Antifa Punk Rockers: Mostly White, Fanatical, And Bandits Targeting Our Recruitment Pool

So, before I get into the meat of this, I suppose I should add a disclaimer reminding everyone that I was never a part of the Skinhead scene – I’m too young to have been exposed to it, and never really found much of the music personally appealing aside from some stuff by Skrewdriver.

Likewise, I never really got into the whole history of the Antifa Skins vs. White Nationalist Skins – again, most of it was before my time, and I always thought that some of the saga was edited in order to conceal the Jewish involvement in resurrecting the old fighting wing of the Weimar Era German Communists.

Nevertheless, by bringing up this topic, we allow ourselves to observe an important fact regarding our growing revolution.

The Guardian:

“No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!”

When Green Day chanted the repurposed lyrics from Texan punk trailblazers MDC’s 1981 song Born to Die during the 2016 American Music Awards, it gave the burgeoning anti-Trump, anti-fascist movement the slogan it needed – and it would soon appear on placards, T-shirts and be chanted by protesters in their thousands in months to come.

It was a tiny piece of punk history writ large on American cultural life – but it only gave the merest hint of US hardcore punk’s influence on the current political landscape.

As political commentators struggle to nail down the exact nature of Antifa’s masked legions, they’ve overlooked one thing: Antifa has been critically influenced by hardcore punk for nearly four decades.

From on the collectivist principles of anarchist punk bands such as Crass and Conflict, the political outrage of groups such as the Dead Kennedys, MDC and Discharge, Antifa draws on decades of protest, self-protection and informal networks under the auspices of a musical movement.

Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook, says that “in many cases, the North American modern Antifa movement grew up as a way to defend the punk scene from the neo-Nazi skinhead movement, and the founders of the original Anti-Racist Action network in North America were anti-racist skinheads. The fascist/anti-fascist struggle was essentially a fight for control of the punk scene [during the 1980s], and that was true across of much of north America and in parts of Europe in this era.”

“There’s a huge overlap between radical left politics and the punk scene, and there’s a stereotype about dirty anarchists and punks, which is an oversimplification but grounded in a certain amount of truth.”

Drawing influence from anti-fascist groups in 1930s Germany, the UK-based Anti-Fascist Action formed in the late 70s in reaction the growing popularity of rightwing political parties such as the National Front and the British Movement. They would shut down extreme-right meetings at every opportunity, whether it be a march or a gathering in a room above a pub. Inspired by this, anti-racist skinheads in Minneapolis formed Anti-Racist Action, which soon gained traction in punk scenes across the US. Meanwhile, in New York, a movement called Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice sprung up.

The term “Antifa” was adopted by German antifascists in the 80s, accompanied by the twin-flag logo, which then spread around Europe, and finally pitched up in the US after being adopted by an anarchist collective in Portland, Oregon.

For Thomas Barnett, singer with popular hardcore punk band Strike Anywhere, his punk ethics and the direct-action philosophy of Antifa go hand in hand, and, with Trump’s presidency emboldening the extreme right, the stakes couldn’t be higher: “This isn’t just a raft of right-wing ideas – this is actual hate and violence, and the destruction of entire sections of humanity. Of course, I don’t believe in the false equivalence [between Antifa and the alt-right]. I think anti-fascists’ pre-emptive street violence against Nazis is righteous and important.”

And on and on it goes, although I suppose y’all get the point.

If not, let me sum it up for you simply and clearly:

Aside from some Jews (currently-dissolving corpse Lou Reed, for example), the Leftist branch of the Punk scene is almost exclusively White, young, and energetic in terms of their iconoclasm.

That may not seem all that important in itself, but in our fight against the Judeo-Liberal Establishment, we face an enemy in Antifa (and various Anarchist groups) that has many similarities to ourselves than they do with the cucks, normies, and beta followers that form the overwhelming majority of any society Left, Right, or Center.

This is mainly because their most effective recruits (I’m not talking about the homosexuals, the trannies, and the weird obese slobs like Heather Heyer) come from the same pool of disenfranchised and disgruntled White males that we seek to target – they sense something wrong with society, hate the empty fallen world they grew up in, and wish to seek drastic change.

A combination of high testosterone and an understanding (usually instinctual) that they have no future under current conditions combines with the above to create a force oftentimes vicious, radical, and willing to fight to the end.

It’s just sad that instead of being told in the beginning that there is a road to follow in defense of culture, race, and an almost-lost tradition spanning thousands of years, we see these men told that change can only come through the destruction of their own people, their own history, and by default, their own future.


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    • The Scotts have always produced great, romantic, folk singers, poets, even some actors Sean Connery. The Scotts just have always sucked at politics in my lifetime – they want “Independence” from middle class White English people but…..

      They want interdependence with the EU, and welcome tens of millions of Pakistani, Algerian, Somalian Muslim refugee/rapists – somehow all these oppressed by the English and NAZI German people are supposedly kindred to proud but poor Scotts.

  1. One of the songs I just linked is “folk metal” genre. Also, a good one.

    Better recruits, better potential, imo. I’m wholly unfamiliar with punks. But I know something about rednecks and “folk”.

  2. I didn’t mean to be rude. I agree there are similarities. If possible, Antifa should be redirected to hating the powers-that-be, not us.

    They believe we support the powers-that-be, yet we accuse them of supporting (and even taking money from Soros) the powers-that-be.

      • If you’ll tolerate another scheming reply (because talking politics is fun):

        It would be potent if Antifa/Left would also focus their attacks on Israel, which would then ironically send Israel to our side.

        Many Jews have a fuzzy sense that we’re useful as workers. If they come to realise the Left hates them, maybe they’ll grow to tolerate us.

        Spencer has talked up how he isn’t against Zionism. What other allies do the Zionists have? They used to ally with the Afrikaners. I don’t mean to suggest we support their wars but rather that Zionists stop attacking us. And then we’d say nice things about them in return…

        • In a logical world dealing with rational people that would make perfect sense.

          But with the Jews, you are dealing with a people that are hypocritical and are filled with a hatred that overrides all sensible thought.

          Like Israel, for example.

          You would think that because we support their wall and security procedures, they would do the same with our proposals.

          Nope – they’re still attacking us for the Trump wall that will probably never be built anyway.

          • Evidence of this would be the constant pandering and bending over backwards that Western society has come accustomed to for them.

            And the thank you is mass immigration and teaching our children to hate themselves because they are White. Don’t get me started.

        • There will never be common ground with the Jews. Get that through your head.

          I’m not kidding or being sarcastic. The Jews literally hate us whether you are a leftist or hard right.

  3. The street fighting left need to brought into the fold as much as possible. Their sense of commitment and willingness to execute violence is wasted on a lousy cause.

    • That was always the potential of civic nationalism, libertarianism, and other uniting abstractions: Those who couldn’t become nationalists could at least become constructive.

      Marxism seems to value as most important the destruction of all tradition, history, faith, social ties, etc. Everything must be rendered ash. And then, inexplicably, utopia is to arise. In truth, enslavement would arise.

      I don’t think the equality stuff is so important to them as is the killing us off. Or at least, they view us as the chief obstacle to magical equality.

  4. I think we should be targeting 45yr old + retirees heavily.
    1. They entered the workforce at 18 or so, did 25-30 years and retired. They are a firsthand account into how cucked the current affirmative action system is.
    2. They are retired and can therefore speak freely without a great fear of being doxxed or fired by an employer.
    3. They have career organizational skills and large networks.
    4. They are financially able to support a movement that will benefit their children and grandchildren.
    I know two dozen men and women just like this. They loathe Obama, diversity, modern music, tolerance. They’ve recently begun to unplug from TV and nigger-ball INC. They are ripe fruit ready to be picked.

    • Lots of people retire much later than that, and with less. Pensions are imploding, and many live pay check to pay check.

      I just mention this, because you might find more fruit among the poor.

  5. VoxDay is in full damage control. The comments on his OWN site are brutal.

    The Dark Lord didn’t fare too well today.

    His book sales will drop. It has real consequences for him.

  6. Vox was all about marketing his brand/books. No principles what so ever. Good to see Anglin expose him.

    This is a big thing for the “Dark Lord” and “Space Bunny”. For Anglin it’s just laughs. He walked into a hell storm, and I think he just realized it.

  7. Anti establishmen fa believes detroying property and violence will get the gov attention for their perceive ends. Where as the pro-white, remove the group of rullers via ballot box or otherwise, and a radical change in a system or state for representation.

  8. With respect I think you’re giving Antifa far too much credit (and I’m not alt-right). It doesn’t do to believe Guardian style attempts to paint these folk as macho working class warriors. That is the Guardian’s stock in trade – portraying Zio-cultural Marxism corporate driven identity politics as a gritty working class cause. Antifa are mostly weedy characters who get off on hunting in large culturally approved packs – or else they’re paid provocateurs – and yes such do exist. Antifas get to act macho with no real risks – legal, physical or even social – the media and the culture treat them like conquering heroes at best, and idealistic bad boys at worst. Considering that, unlike the alt-right, they go to events tooled up and planning to cause trouble AND that the cops have usually been ordered not to take them on – or even to facilitate them – Antifa acquit themselve very feebly in hand to hand combat. At Berkeley a few months ago a crowd of unarmed Trump normies put them to flight – even though many Antifa were armed with dangerous weapons and fireworks. Even in Charlottesville they seem to have come off second best in most hand to hand confrontations.

    Also if they’re so anti-racist and anti-capitalist why do they never attack the rallies of warmonger bankster candidates like Hillary, the Bushes, McCain and Obama? Their wars caused the deaths of more non-whites in a day than all the lynchings in the south put together. For obvious reasons white nationalists don’t dwell on (or in many cases even notice) this aspect of Antifa hypocrisy, but it’s the elephant in the room. In reality Neocons and Zionists (both left and right) despise black and brown people – which is why Israel deports or imprisons all African asylum seekers. But you won’t find Antifa beating up attendees at AIPAC gatherings on this account.

    • Antifa are only the logical outcome of life in ruinous, anti-White USSA – drug-addicted, amoral and (((capitalistic))), suicidally self-hating and homicidal (note they’re almost all White) – the totally brainwashed and distracted products of broken and disturbed American homes.

      Remember, Moldylocks’ dad was like the head or president or something of some international *video games* thing, way back in the ’80s. Video games are obviously a uniquely pernicious source of brainwashing and nonstop worthless distraction for those who are undergoing a racial genocide. His daughter was then moved so deeply to despise her own racial group, via killing other Whites like herself, that she joined a collective of similarly damaged and destructive individuals who called themselves ‘antifa’ (the term ‘Antifa’ itself is more Jewish linguistic brainwashing). Obviously, Goldylocks’ brainwashed father saw nothing objectionable with going into debt via mortgaging the family home and/or taking out major loans from Jewish banks to finance his own daughter’s anti-White mega-brainwashing indoctrination at UC Berkeley. Too busy playing video games and worrying about his divorce to think about it.

      This is a very deep multi-generational problem, as you can see.

      SO – the vicious, brainwashed White golem of Antifa have backgrounds like Moldylocks and Brandon Darby, and simply never escape the Jewish mind control. As they are a brute physical weapon to be used against White nationalists peacefully congregating in public, they will be used as a weapon by their Jewish masters.

      BOTTOM LINE – we need, desperately, to stop WN/Alt-Right continual fixation on how retarded these people are (everyone gets it – nine millionth post about blue-haired obese commie feminist, yawn) and work more intelligently and PROACTIVELY. Israeli-trained American police are Zionist war troops. Antifa are Zionist war troops. How do we fund, support, widely educate, infiltrate, wake up more normies and reach out?

  9. Excellent thinking and reporting. Nothing’s what it appears to be, and the biggest bullies are always the biggest cowards. That is so negro of these terrorists to move in packs.
    Everything’s an illusion — Soros types support and Frankensteinize both sides of the race war. I’m sure every bit of any violence from the right in Charlottesville was their plants and ringers, and ANY deaths or injuries EVER ascribed to rightists must be assumed fake until proven otherwise. These mass shootings like Sandy Hook and even the Orlando nightclub must be put and kept under the forensic microscope from the word go.
    Was Gabrielle Giffords really shot? I don’t think so
    Cui bono — who benefits? Always the liberal agenda — in her case the gun grabbers.

  10. I ran across this fable and I thought it appropriate to our situation. It does look bleak at the moment but remember the Germans were even more pozzed than us and they didn’t have the internet. Same for the Spanish who it took 900 years to get their country back.

    “…The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains
    The Taihang and Wangwu Mountains, which had a periphery of seven hundred li (1) and were a hundred thousand feet high, originally lay south of Jizhou and north of Heyang.

    The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain, nearly ninety years of age, lived behind these mountains. He was unhappy about the fact that the mountains blocked his way to the south and he had to walk round them whenever he went our or came back, so he called the whole family together to talk about the matter. ” What would you say,” he said to them,”if I suggest that all of us work hard to level the two mountains, so as to open a way to places south of Yu Prefecture and the Han River?” Many voices said they agreed to the idea.

    But his wife had her doubts. “With your strength,” she said, “you could hardly remove a small hill like Kuifu. What could you do with the Taihang and Wangwu Mountains? Besides, where could you deposit the earth and rocks.?”

    “Carry them to the shores of the Bohai Sea and north of Yintu,” said several people.

    The old man, helped by his son and grandson who could carry things, began to break rocks and dig earth, which they carried in baskets and dustbins to the shores of the Bohai Sea. The seven-year-old son of a widow named Jingcheng, one of the old man’s neighbours, came running up to offer his help. One trip to the sea took them a long time: they left in winter and came back in summer.

    The Wise Old Man at the River Bend stopped the old man. He laughed and said, “How unwise you are! At your age, old and feeble as you are, you cannot even remove one hair on the mountain, let alone so much earth and so many rocks!”

    The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain heaved a long sign and said, “You are so conceited that you are blind to reason. Even a widow and a child know better than you. When I die, there will be my sons, who will have their sons and grandsons. Those grandsons will have their sons and grandsons, and so on to infinity. But the mountains will not grow. Why is it impossible to level them?” The Wise Old Man at the River Bend could not answer him.

    The Old Man’s words were heard by a god with snakes in his hands. He was afraid that the old man would really level the two mountains, and reported the whole thing to the Heavenly God. Moved by the old man’s determination, the Heavenly God ordered the two sons of Kua’ershi to carry the two mountains on their backs and put one east of Shuo and the other south of Yong. After this, there were no more mountains between Jizhou and the Han River.

    from Lie zi (Writings of Lie Yu Kou)…”

    This is the way the Jews defeated us. This is how they got in the position they’re in and us in the position we’re in. I think Whites have a mental defect where we believe in “great Men” and some “defining battle”” where everything is made right. The real world often doesn’t work this way and the Jews are masters at the long slog.

    The Jews constantly deal us a mass of small blows. Immigration, In-civil rights, Affirmative action. As a “theoretical” construct” shouldn’t we do the same? If you know Jews anywhere constantly destroy all they do clandestinely. Never proclaim anything. just attack them constantly to whatever level of violence or property destruction you feel comfortable with. if 0.25% % of the population did this they would soon be overwhelmed and have to leave.

    If you’re not willing to directly attack them massive posters everywhere pointing out the Jews foibles would also be good. We have not begun to tap into the the problem of building #7 on 9-11. It is in no way possible that building fell without demo. I know conspiracy theories are discouraged here but the basic facts of it’s fall are nothing but observable facts. There’s conspiracy about it’s fall the same speed as a rock dropped in air. You should tell everyone. Maybe you won’t be believed at first but the action of building 7 is beyond question. it happened and it can’t be explained without a great deal of Jewish help.

    • One thing about the Germans, though.

      Minus the Jews, they were pretty much 100% White, and traditional Christianity was still strong.

    • This is true. War is won by industrial designers. Do any of you know who built the factories that churned out the T-34, Sherman, Mustang, Sturmovik? No none of you do. It was Albert Kahn a Jewish industrial designer. Wars really are lost before the bullets are fired.

      • Sad, because Albert Speer was a pure genius in organizing Germany’s industrial production – it just wasn’t enough, however.

      • (((Lost before the bullets are fired?))) Unimpressive, subversive comment meant to demoralize. Duly noted. Note the dismissive tone of the (((anonymous commenter))) lecturing to the White rubes: ‘no none of you do.’ Extremely annoying

        • You have to burrow deep into the sinews of war to know why they end up as they end up. Had you heard of Albert Kahn before? He built Detroit and that tractor Factory in Stalingrad.

  11. The ironic thing is with the leftards, their idea of an ideal world….I’m kind of wishing on them. I’d like them to experience first hand sharia law, beheadings, burquas and homos being thrown off building’s.
    Today’s young leftists are young enough to still be alive when every Western nation transforms into these societies. I’m guessing they’ll by then regret what they wished for, decide they prefered their own race and culture after all and become white nationalists. Trouble is, it will be too late by then. With us as 5% of the population in every country that used to be ours, why bother?
    Whether we remain as we are or become Islamic, majority black African or whatever, the left will never be happy. They are immature liars who have never actually experienced the world they think they want.
    Our civilization was perfect once. It never had to be changed. With these ‘progressives’ , I ask- what do they wish to progress to, that improves on what we had?

  12. The vanguard is always comprised of the decadent, feckless, wastrel sons of the wealthy – any working-class punks are just the usual useful-idiot cannon fodder.

  13. Mostly White college kids getting brainwashed with self hatred and guilt by Mommy Professor. Manufactured useful idiots. Some of these kids escape to the other side. More potential recruits here than from cucktards.

  14. White people holding a flag that says, “Good night, white pride.” What a bunch of cuck faggots.

    Yeah, I don’t know if these people are really the highest quality recruits. Anyone who’s just looking for an excuse to beat people up and so they side with the Antifa who support gay pedophilia, tranny sex changes, and muslims raping their women… yeah. Not exactly the brightest people either.

  15. Antifa and so-called anti-racist types disparage tribalism etc. but you’ll notice their behavior is incredibly tribal, even down to that of the soft liberal: banding together with like-minded types (and ironically often the same race), forming a symbolic group with a shared identity and set of goals. The reality is not that they aren’t tribal as they claim, it’s that it’s their tribe vs. ours. They don’t realize it, though. Biological survival via group membership and the formation of shared culture is how our species works. If you’ve got those things, there’s a very good chance your genes will be passed on. These young whites are horribly misguided and deceived. They either need to get on our side or be treated as the weapon that they are. If they insist on a zero-sum game, we must ensure that we win.

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