Recorded Phone Calls and FOIA Documents Show UVA Police Ignored Alt-Right Call for Assistance

Editor’s Note: This is from Jason Kessler’s new website. I can confirm the torchlight march was still up in the air. I called Jason Kessler at 5:46 PM to tell him about the It’s Going Down article. We knew the Discord server was compromised. I recommended either cancelling the torchlight rally or changing the location. It was only after we had been assured of police cooperation that we went through with it.

(Authors Note: I was one of the lead organizers for the rally and some of my reporting is a first-hand account. DO NOT under any circumstances interact with any Antifa implicated in this article. Leave that for the lawyers.)

FOIA documents obtained by Shadowproof show that UVA police were using hearsay from the anarcho-communist website It’s Going Down to inform their negligent response to the Alt-Right’s torchlit march on August 11th. They ignored repeated requests for assistance from both Unite the Right marchers as well as UVA students and staff.

The Unite the Right organizers had discussed the possibility of doing a civil rights march from so-called “Nameless Field” to a Thomas Jefferson statue in front of the UVA Rotunda for some time. However we were uncertain until the night of August 11th whether to actually go through with it due to a pending court case surrounding the next day’s rally and leaked planning details by Left-wing agitators.

As early as 3:23pm on August 11th, emails show UVA Chief of Staff Anda Webb alerting police about the march (and parroting a fake Left-wing talking point about there being a march on St. Paul’s Church).

By 7:52pm, the night of the march, UVA Chief of Police Mark Gibson was emailing an It’s Going Down article about the march to Charlottesville Chief of Police Al Thomas. It’s Going Down is an extremist site which has helped organize violence against right-wing activists and police officers around the country. They were running logistics for the J20 riots at Donald Trump’s inauguration, for instance.

The article was based on incomplete or inaccurate information obtained through one of the planning servers for the event.

Around 7pm a couple dozen Unite the Right organizers were meeting at McIntire Park to discuss security arrangements for the next day’s rally. People were skeptical about moving forward with the march considering that we had so much on our plate for the Saturday rally and the fact that we expected an ambush from Antifa, due to the leaking of plans.

Ultimately consensus was reached to go forward with the march. At the insistence of UTR speaker Chris Cantwell we decided to involve police to ensure that peace was kept between demonstrators and the Antifa who felt entitled to “confront” us.

At this point I called both of my PD liaisons: Charlottesville Captains Wendy Lewis and Victor Mitchell. Lewis was contacted at 7:16pm and Mitchell was called at 7:29pm. Charlottesville PD refused to offer assistance because it was “not their jurisdiction”. While technically true, every branch of law enforcement was supposed to be working in coordination with each other during the UTR weekend from city, county, state and federal agencies and there should have been a capability, indeed a responsibility, to coordinate a cohesive response.

I directly requested assistance from UVA police and received a phone call from a Lt. Tabler at 7:46pm. I informed her of the march and that we required police presence to ensure the safety of both demonstrators and counter-demonstrators. She confirmed that UVA police would cooperate to ensure the safety of all involved. I handed off the phone to my co-organizer Eli (now head of activist organization Identity Europa) who had been placed in charge of security arrangements.

Eli spoke with Lt. Tabler for about 3 minutes and then told me that UVA had agreed to remove and separate protesters from the base of the Thomas Jefferson statue we were marching to. All of the August 11th marchers, including Chris Cantwell, engaged in the march under the assumption that, as Eli had indicated, UVA police were going to be onsite to de-escalate any potential conflicts so that they would not turn violent.

Via phone Saturday morning, Lt. Tabler contradicted some of Kline’s version of events. “He didn’t let me know at that time that there were definitely going to be protesters there.” She claims to have told him, “We will monitor the situation, which is what occurred, however we could not remove anyone from that area because (of First Amendment issues).”

I agreed with Lt. Tabler that First Amendment issues could come into play for both sides but that that was not a satisfactory response for why police were not onsite to de-escalate and ensure safety. They had received multiple requests for assistance and been given a time both sides would likely interact at the Rotunda.

The idea that police didn’t know that Antifa would be there to confront the Alt-Right marchers is laughable. The IGD article being shared by the UVA and Charlottesville police chiefs included a call to action for far Left activists to confront and disrupt the march. The article stated, “It’s beyond obvious that this is not about free speech but terrorism. Charlottesville’s Black and brown folks must be protected at all costs, but the police don’t seem to care. Will UVA and its community take action to stand against white supremacist terrorism on campus? Will Charlottesville allow a torchlit rally to go down in city limits again?”

UVA Student Councilor Alex Cintron also alerted Police Chief Gibson requesting safety information about the planned march. Instead of asking protestors not to “confront” the marchers or ensuring that police would arrive to keep the peace he replied that they would simply be “monitoring the situation” (aka standing down).

UVA President Teresa Sullivan has already been caught lying about the response to the march. When a student asked her why there wasn’t a more sufficient response she claimed, “We didn’t know they were coming.” Two days later Sullivan contradicted her earlier statement and admitted that law enforcement was aware of the march Friday afternoon. Her new excuse for the lack of administrative intervention became, “There was a compelling interest in not attracting more protesters and heightened violence.”

Contrary to the mainstream media narrative about the event the Alt-Right marchers had no interest in confronting anyone. We had a legal right to demonstrate on public university property and simply wanted to gather at the statue in support of our heritage. It was the decision of the Left-wing Antifa to gather at the statue prior to our march and initiate a confrontation.


  1. The Clintons, Governor McAullife and Mayor Signer were definately calling the shots. Gov Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton Stooge and Signer is as well. Police Departments exist to maintain order and I believe had they been allowed to do so they probably would have. The fact that the Virginia State Police ALSO stood down is very telling. Remember this the Albemarle County Sheriffs Department has NO JURISDICTION in Charlottesville as Virginia has this bizarre Independent CIty Law where cities declare themselves completely independent of the counties wherein they reside. If Charlottesville was under normal laws say in most places in Dixie or the Midwest where Sheriffs hold power to deputize and take control, this wouldn’t have happened.

    A Sheriff is a little harder to bully than a Police Chief.

  2. Cantwell is locked up and denied bail of misdemeanor for pepper spray..even in self defense from the feral striken with a projectile.We’re dealing with the most corrupt entity ever devise from hell.

    • I just listened to their debate. Vox and Anglin both had good arguments, but Anglin did not actually argue *socialism*. He made the same right-wing arguments everyone makes against classical liberalism and modern society.

      The argument for *socialism* is that concentrated power is needed to resist other powers.

      However, an argument against *socialism* is that concentrated power is dangerous.

      Vox did not prepare well, but he did make some solid arguments. Aristotle vs. Plato. And Anglin would like Aristotle if reading him.

      If Vox agrees to not sue Gab, I’ll send him some arguments against socialism. And I don’t claim to be all knowing. Rather, I think I know where to look. But Anglin was wanting to defend “national socialism” as an ideology, not as an historical movement. Vox was arguing against historical NS.

      • Vox lost big. He is a hypocrite and a punk. He calls himself the “Dark Lord”. He revealed himself as a punk.

        What is funny is prior to the debate Vox was saying he was going to wipe the floor etc with Anglin. Not even close. Vox is a weak man, it comes across very clearly in his voice and his mannerisms.

        • Vox calls himself “Dark Lord” as a joke. It’s just a joke. He’s a father, a husband, and a pretty good writer from what I’ve seen recently.

          Vox did make a good argument against historical NS. And he did make a good argument that Anglin focuses overmuch on Jews, at the exclusion of other problems in society.

          I agree that Vox came unprepared to state just how Anglin is dishonest and how NS as an ideology is left-wing and dangerous. Vox also failed to argue why he should sue Gab…

          NS is not left-wing, but it does have left-wing elements. It is technologically progressive, and it’s centralising, destroying smaller German identities and traditions. Ivan Ilyin condemned Nietzsche’s atheist influence in the movement. Ilyin is beloved by Russians today and was booted from NS.

          To put it bluntly, much is lost to the centralising and progressing of NS. And all are at the mercy of the central government.

          Dr. Gottfried has a book on fascism. I could probably bring forth some additional arguments. I was disappointed in Vox, but he did make some solid arguments, especially against historical NS.

          • Yes, I understand history, and also understand most of it is subjective. I also know Vox knew he was debating Anglin. His initial strategy was to overwhelm him with historical viewpoints in an attempt to make him look stupid.

            It didn’t work. He calls himself “Dark Lord” in a serious way, He writes books on par with Lord of the Rings, but not of that quality. In no way is Vox being self deprecating or sarcastic. He really believes his bullshit.

            Anglin is an angry White guy who was not impressed with Vox’s historical perspective, and Anglin made a mockery of the “Dark Lord”.

          • Every paper I wrote when I was earning my history degree was an argument. An argument for or against an author’s viewpoint.

            Completely subjective. Vox thought he was going to overwhelm Anglin. Every historical point Vox laid out can be equally argued in the opposite direction. Anglin laughed it off and questioned his character. That is why he won the debate.

        • Vox certainly didn’t come off well. Occdissent just trashed Vox further on twitter.

          I feel bad though seeing Vox attacked, bc I assume he’s valuable.

          I’d need to read one of his books to understand Vox’s values. CS Lewis and GK Chesterton have some *incredible* political/philosophical fiction books.

  3. Anglin just ruined VoxDay. LOL

    That debate towards the end was cringeworthy for Vox Day.

    He’s done. Anglin won hands down.

    • If it weren’t for Anglin protesters for the topic in question could have sued airbnb.

      He’s radioactive.

      Weak men indeed.

  4. So, Kessler, who are you, what are you, and what is your real game plan? I don’t trust anyone who does a 180 like you and your background stinks to high heaven. Tell me something to ease my suspicions. Something really big and juicy.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ~Vladimir Lenin

    • I signed it. I wonder how many other complainers will? We’re in this boat because too many of us are reactive and not proactive.

    • Totally worthless petition. Unlimited Jew money has been funding nonstop (((brainwashing))) for about a century or more, turning White Americans – unaware of Jewish anti-white machinations – into kulak fifth-class citizens, and our country into a state of helpless, terrified serfs. Boomer-level conservatard online petitions will lead to a full-on genocide. We must think smarter, and differently – quickly.

  5. No matter what anyone says, you must try and take legal action against the State and Police. Trolls pretending to be from the Alt-Right are going to try and talk you out of taking this matter to the judicial system, but don’t let anything stop you. Even if the petitions to the judicial system fail, do it anyway, it will send a message that the system is corrupt and people will see with their own eyes the truth.

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