#IrmaLootCrew: Dignified Colored Gentlemen Help To Save Merchandise From Storm Surge

Everybody knows that during a hurricane, the most important things to stockpile are shoes.

Forget bottled water, nonperishable foods, medical supplies, and baby formula – that stuff is boring and will just magically appear on store shelves once everything passes.

It’s the Jordans that matter, Nigga.

And Newports – gotta have dem smokes.

Daily Mail:

At least 32 people have been arrested across Florida for trying to loot empty businesses and homes that have been evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Irma – 28 alone in Miami, according to local authorities.

Two people burst into an Orlando sporting store and allegedly stole guns, before facing off with SWAT in a standoff.

Shocking videos also emerged of gangs trying to break into stores and take advantage of deserted properties.

Police were called to the scene after witnesses reported a burglary at Academy Sports near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, WESH reported.

Soon afterward, SWAT team officers arrived when it became clear the looters were allegedly trying to steal guns.

Earlier on Sunday, two groups of looters were caught on camera ransacking two separate sporting goods stores in hurricane-hit South Florida as one alleged looter was shot and at least 12 were arrested, local media reported.

A Broward County sheriff’s deputy shot a teenager and arrested another after they are alleged to have tried to break in to a home in the affluent Fort Lauderdale suburb of Weston at around 3:00am Saturday, NBC 6 TV reported.

Meanwhile, at least eight people were filmed by a television camera breaking into and stealing merchandise from a Fort Lauderdale shoe store as Hurricane Irma pummeled South Florida.

Camera crews from ABC Local 10 filmed the group of men and women breaking into Simon’s Sportswear, an athletic clothing retailer with dozens of locations across South Florida.

I’m noticing a distinct pattern when I study the criminal aftermath of most natural disasters here in the United States, but I just can’t specifically identify what it exactly is.

Can any readers help me?

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  1. While dindoos in Haiti probably want the whites to come and rebuild their nation for them after the hurricane, dindoos in the southern U.S. are looting businesses like the useless vultures they are.
    Ahh yes the nignogs. An equal race? You can say that again….

  2. And even more democrats looting…does it ever stop? I’ve posted at least six videos of looting in the last week or so. In this country, there are twice as many whites living under the poverty line as blacks, so why aren’t there twice as many white looters? In Florida there are nearly five times more whites than blacks. In all the videos I’ve posted there hasn’t been a single one, but there should be twice as many. WTF?

  3. Marcus you RAYCISSS!!! The Equal Negroes are simply attempting to HELP the merchants, by removing any stock that would have been damaged by mean old Irma. Only a rayyycisss wouldn’t understand this fundamental aspect of Negronomics!

  4. “Can any readers help me?”

    I’m from (((CNN))) and I’m here to enlighten you.

    It’s white supremacists.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Interesting how the darkies looting those stores all look well-fed and clothed, they are not exactly starving Russian and Chinese peasants in tattered rags struggling to survive. I certainly don’t see any heroic Jean Valjean type character among them.

    Could someone please remind me exactly what benefits we derive from having 40 million moon-crickets in our country?

  6. I, for one, just don’t get it.

    Why do they do this? Are they that stupid?
    Are they that damn dumb, that they think the video cameras and police will not catch them?

    Have they no morality at all in their souls?
    Do they even have souls?

    Do not the municipalities in hurricane areas have a “shoot at sight” policy to stop things like this from happening?

  7. Trump’s on the down low lately from the hurricanes and main shitsream media Commander in chief of the arm forces a token.

  8. There a joke I heard after the Tsunami hit Japan. People said that we should lend the Japanese some Negros so they could have looters like a normal country.

    • I pity the Japanese. No diversity enrichment.

      They’re the 3rd largest economy despite no natural resources, reoccurring earth quakes, and an insane central bank parasite :p

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