(((Chuck Schumer))) Caught On Hot Mic Discussing Budding Partnership With President Cuck

Hey, MAGApedes, I know you guys have gotten as slippery as water snakes in your defense of President Trump, but I would very much like to see y’all defend what you’re about to hear courtesy of C-SPAN and a nice steaming hot mic.

The Week:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) took to the Senate floor Thursday morning to discuss Equifax’s massive security breach; the physical limitations of a border wall; and his supposed agreement with President Trump, struck alongside his House counterpart Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), to work to preserve protections for immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

But before he officially took to the floor, Schumer bounded into the Senate chamber just after a speech by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and took a minute to converse with a colleague. “Sorry, just got here. Anything new?” Schumer can be heard saying on C-SPAN2’s live feed of the Senate, though he’s not seen on video. Then: “He likes us! He likes me, anyway,” Schumer says with a chuckle.

Schumer is presumably referring to himself and Pelosi, and Trump’s apparent affection for them — or one of them, anyway. He continues telling his unseen colleague that the statement he and Pelosi put out about Trump’s DACA promise was “exactly accurate.” “Here’s what I told him,” Schumer continues. “I said: ‘Mr. President, you’re much better off if you can sometimes step right and sometimes step left. If you have to step just in one direction, you’re boxed.’ He gets that.”

Let’s just be real here, Brothers, it’s pretty damned bad.

Like, it’s so bad that there really isn’t much room for maneuver whatsoever.

You can’t even make the argument that there is some sort of negotiating ploy alive here – most folks would say that we’re either seeing Trump operating on a Sub-Saharan IQ level, or we’re merely watching Jewry pulling a move honed by both time and use among peoples ranging from the Pagan Romans to the Catholic Poles.

Honestly, I see neither situation at play here – instead I see a man who because of blackmail (increasingly unlikely), through ignorance gifted by being a member of the 1% (possible), or by infection with the same egalitarian corruption that permeates both political parties (most possible) cares little about the White Man in the United States.

He would rather break bread with Leftist Jews (and marry his daughter off to one), than sit with the working man whose ancestors built up this country from swamp, woods, and hostile wilderness.

But hey, if you’re just an average Trump supporter, don’t think I’m mocking you or gloating in the downfall of the President – the biggest fanbois are just in it for the money, their brand, or are trapped into a personality cult due to weird daddy issues that may never be cured.

Like you, I too was caught up in the frenzy during 2015 and 2016, and at points I truly hoped that Donald would at the very least buy us time by enacting policies that really aren’t too radical when you break everything down.

I went to rallies, pushed The Don on normies sitting on the fence, and literally wrote 2,000 or so articles covering the most exciting political race in living memory.

I have no regrets, and I feel no remorse, but I would like you to take a long look at what the Alt-Right is offering – we’ll actually fulfill our promises, and we’ll actually work to make America (or at least a chunk of the country) great again.

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    • it was not “a matter of time”. The NY Jews have owned Trumpenthal his entire adult life. And Schumer (Dem/NY) – as measured by Trumpenthal’s political contributions – has long been Trumpenthal’s favorite Senator. In fact they are long-standing personal friends.

      remember when, during the campaign, Trumpenthal said :

      “I could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone, and these (White suckers) would still vote for me”

      he was right, and most everyone here played the sucker.

      and BTW, I stopped voting years ago. I know a ZOG when I see it.

  1. All we can do is yell and scream and hope Trump comes to his senses and refuses to be rolled like Reagan and Pappy Bush. If he caves, then he has zero support– in DC or the country– and is just waiting for impeachment and removal. After giving tax cuts to jew hedge-fund managers, of course. (I am assuming that his campaign speeches were genuine.)

    Most of these “dreamers” are in their teens and twenties and probably live with their illegal alien parents. If they are granted amnesty, do you really think ICE will come to their homes to deport the parents? This is full amnesty on the horizon.

  2. It’s an impossible situation. The Alt-Right alone has principles and convictions, but no money and no power. Trump, the GOP, etc. have money and power, but no principles and convictions.

    (I don’t count “wanting more money” and “readiness to serve the Jew” as principles or convictions.)

  3. That little Jew and nignog that keeps appearing in your illustrations- you need to give them names. I want to know them on a first-name basis. They’re a part of us now…in a strange way.

  4. “If he gets to amnesty his dreamers, nothing you can do, folks. Although for the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

    Just something to keep in mind: Donald Trump was not our last chance to end this peacefully. He was their last chance.

    • The niggers have my permission to eat white liberals, cuckservatives, and Christian missionaries. It saves us the trouble of having to liquidate those race traitors later on.

  5. The Jew Bernie Goldberg is on Fox Jews opining about the fact that the Jew Ben Shapiro actually got to speak at Berkerkeky least night. The cops didn’t let the Commies riot, or destroy. The po po stopped the wreckage. For the Jew. Goldberg was complaining how White men stormed the beaches of Normandy, to fight Hitler. There use to be REAL MEN! Yes, Bernie, there were. And they all killed their own kind, so your Tribe could take over their lands, and kill off Whites.

    Thanks, White Men. You’ve done a terrific job.

  6. Schumer gave a talk to my upstate NY high school when I was in 10th or 11th grade. He gave a talk and one on one conversations afterwards. I remember my teenage normie self being completely charmed by him. The guy is a political master in the handshaking, back slapping, backroom dealing mode.

    I’m not surprised he worked over Trump.

    • If that’s how it went, I have even less respect for Trump – his whole life has consisted of business dealings with Kikes like Schumer.

      How would he not know the routines and persuasion methods of the Tribe by now?

  7. Thing that really disturbs me about Trump is that he used these mothers whose children were killed by beaners as stage props.

    • Normandy landing lifted the red army moral. Divert supplies and personal from the eastern front. No landing It would have ended in stalemate on both side, truce accord.

  8. It’s so, so embarrassing that Jews have been able to do this to us, to our entire civilization, right to the very top and everywhere in between. May we someday prevail and never let this happen again! The key is enforcing our will on dumb whites who go along with the insanity. Deal with the white pawns first, and then we’ll be able to handle the foreign influences.

    Where to start? Well, a good place is within your own family and social circle. That’s where we have the greatest influence — with people we know. Start telling them this is the way it is, you’re either with us or against us, and cut ties accordingly.

    • It’s not exclusively Jews. They’re one component.

      Partly the problem is whites believing in ridiculous secular ideologies.

      Marxism: “Oh the workers will take power, and all will be bliss”
      Liberalism: “Oh capitalism will spread, and the capitalists won’t abuse their power. All will be free.”

      And Cold War: “Capitalism must triumph over evil communism!” (When in truth, communism didn’t even work.)

      Whites are just retarded. We have no elites, no structure, no society rooting in faith. As a result, we’re naturally ruled by other elites. Whites make very good workers; but we lack the cultural basis to become a responsible elite ourselves.

      We chucked our history out the window to embrace one stupid ideology after another. Who needs to learn from history when one has ridiculous cult ideologies to worship? Blaming Jews is just an easy way out.

      • cart before horse. Three generations of Whites have been brainwashed into self-liquidation by a Jew-controlled K-16 and MSM. It’s amazing any Whites have so much as to a clue as to what is being done to them and their civilization.

        and you might want to take your apologetics for the Jews somewhere else. Daily Kos might work. Meyer Anselm Rothschild laid out (((the Plan))) 300 years ago:

        “give me control of the money supply, and I don’t care who the King is. I will rule.'”

        and so it has come to pass.

        • I’m not defending Jews. I’m defending complexity and competence.

          The Right shouldn’t devolve into a mass that believes in and knows nothing other than “Jews are to blame”. Such a movement could take you anywhere, likely to defeat, because there’s no strategy, no goal.

          Regarding central bankers. They’re a problem. One problem. One. What about Hollywood? What about the education system? Individuals have no defences against these things. Whites need to become civilised again to resist such things.

        • If the idea is to focus the Democrat herd on blaming Jews rather than on blaming whites, then that’s something.

          The current problem of Dems blaming whites for everything is very serious.

          I don’t hear anyone suggesting such though. Several here just seem to rage and call others Jewish… If whites are supposed to have such high IQ, you’d expect different reactions.

      • I’ve never been to Hungary. I’d only appear to defend Jews compared to you and some others here.

        I’m pro-white; you’re anti-Jewish. That’s not the same thing.

        You can highlight Jewish power all you like; Whites still have major problems.

        Similarly, blaming Marxists doesn’t make classical liberalism suddenly a good system. For years the Reagan conservatives would blame Marxists (yes, mostly Jews) for harming society, but our society was weak enough to be destroyed.

        We were 89% white in 1965. No foreign invasion happened. We need to return to an ordered life. We need smaller polities, more decentralised elites so that Jews can’t just take over.

        A society of “free people” is just a society of cattle, waiting for an elite to take ownership.

  9. “… instead I see a man who because of blackmail (increasingly unlikely)…”

    I think you’re wrong about this. I think that they told hm they had tape of him with underage girls, or whatever, about the time that Flynn was fired. I remember his demeanor changed remarkably about this time. He should have never got rid of Flynn. Flynn knew where the secrets were buried. He could have been a great help. Now he’s alone.

    Even as bad as he is he’s still better than Hillary who would be putting us in camps by this time.

    I think unless Jews personally pay for their deeds they will not stop and one day they will have enough power to do whatever they wish…and they will do so with a reign of terror just like Russia. I think the total long tern effect of Jews moving in to a territory is that of a tribe of psychopaths moving into a territory. No compassion, no empathy, only ruthless push for power and eventually bloody subjugation of those around them. You may argue with my terminology but can’t argue with the equvilance of their group behavior to psychopaths. It’s just who they are.

    • We just need to call for looting the wealthy in the US.

      100% tax on those with more than $10m

      And $20 minimum wage.

      Suffering economic poverty is better than dying in a gulag.

        • It’s a shift in strategy. This is the backup plan if Trumpian economic nationalism failed. And I was pushing Trump’s economic nationalism before he was.

          Here’s the minimum wage argument by Steve Sailer, which is something I’ve spoken on for years:



          “So, rather than restrict immigration to raise wages, he proposes to raise wages to restrict immigration.”

          Also note: Part of the Unz strategy is to reduce government size. So, people have more money but there’s less government. Immigration is a major drain on market wages.

          My comments:

          Currently we have wealthy + poor looting the middle class, focusing especially on white middle class.

          So, how can whites avoid being looted? Find another target. If the white middle class isn’t to be looted, then focus looters on the wealthy. If $10m is too low a target, then $100m. Who needs more than $100m anyway?

          And what does a high minimum wage do? It creates unemployment. It would make mass immigration too difficult to continue.

          It’s a shift in strategy. The idea in part is to bribe Dems into not demanding more immigration.

          Dems talk about a high minimum wage, but they don’t actually want such nationally. It would create too much unemployment. It would hinder donor interests. Donors run both parties. Donors want mass immigration.

          What plan do you or any of the other geniuses here have to stop immigration? I’ve always thought outside the box. I was condemning libertarians almost 20 yrs ago. Ideology is for cattle. Politics is about winning.

        • The first lesson one learns from Paleocons, if learning nothing else, is to eschew ideology.

          The real right wing intellectual hero is Sam Francis. He praised Burnham who wrote on the “Machiavellians” and the managerial state. So, the idea isn’t to flap one’s arms about or to follow herd Republican arguments. The idea is to win. Anything and everything is an option, provided it’s moral and legal.

          Nothing matters but winning and defending whites, defending the South. And I hate echo chambers. Most right wing sites have people just repeating others’ opinions. It’s better to form one’s own ideas, to stand on one’s own feet.

        • Consider this also: A great negative of third world societies is the wealth divide. You have extreme rich (often wealthy from corruption) and extreme poor.

          Socialists like to ride to power by promising the poor free stuff. And mass immigration is justified partly by a promise of free stuff to Dem voters and partly by a promise of cheap labour to employers.

          Socialism is not wanted. Ideally we don’t want free healthcare, unless it’s intended to bankrupt the US and end the warring (warring is worse than welfare state).

          Richard Spencer correctly encouraged Trump to embrace single payer but only as a means of winning popularity. Ideally it’s better to have higher wages, not more socialism.

          • Die Fahne Hoch…ashamed now that my dad and uncles fought against the savior of the white race in WW2 just so kike vermin like Schumer could wipe us out

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