Talmud Quotes

Talmud Quotes

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  1. I think the whole thing is just comedy, especially mentioning Christianity.

    Christians don’t even know anything real about Jesus. They worship some white made up hippy looking character that never existed. The real Jesus wasn’t even Jewish.

    The so called “King of Jews” original native language was Aramaic, which was the common language of the Lebanese people in that area. Some claim that Aramaic is closely related to Hebrew, but that’s not true. Aramaic is an Arabic dialect. If I were to speak Aramaic in front of Arabs & Jews, only the Arabs would understand enough to be able to communicate.

    In the bible, Jesus greets & departs with the phrase “Peace Be Upon You” or “Peace Be Unto You”. In his native language of Aramaic, that’s pronounced “Asalamualykum”. Yup, that’s right. If you went back in time to meet Jesus, the first words out of his mouth would be the standard Muslim greeting. And if you read “Mathew 26:39” it states Jesus prayed on his face, the standard Muslim prayer style. And it’s all in the Christians bible. A book they read & quote from all the time, but clearly don’t understand. I find that pretty remarkable.

    The lies about Jesus being born in Jerusalem are comedy too. It wasn’t Bethlehem or Nazareth. The town of Nazareth didn’t even exist when he was born. His actual birth place was in the District of Phoenicia, of Lower Galilee, in Lebanon. That’s an actual fact. And it wasn’t in December, it was April.

    It’s as funny as white supremacists saying they’re Aryan’s. The Aryans were European Iranians…hence the Ayran–(Iranian). Ignorance is comedy on so many levels.

    And c’mon…let’s be real. There’s no such thing as a girl getting magically pregnant. Especially a 13 year old, which would make God a pedophile. Obviously she was screwing men.

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