IT’S OVER: Top Cuck Donald Trump Strikes Deal On DACA Amnesty, No Border Wall Funding

Take nearly two years to bring White America to a frenzy over the idea of maybe, just maybe, taking the country back, and then drive a stake into the collective heart of the very same people.

This is exactly what we’re seeing with President Trump’s new “pivot to the center,” and at the end of the day there’s nothing that can be said to justify these latest treasonous moves.

You can’t argue that the deceitful New Yorker is trying to strike a deal, as to do so would actually require concessions by the other side, and you can’t claim that this is all part of a revenge tactic against the cuckold Republican establishment, as what has happened is what these same GOP vermin wanted since day one.

And 4D chess and 6,000,000D intergalactic solitaire memes?

Just keep those offline – they’re too depressing at this point.

Associated Press:

The top House and Senate Democrats said Wednesday they had reached agreement with President Donald Trump to protect thousands of younger immigrants from deportation and fund some border security enhancements — not including Trump’s long-sought border wall.

The agreement, the latest instance of Trump ditching his own party to make common cause with the opposition, was announced by Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi following a White House dinner that Republican lawmakers weren’t invited to attend. It would enshrine protections for the nearly 800,000 immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids who had benefited from former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, which provided temporary work permits and shielded recipients from deportation.

Trump ended the program earlier this month and gave Congress six months to come up with a legislative fix before the statuses of the so-called “Dreamers” begin to expire.

“We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides,” Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders partially disputed their characterization, saying over Twitter that “excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to.”

Either way, it was the second time in two weeks that Trump cut out Republicans to reach a deal with Pelosi and Schumer. A person briefed on the meeting, who demanded anonymity to discuss it, said the deal specifies bipartisan legislation called the DREAM Act that provides eventual citizenship for the young immigrants.

House Republicans would normally rebel over such an approach, which many view as amnesty for law-breakers. It remains to be seen how conservatives’ loyalty to Trump will affect their response to a policy they would have opposed under other circumstances.

The House’s foremost immigration hardliner, GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa, made clear that he, for one, was not happy.

Addressing Trump over Twitter, King wrote that if the reports were true, “Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair. No promise is credible.”

Steve King is about as close to real racial Nationalism as we currently have in Congress (he’s more to the right than some of our own more lukewarm figures), and when he is condemning your decisions, it’s always best to take a look in the mirror.

But for Donald to do that he would have to understand the implications of his latest betrayal, and for a man with no connection to the White working class (it’s highly unlikely that diversity will play a nasty role in his life even in the case of young Master Barron), this is impossible.

Just take a second, realize that supporting Trump during the Campaign and early period of the Presidency is not something to be ashamed of (we all believed him to an extent), and prepare to accept the fact that WE ARE ON OUR OWN.

The Alt-Right is not shackled to the corpse of Cuckservatism like the MAGA beta-orbiters out there, and we will outlast this dark period.

In fact, this suffering will make us stronger in body, mind, and spirit due to the lessons we have learned since the rise (and fall) of Trump.

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  1. If true, prepare for President Kamala Harris, or President Zuckerberg, or President Dimon, or some other horror in 2021. Expedited citizenship turns Texas bright blue. Antifa and BLM in the White House. Punitive anti-white policies. Goodbye.

    • @Mestigoit,
      If it gets as bad as it possibly can for whites, then maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it will take adversity and near death to bring out yhe best in us, and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. At the moment, most of us are ignorant or even supportive of the treachery and genocide happening under our feet, so long as it happens gradually and our favorite footy team is still playing well.
      The key is, our destruction is gradual, and the Jews are clever- they’re unlikely to let things get bad enough for us to finally take action, as they don’t want us to rise up, and , , really, they still need to use us when it suits them.
      I want a near death moment in our future, so we can finally take action, and get things back in order.

  2. This is interesting – already I have seen some, ostensibly in the know, disputing the presser by Senator Schumer and former Speaker Pelosi that said Trump chuckt them DACA for a promise of never a wall.

    Such would be an invitation to lose at least half of his base (The South)

    That’s practically political suicide.

    Would he do that?

      • I am less sure about that than you, Captain.

        Trump may be aging, BUT, his ambition and vanity are formidable, indeed!

        Such a man would hanker after the affirmation of being offered a second term.

        Of course, I could be wrong – I’ve been that before.

        Be well!

      • My mother’s theory is that he’s setting up for Ivanka to run for president in 2020. As sort of a Uniparty candidate who can “reach out to both sides” or some such. Since she’s basically a New York liberal, she might be able to capture enough of the female vote to make it work.

        No idea if that’s the case, but it’s another angle to look at, perhaps.

  3. Maybe the reports are wrong? They’ve been wrong before. Also, maybe Trump is lying to them. He’s done that before.

  4. Another fucking tea party 2.0 loser who won’t admit the truth here. You fuckers banished the 10% among us who screamed at the top of our lungs that Trump was always part of the establishment. He is from New York City. His family has married into jews. He chose his government from Goldman jew Sachs, and you losers cheered for him like complete idiots. You deserve to burn in hell and be jewed to death. I’m glad I never donated a penny!

    • @ps_mike,
      Understandable anger. Yes, Trump is a dickhead, a traitor and unstable, but I think at the time the consensus was that out of he and Clinton, he was seen as not so much as the best, but merely the least worst choice, and he did give our movement some traction and momentum. Its since transpired that, yes, he’s just an out of touch suit from a stuffy big city who spits on people like us……but we didn’t know it at the time, and he offered us hope.
      Now, well I guess from here on its no walls…..but plenty of wars. The usual deal.

      • It seems to me that he actually turns out to be worse than Hillary….as an, apparently, unwilling proxy for White people he has galvanized all the anti-White furor that had previously been vicious but toothless. Now, we are on the precipice of losing our First Amendment protection and having the full force of the federal government brought to bear against us for…..”hate” ? All because Trump conned Whites into giving his ego the satisfaction of the highest political office in the world —and he is now stabbing us in the back to save his ASS !

      • No, and I’ll give you that. I’ve posted on other forums that even though I’ve been either boycotting voting or going third party that I had no problem voting for Trump over Hillary. I called it pure asshole over pure evil. My problem is that it didn’t matter to you guys after he hired all of goldman Sux for his cabinet. There was no reason to support his presidency once he was in. I would think now that if you don’t work on going third party next time around, you truly hopeless. Both parties are owned by the jews. That should be obvious.

  5. He’s not going to get an onze of credit for this from the left. And he’s abandoned the right. I’m not sure how this’ll play
    Out but I’d guess the GOP now lose both house and senate and Trump gets impeached sometime after 2018. No one will speak for him.

    • Meh…

      He’s doing the same thing a Black boy does when he’s caught shoplifting the first time.

      And besides, he’s already tweeting that we need to think of the POOR CHILDREN!!!!111

  6. I am closer to typing and praying “God damn Donald Trump” than at anytime in my entire life.

    Anyone else want to join me in a Liturgy of Melediction/imprecatory prayer against this traitor? Because it’s going to come to that.

    The only thing left that we will have is to call down God’s just vengeance on our enemies.

    And then we lock and load. Deo Volente.

      • Should people be judged by what they do, or by what they say?

        Meet the new $$$boss$$$, same as the old $$$boss$$$.

        The real issue is the paper money hegemon, which cannot be discussed.

    • It always could be, but you have Trump acting like a bull-prepping CUCKOLD on Twitter right now with his emotional appeal to save the poor Beaner babies.

  7. Jeff Sessions is still the Attorney General not Loretta Lynch or Eric My People Holder

    Trump s first Supreme Court appointee was solid

    Haven t had any Neo Con wars with Syria Iran or Russia yet

    • Gorsuch is a cuck, same as the other 4 republiscams on the court. On every issue that matters – as has been the case for years – one or the other will desert us on on each and every.


      • Halo, try to not be so black-pulled and give Gorsuch a chance. Think about the pressure on Trump to appoint another kike like Obummer tried with (((Garland))). Yeah, things could be much worse . . .

    • Jack, Yeah, I’m really disappointed re Trump on many fronts (e.g., DACA, The Wall, Cucking, bending over for the Jews, etc.). But at the end of the day, I (we) should not forget the positive points you mentioned in your comment, so thanks for reminding us of those.

  8. If he strikes a very good deal, then amnesty is fine. The first number would be 800K. The total number would be 2-4m (family members).

    If e-verify, border security, border wall, and dramatically reduced legal immigration were all passed together with it, then it would be good.

    We have something like over 40m illegals in the US. Many are here starting families, working, and eventually they’ll become citizens. So, if it’s possible to *get them out*, then amnestying 800K-4m isn’t the end of the world.

    Problem is, Dems likely wouldn’t strike such a deal.

    • you’re either ignorant or just a youngster. This is the same crap we got from Reagan-Bush when the legalization began. 30,000,000 illegals later, and its another “deal”


  9. If the economy would just crash already, then we’d have nothing to fear from these things. Because then the populace would get mean. Because it’d be hungry.

  10. Voters think times are hard now. They’re not. We’re in a bubble. Get ready for third world disaster.

    Voters are going to readily fix the immigration problem when their children are having to buy second-hand clothing and live in poor, high-crime housing, etc.

    • I certainly hope White Americans aren’t as eager to be enslaved and exterminated as you are. If so then they would hardly be worth saving.

      • Anybody pushing even the slightest and smallest amnesty at this point is a traitor – vermin.

        Civic Nationalist cuckold trash that has no place in the Alt-Right.

        • I have to wonder though. Aren’t a good deal of the mestizo s just White Spanish with native mongoloid admixture? For some reason they are attempting to turn the beaners against us, like the blacks. But don’t the blacks have more in common with Islam? Mexican Christians didn’t do 9/11, Saudi Muslim took credit for it. Anyway, I think we should appeal to mestizo’ s European heritage. Think about it. These traitors want us walled off from the resource rich, Catholic Southern American continent. Come on let’s make it Crusade against Marxist globalism

          • Mestizos are mostly Moorish and New World Indian, with only trace elements of White Euro ancestry.

            ” Marxist globalism” = JEWRY. Let’s call it what it is, with no sugarcoating.

          • Really? So the stuff about Columbus being a conversos is true then, and the Moors pretty much fled to the New World to escape the Inquisition and victimize new races. Pity. I figured a Western Hemsphere unified by Christianity would have been our best bet of crushing the Jews and Muslims against the relatively godless East Asian peoples. I can personally attest at least one Mestizo girl, who boasted about her Middle Eastern admixture popping out a pale blonde kid that she had with a dark haired man with blue eyes. When I said Marxist it was to distinguish my idea of Christian Globalism from the current Arab and Jew friendly sort

          • The problem I have with other non-white races is that they are invading my nation, robbing us, raping us, drugging us, killing us, race mixing our women to eradicate us, supplanting us in our communities, and getting our wealth handed to them by a treasonous anti-white christian cultural marxist ZioJesuit government pushing white genocide. Time to stop the invasion and for a serious house cleaning of leftist subversives NOW or PERISH! Many of the non-white christian subversives now violating our white nations need to be sent back to their native countries with lunch buckets and if they don’t like their native government treatment let them start revolutions there to make it more suitable for them there.

  11. Trump the Jew/Jesuit anti-white christian multi-cultural Marxist subversive is another Jewish bolshevik pushing white christian genocide…As I said before, the wall was a joke anyways, because the darkskinned invaders and their kids are already here.

  12. Praise Kek! Trump is delivering on his promise of white genocide in a timely manner. God Emperor Trump knows the whites are a failed race, and the appropriate action to take is gentle extermination. Kek’s will is done!

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