LOL: Congressional Incompetence Fuels Collapse Of The Dollar

It’s actually quite funny when you look at economics from a detached outsider perspective.

In 2007-2008 you had a market crash that was at least caused by circumstances and policies that built up over the course of years, and were understandable once all was set and done.

But if, and I’m not going to go old-school Alex Jones and say it’s anything more than a big IF, the economy comes crashing down in the near-future, all you’ll be able to do is blame the abject stupidity and apathy of our crumbling cuckold government.

Wall Street Journal:

The dollar was hit by fresh selling in Asian trading Friday, a day after notching a 2½-year low, as reasons for caution on the currency continued to mount.

The Wall Street Journal Dollar Index was off 0.4% in Asia to 84.38, putting it down 9.2% for the year.

Thursday’s 0.7% drop was part of a broader move by investors into haven assets such as gold and government debt—a dollar “capitulation trade,” said Rob Rennie, currency-strategy chief at Australian bank Westpac . It was fueled in part by the European Central Bank, which raised growth forecasts and thus spurred the euro.

The action highlighted how market sentiment has shifted as 2017 has progressed. The year began with high investor hopes that the Trump administration’s program of infrastructure spending, tax overhaul and regulatory cutbacks would cause long-muted U.S. growth to accelerate.

But the enthusiasm has waned as months pass without legislation, despite Republican control of not just the White House but Congress.

The dollar fell Friday to a 32-month low against the euro in Asian trading—the euro nearly topping $1.21—while it hit another 10-month low versus the yen, at ¥107.62. That compares with around $1.1865 and ¥110.25 at the end of last week.

A litany of factors is putting fresh pressure on the dollar. Doubts that the Federal Reserve has the firepower, or the will, to raise interest rates again this year, given soft inflation, only grew when the country’s fourth-largest city was flooded by a massive hurricane—and with the prospect of an even-stronger storm cutting through the length of Florida, the country’s third-biggest state by population.

Again, this just confirms my assertion that the current crop of Jews dominating our culture, media, and economy are just not of the high caliber that characterized their parents and grandparents.

They’re erratic, they’re clumsy, they overreach and overreach like never before, and they just have no idea to keep up the Ponzi Schemes that brought the West to its current low point.

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  1. The dollar has been collapsing for years. It’s called inflation. They probably haven’t unleashed Depression II because there will be no turning back.

  2. A lot of official Washington is fake, like the debt ceiling. It’s an artificial construct. The congress just votes to raise it every two or three years, it really doesn’t mean anything. I’m guessing when enough of the bullshit becomes so obvious that the talking heads can’t spin it anymore, that’s when some kind of collapse will happen. Most of the people involved are so crazy and so incompetent so who knows how it turns out.

  3. After the following, GK Chesterton suggests Jews set up little cantons in different parts of the world with a central temple for them to worship at, which needn’t be on the original location of the original temple. Usury and great financial power are also mentioned.

    GK Chesterton on “The Problem of Zionism”:

    “[Our policy] was in substance the desire to give Jews the dignity and status of a separate nation. We desired that in some fashion, and so far as possible, Jews should be represented by Jews, should live in a society of Jews, should be judged by Jews and ruled by Jews. I am an Anti-Semite if that is Anti-Semitism. It would seem more rational to call it Semitism.

    I have seen the whole prestige of England brought into peril merely by the trick of talking about two nations as if they were one.

    For years we were told that Jews were a sort of Englishman because they were British subjects. It is all the worse for us now we have to regard them, not subjectively as subjects, but objectively as objects; as objects of a fierce hatred among the Moslems and the Greeks. We are in the absurd position of introducing to these people a new freind whom they instantly recognise as an old enemy. It is an absurd position because it is a false position; but it is merely the penalty of falsehood.

    I am assuming that a man like Disraeli did really make a romance of England, that a man like Dernburg did really make a romance of Germany, and it is still true that though it was a romance, they would not have allowed it to be a tragedy. They would have seen that the story had a happy ending, especially for themselves. These Jews would not have died with any Christian nation.

    But the Jews did die with Jerusalem. That is the first and last great truth in Zionism.”

  4. There’s several sites that cover what is going on in the Macro Economic Currency. What they are doing is declining the dollar and they will substitute it for Special Drawing Rights(SDR). It will be even worse than the FED as it will be a global run Jew standard that will be hard to get out of. Once everyone is in it then to fall out of it would put you outside all financial institutions. It is of course the same scam but once removed. Debt based money.

    • SDR is a basket of currencies, as you know. They want SDR to be the global reserve currency, but we’d still use the USD, which would be in the SDR basket.

  5. When you’re that inbred, psychological problems are bound to overwhelm every aspect of your existence. And, the most inbred people on the planet are God’s chosen (those ghettos were incest dens), well right after the fake “royal” houses of Europe many of whom share the same blood with the former.

    • Icelanders are inbred with no problems. And historically most nations were inbred by today’s standards.

      You just don’t want to marry an ugly, insane person, begetting ugly, insane babies.

      Note: I’m not suggesting anyone marry his first cousin or other close relation. But the obsession today with “inbreeding” is partly intended to encourage Icelanders to marry Nigerians.

    • The only benefit from “outbreeding” is mutations are hidden. As a result, they accumulate.

      If wanting to remove harmful mutations, and most mutations are of course harmful, then inbreeding at least brings them to the surface. It has been used at times when breeding animals. It’s just a cruel thing is all to bring such things to the surface.

      But accumulating trashy genetic mutations can also be cruel.

      It’s also noteworthy that many traits, such as blue eyes (and possibly intelligence, civility) can be recessive. So, they too would be covered by too much outbreeding.

    • A friend of mine once linked me to an article on how mammoths had survived in very small number on a tiny island. So, they were inbred and fine for however long.

      The issue is just that you don’t want to lose the good genes. Once you lose copies of the good traits, everything collapses.

      That’s one reason Creationism is appealing: Because it tells a story of how man was created and has since then been degenerating. It’s difficult to believe Darwinism could result in complex mutations.

      Unz also seems interested in the idea that difficult environments breed strength, easy environments breed weakness. Jews were placed under (and placed themselves under) difficult circumstances in Europe and so grew strong as a result. Strong and crazy anyway.

  6. When the dollar collapses, and it will, best hope you have stocked up on precious metals of the brass and lead varieties.
    After the Sandyhook school shooting ammo jumped 300% in price and could not be found in most markets. After the dollar collapse, try a 3000% increase and none available. That $1000 AR-15 you have is going to be an expensive walking stick if you haven’t made purchasing ammo a priority. Ten thousand rounds is a good start.

  7. Marcus Cicero, check this article out by Kalb against white nationalism:

    He writes:

    “Most likely, disintegration of the informal particular connections that constitute community will continue. Neither Americanism, the heritage of Western Civilization, celebration of diversity, nor white nationalism have the substance needed to replace them. Instead, our society will fragment into networks and groupings that are small and coherent enough to be functional. So the future is likely to tend toward mafia-ridden tribalism overseen by corrupt public authorities shot through with cronyism.”

    It’s a shame Sam Francis isn’t alive to debate him. This is why I say, everyone should read Kalb. With opponents like Kalb, one would be catapulted to the stars.

    My rebuttal is: Why couldn’t we have a decentralised system as works in Switzerland?

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