Our Greatest Allies: Saudi Crown Prince Rumored To Have Visited Israel For Secret Talks

They often say philosophically that, “merchants of a feather flock together,” and I think we can confidently say that this is almost always the case with the Israelis and the Saudis.

Now, at first glance you would think that Saudi Arabia would be the mortal enemy of Israel due to the whole Moslem-Jew-Palestine thing, and it’s true that the average Arab on the street in Mecca, Medina, or Riyadh would do anything to eradicate the parasite presence in the Middle East.

But when it comes to those who actually make the decisions in the Oil Kingdom, they’re about as close to the Jews as the cucks who dominate our government  – it’s just done in a more quiet hush-hush manner in order to avoid absolute chaos from breaking out among the peasantry.

Jerusalem Post:

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a discreet visit to Israel despite the fact that the Jewish state and Saudi Arabia do not have official diplomatic ties, Israeli and Arab media speculated earlier in the week.

Rumors about the momentous visit, which was not confirmed by Israel, started swirling when Israel Radio’s diplomatic correspondent covering Arab affairs, Simon Aran, took to Twitter to announce the visit. Aran tweeted that a senior Arab figure from the Gulf region paid a visit to Tel Aviv last week, stirring immense interest in the Arab media.

Israel Radio’s Arabic-language broadcast reported that the the senior figure was a “Saudi prince” who met with senior Israelis to discuss regional peace. According to the report, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the news.

One Arab media outlet reported that the senior official was Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Qatari media and other affiliated news outlets such as the London-based Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper, used the reports as a further opportunity to attack the Saudi royal family which is heading Arab intervention in Yemen, Syria and other locations.

Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, affiliated with Hezbollah and Syria, and London-based newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi,both published the news reported by Israel Radio.

Funny enough, we’re hearing this news on the 9/11 anniversary – an event that involved both the Saudis (confirmed) and Israelis (nearly confirmed but censored to the extreme) from almost start to finish.

Hell, it doesn’t even matter what exactly the details of the attack were (for the record, Donald Trump at the time speculated that bombs were inside the buildings), but what is of concern is the fact that AT THE VERY LEAST, the Saudis and Israelis knew of the imminent strike but refused to share information.

By default, the blood of every single American that died that day is on the hands of these two nations, and yet we still grovel to both as if we were their feudal vassals, and are forced to rely on second and third hand Twitter sources for information on covert meetings involving these Semite bandits.

I don’t even have to get into the discussion of ISIS’ origins and funding for one to draw conclusions.

It’s just that disgusting and sad.

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  1. that Zionist film crew on the Jersey side of the river was on site 30 minutes before the first plane hit the North Tower. Arrested then released by the FBI, they returned to Israel-in-Palestine and stated that they “were sent over there to record the Event”

    just now, the Israel/Saudi-backed Sunni terrorists in Syria are being run over by the Russians, Hezbollah, and Assad’s troops. The Zionists desperately want someone to attack Shi’a Syria/Iran on their behalf. but I doubt that the Saudi’s or Trump are willing to do so. Sucks to be Israhell. And may the Palestinians exterminate them all.

  2. If whites must pay an inherited “sin tax” for all eternity for slavery, then Jews should pay the same for killing Christ. Only fair.
    — James Edwards

    This is the best way to beat the Jews and their allies…a holy war…

    • James Edwards should have a better knowledge of the Jews’ participation in the Transatlantic slave trade. It was controlled out of the (((City of London))) aka that 2 square mile sovereign entity controlled by the bankers.

      • Edwards for years basically was a recycled Pat Buchanan clone, and only with great effort has he come to even acknowledge a sort of “red-pilled” existence.

        He’s a transition figure in the paradigm shift/Overton window panoply of ‘young bucks.’ He’s not as edgy as Andrew Anglin, or even HW, but he serves a purpose, and has a following. His book “racism, schmasism” is the type of book to red pill the normies – as a sorta comparison, Edwards’ blog is roughly analogous (for those who used to read it) to the first WN Reformed blog Little Geneva. He’s about there, when compared to the now defunct (also) Spirit Water Blood, in comparing ideological ‘Wokeness’ among his readership.

        • He’s not simply a Pat Buchanan clone.

          The only negative about Mr. Edwards is he’s a bit classically liberal. Get dem Marxists.

          He’s a great guy. There’s a difference between being a raving lunatic and being woke. Edwards is woke.

          • He’s a wanker. He is not remotely “woke”, he sings along with the cucks and will not countenance any dissent. I gave up reading him years ago, after I got tired of reading how great James Edwards is.

  3. That Israel routinely violates Syrian airspace and bombs not only Hezbollah but the SAA is outrageous. There was another incident just a few days ago and two Syrian soldiers were killed. I suppose they’re not shot down because the US govt and (((media))) would scream, “Russia attacks Israel!” and off we go to a big war.

    Of course no one can violate Our Greatest Ally’s airspace. That would be so bad…
    Like Hitler.

  4. It would not surprise me a bit of the leaders in Saudi Arabia were Jews. I’ve heard several times that the Islamic religion was another scam the Jews were promoting to attack the Christians that got a out of hand. It would be interesting to have genetic profiles of the Saudis.

    As for 9-11 there’s one event on that day that proves without any doubt that demo was involved. Building #7, It fell the same speed as a rock dropped in mid air for roughly 108 feet. There’s only two variables to falling objects on Earth. Gravity and the resistance to falling the object is subjected to. Gravity operates EXACTLY the same on the rock and the large building. The other variable is the resistance to falling. Since the rock would fall with only AIR holding it up and the building fell exactly the same this means the building only had AIR holding it up. Well we all know the building wasn’t floating in air. The only conclusion is the bottom was demoed out from under it. This doesn’t take massive science or anything but common sense to see. I think it’s the biggest mistake the Jews have made…ever. You should tell people about this constantly. They look at you a little weird sometimes but since it’s so simple and the concept is air tight, there’s no way to deny it. People don’t want to believe it because of what it says about our country. That they can just murder people right in front of us. Eventually they will see other things just as jarring and that don’t make sense in the narrative they sell us. You’re mentioning of building 7 will trigger then. They’ll remember it because it’s such a simple idea. They will know. It may make them despondent or it might make them mad and want to fight back. Make sure you point out the Jews were the major responsible party.

    The main resistance is that sometimes people think that heavy things fall faster than light things due to gravity. Not true. On the Moon the astronauts dropped a hammer and a feather. They both hit the ground at the same time as there was no air to slow the feather. As for heavy things falling faster…heavy things are just a collection of a lot of small things. They fall the same.

  5. I don’t like, nor support Jews or Muslim’s in the Middle East. I honestly don’t give a shit about any of them. The Christians there are persecuted, tortured and killed daily, and like with the white South Africans, its never touched on in the media.
    At the time of 9/11, Thomas Robb suspected an israeli role in the attack, and I knew he was spot on at a time when many would have ridiculed this scenario.

  6. Muh safe space!

    On behalf of white people, I apologise for destroying Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen…

    All justified bc… muh 9/11

    Also, we’ve lost many freedoms and imported many Muslims, bc… muh 9/11

    • @Weavercht,
      I just hope we don’t go into North Korea. Do we really have to bother with them? I’m guessing we’ll go in there, be there for years, lose it afterall and……all the North Koreans who aided the U.S./Australian coalition will be granted asylum in those countries, as their lives will suddenly be in danger if they remain. Sound familiar?
      No more of these putrid Jew wars in MY name!

      • China and Russia will side with NK if we attack. Perhaps that’s why the little gook is grandstanding with nukes, calling our bluff. It would be WWIII, something our sociopathic overlords like to keep on the back burner.

        • @MOTS,
          If push comes to shove, let China deal with the little obnoxious manblob-he’s their problem, and responsibility, given they likely supply his goods, technology and logistics. He’s their little petulant child, not ours.

          • Yes, Boomers are retarded to believe NK threatens the US. NK wants to deterrent. It’s not on a suicide mission.

            We should exit the peninsula, but before leaving build a statue honouring our solemn vow to *never again ever* get involved in the region. And then leave, for all time.

  7. They were just having a homogay reunion pool party to celebrate the success in 2001. Nothing to see here, goys!

  8. O.T. Coward extraordinaire.


    The only thing one can say: Truck Fump.
    Any honest Anglo-Saxon’ response.

    I had hoped DT would be a new Cyrus. Instead, it appears he’s just turning out to be another useless Lincoln- a traitor, demagogue, and usurper of our nation- her people, her charter, her laws.

    He who will not defend his people, deserves to be removed by them. JWB, ora pro nobis.

  9. (Since the “babe hound” Jack Ryan is on another post-deleting rampage I’ll put it on this thread also.)

    As weavercht has pointed out–

    Millions of Christians lived in Iraq and Syria. The number still in Iraq is a mere fraction of what was because of the STUPID US response to 9-11. Or should I say, criminal.

    Archaeological treasures in Palmyra– Temple of Baal, Arch of Triumph– demolished.

    The US armed and funded the same type of jihadists who did 9-11 in Libya and Syria.

    The point is that the US Govt did not honor or avenge the victims of 9-11. It did something completely different– a campaign to please Israel and bring Muh Democracy to the ME.

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