it’s a target for Nogs and stands a chance of slow destruction too.

      Now we know what happened to the Roman Forum.

  6. We also have WAY too many niggers in the country, just by looking at the pictures. We should have ZERO. You cannot leave your house these days without running into a semi-feral nog. Should’ve castrated the slaves when they came over like the Arabs did – we can thank the Hebes for that.

  7. This would of course be a temporary measure, … that would work in the long-term.

    Can you see the flaw?

    This problem needs a permanent, can I say a final solution? Camps are only a temporary expedient. From there, they must be sent “further east”.

    Goy Goddess said

    Should’ve castrated the slaves when they came over like the Arabs did

    I had this same conversation last year on a visit to USA, at the Confederate Museum, speaking to a gentleman who was exhibiting Civil War arms. It’s a solution that would have saved a lot of misery, and could still work, but with a lot more effort. When it comes to the crunch, this may well be the most humane course. Whether that consideration still carries any weight at that time remains to be seen.

  8. I know that our population is suffering from low birth-rates, and we need all the White children being born that we can get… but I gotta be honest and say that I wish all of these White n166er lovers, faggots, philoSemitic cucks, mud-slime sympathizers, etc. would just drop dead. After all, they’re a HUGE danger to the rest of us in terms of their numbers, their race-mixing and warped ideologies. If Whites just dropped down in numbers to half a billion hard-core unapologetic “racists and antiSemites, we’d still attain complete victory in short order.

  9. The interment camps are meant for us. White people. The only way that racially aware whites will survive is networking and armed resistance. When the Shockley verdict was announced in St. Louis the local stores pulled all ammunition from the shelves. Forward thinking Whites already have thousands of rounds safely stockpiled.
    Watch for a major shooting to trigger “common sense gun control” in the near future. Possibly after the Repukes lose Congress in the November elections, certainly after a Democrat wins the Ehite House in 2020. “Hate Speech” will then be criminalized and the Deep State will go on offense on the now disarmed, hateful alt-right will the full support of the cucks in the GOP.
    This leaves three possible outcomes. 1. Victory for Whites and a return to racial realism or 2. going out with a wimper or 3. a bang.
    There is no scenario where we vote our way out of this mess.

  10. Why are people still shopping at malls? Do they also use rotary-dial pay phones and watch episodes of Dallas on their VCRs?

  11. Every single city in this entire country is about to become a concentration camp straight out of a history textbook but with fewer Jews and more canniba- er I mean African Americans. If you are white and you live in a city, get out now. Move to a family farm and indenture yourself as a servant if you have to. The cities chose Hillary. Save them at your own peril.

  12. Great article. I would only add that they need some work (directed labor) to do in those camps. They could also have tracking collars put on so they could go out and pick crops without escaping. Of course if the law encourages white men to shoot escaped negroes on sight then there won’t even be any need for the tracking collars as the camp will be their only safe refuge.

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