We Iz Equal: Black Woman Stabs Newborn Baby, Claims Child Was Related To Satan

Alright, class, time for the little daily lesson on racial differences and Negroid uselessness.

You see, every new parent knows that babies can be more than a handful – they can cry constantly for no apparent reason, they deprive adults of sleep for months at a time, they start out being hungry every two hours or so, and even the slightest food mistake (or no mistake at all) can lead to fun times involving colic and gas.

It’s tough, but we as Whites are usually able to move past the grueling moments to enjoy the period of a child’s life that will only occur once.

But when it comes to Blacks, things get a little complicated.

To them, there is always a chance that ordinary newborn issues like colic or gas will be interpreted as demonic possession – having a primitive brain can do that to you.

And when there’s a perceived demon, you already know what’s going to happen…

CBS Pittsburgh:

A mother is facing charges after police say she stabbed her one-week-old baby in Swissvale on Friday.

Tanishia Fielder, 32, is in jail Saturday, charged with stabbing her 8-day-old baby boy in the face.

The baby is being treated at Children’s Hospital. The child’s condition is unknown.

It happened in a second-floor apartment in the 7500 block of Melrose Street.

Fielder admitted to the crime, according to police. She said she used a kitchen knife. Police later recovered a knife under a dumpster behind the Melrose Street apartment building.

“’It was the Devil’s child.’ That just kept coming out of her mouth,” neighbor Darius Warren said. “I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.’”

Warren said he knew the mother and he couldn’t believe what happened.

“It was devastated. I never seen anything like that before, especially from her,” he said. “I never would have expected that.”

A criminal complaint said the baby sustained knife wounds near the right eye. Fielder was quoted by police saying, “I stabbed the baby. That’s the Devil’s baby.”

She explained the crime to police, saying God told her she needed to kill the baby, dismember him and throw him in the garbage because he was by the Devil.

My God, what would we ever do without such brilliant diversity in our midst?

Could we even survive without the awesome vibrancy that accompanies Blacks like typhus-carrying lice on a rabbi’s beard?

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      • Yeah, most half-breeds (doesn’t matter what they’re mixed with) have identity issues and mental illnesses that ruin them from the cradle onward.

        I’ve always found Hapas to be even worse than mulattoes in terms of insanity, though. Might be because of their higher IQ.

  1. Ah cants stands the screamin. Ah done shook that cry’n kid an den she stopped movin. Similar horror stories have happened to White kids left at Diversity day care.

    • I’ll bite on the kids thing, at least, and this comes from talking to some of the actual mammies.

      Any semi-responsible Black mother will tell you that a beating is the only thing that little Leroy, Jarvis, and Tyrone understand.

      Blacks won’t usually respond to anything other than direct stimuli – threats don’t usually work like they would for Whites.

      • “The coloreds have no understanding of such abstract concepts as past or future time orientation, nor do they understand that their actions have consequences.”

        – Black Science Guy

  2. Come on guys, we have similar stories about all races – white religious nut in Texas who cut her baby’s arm off because of some demon or God told her to do it – resulting in death.

    Another white religious nut in Texas who stoned her 3 sons leaving two dead and the youngest maimed for life.

    The Hispanic man in California who was found by numerous whites beating his toddler to death on a darkened rural road resulting the in the boy’s death. He said the boy was possessed and there was not one iota of drugs or drinking in the man’s life. Not one of those whites intercepted enough to stop it. The man was shot and killed by a police officer who arrived via helicopter so we will never know…..

    Maybe there is more to these stories….. EMF signaling or interdimensional? Who really knows but the system will never tell us the truth.

    I try not to be a hypocrite. I’ll look up the names.

        • Fair enough, but what I try to do is provide easy pieces sometimes to get people onboard.

          To do this, you use emotion and emotional subjects that are easy for anybody to grasp and process.

          And I think we all agree that hearing about abused children is enough to get any White fuming.

          It would be like writing about a Jew who swindled his company employees out of their pensions.

          Do whites do it too? Of course. But the story would still serve the purpose of highlighting Jewish behavioral tendencies.

          Same for Blacks – they’re violent, stupid, and superstitious by nature.

    • My inclination usually is to not talk about race. I usually focus on identity/tradition.

      However, racial differences do explain crime, standardized test, and income disparities.

      Without highlighting racial differences, “racism” is blamed for the gaps.

      The point of my post was in part that I dislike how whites are labeled “individualistic”, as if we’re cursed to be cattle in a managerial state.

  3. Wow a real live freaking RACIST, yes you fit the mold and the media needs to show the difference of regular folks who are in fact not racist, simply conservative…..but you and your sick azz comments, blogs, etc are really sad and you really should not align yourself whatsoever with the nice Vanderbilt professor as she is nothing like you and is NOT promoting the Hate you are….and WTF Cicero if it is his real name is not exactly English….contain your anger boys…find a loving woman and let this white bullshit go!

    • Yes, you’re right.

      I have seen the error of my ways and have already converted to the teachings of Joel Osteen’s Prosperity Gospel.

      I have also filed papers to adopt not one, but TWO, African children.

    • Marcus Tullius Cicero is not his real name? How did you come to such an extraordinary conclusion, Johnny? Too much book – learnin’, I reckon.

  4. The Bible says that in the End Times, people will lose all natural affection for their own. We see this with our own race on a macro level or how else do you explain Whites who are Anti-White?

    This girl looks fairly young. I wonder if she decided to have a baby with the idea of the government giving her her own household and supporting her? She even thinks the child will behave and look cute and coo at her adorably. Then she ends up with a colicky newborn and it drives her nuts.

    I wish we could put in a program where anyone who refuses to work can go on welfare but must agree o be permanently sterilized. That way she could get her own place out from under her mother’s thumb without using a baby to support herself.

  5. Johnny is right. I am ashamed to be consorting with you racists. You’re probably anti-semitic, islamophobic and xenophobic, too.

  6. My, my, my, my, my. Jesus said hearts would wax cold. You can put a capital R in what you people are: Racists. Of all the nationalities in the world, Whites have been the most low down and dirty of all. They stole a country from under Native Americans and called it discovery. How can you discover something when people are already living there? It’s like somebody walks into my house, force me out and says that it’s their house. Whites stole a race of people, took their identity, beat them into submission, raped the women and bore babies by the women and forsook and enslaved their own flesh and blood, breed the men and women in order to make more slaves for them, sold the men slaves off and now have the audacity to wonder why black men aren’t great fathers, hung their “property ” in trees with one once of remorse, cut unborn babies out of their mommies’ womb , stomp the babies to the ground, pose by the pictures so they could make Christmas cards with the caption, “I killed me a niggra today”, pitted the lighter complexion slaves against the darker and have the nerve to wonder why there is so much black on black crime, made slaves whip/beat one another into a pulp for entertainment purposes and yet wonder why blacks kill one another…I could go and on… but you get my point… evil and demented is what whites are been. The Bible tells us to examine ourselves… check yourselves and then you’ll see that you people have been a nightmare for others…blue eyed devils..May God have mercy on your souls.

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