(((Dianne Feinstein))) Mocks The Catholic Faith Of Appeals Court Appointee

Well, well, what do we have here?

A Leftist Jewess attacking a White woman who is also a devout Christian?

I would have never thought such a thing was possible – the Ziocucks told me that the Juden were beyond anything like this.

They are the Chosen People, you know…

Daily Caller:

The religious convictions of one of President Donald Trump’s appeals court nominees featured prominently during a Wednesday confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The two nominees evaluated during the hearing, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen and Notre Dame Law School Professor Amy Coney Barrett, are nominees to federal appeals courts based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Ill. Barrett is a Roman Catholic who has previously written about faith in public life and spoken to Christian legal groups in her capacity as an academic.

A coalition of leftwing groups, including the Alliance for Justice (AFJ), allege that Barrett has advocated prioritizing religious views over established case law when the two conflict in her professional publications.

“Stunningly, Barrett has asserted that judges should not follow the law or the Constitution when it conflicts with their personal religious beliefs,” AFJ claims. Legal academics have strongly disputed this characterization of her position.

Feinstein signaled sympathy with those concerns, and referenced a law review article that Barrett wrote in 1998 entitled “Catholic Judges in Capital Cases,” which appeared in the Marquette Law Review. Barrett concluded that a Catholic trial judge who is a conscientious objector to the death penalty should recuse himself if asked to enter an order of execution against a convict. She emphasized that the set of circumstances considered in the article were narrow, and that she participated in death penalty cases as a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court.

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on the panel, of Barrett’s writings regarding the professional obligations of Catholic practitioners. “And that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for for years in this country.”


In truth, I think Feinstein did a decent job in holding back her people’s genetic hatred of Christ and those who believe in Him as the Son of God.

Like, just imagine if Dianne decided to start quoting the Talmud – I would have loved to see the (((Lugenpresse))) try to wiggle their way out of that one.

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    • I believe she used to have a concealed carry permit, before she had engaged in enough corruption to afford an armed security detail, 24/7.

      So, she is a massive hypocrite, too.

      I guess they are consistent:
      1st Amendment protections for them, but nobody else;
      2nd Amendment protections for them, but nobody else;
      and so on.

    • Capt. John- pity if true. It makes doing the Lord’s work [Deut. 7:2] that much more difficult….nomeimsayin’?

  1. Egyptian sorcery? Strange stuff.

    The courts aren’t supposed to be fighting for anything. They’re supposed to uphold the law. So, Feinstein’s comment suggests she believes in a “Living Constitution”. (aka, no more rule of law)

  2. The Jew qua Jew hates The Perfect Man and His falsification of “universal equality” for all eternity.

    The archetype anti-white (S)upremacist is a “chosen one.”

    A Jewish convert to white (S)upremacy was Lawrence Auster.

    Deracinated “Christians” are no such thing.

    Real men of the South are racinated (S)upremacists UNEQUIVOCAL in their claim of superior existence.

    • The Southrons were the first ones to be fooled by the Jews, in fact they elected the first Jewish Senators in the 1840’s not to mention countless Jewish officers in the US Army were from the South. This deception happened because of the South’s blind devotion to Scottish Rite Freemasonry. In the Antebellum Era being asked to join the Masons was like having sex for the first time, it was your passage into manhood. The Jews exploited this and the Masonic Oaths, just as Weishaupt said that they would and used it to insulate themselves from criticism and sanction, as brother Masons are NEVER to speak against or accuse one another to the peasantry. The Jews supported the CSA over 90% of the time up until Gettsyburg or so, then suddenly they pulled their support and make sure it collapsed. After the war they swept in, opened up Company stores selling everything on credit and for the next 80 years, most of the poor whites and Negroes were all but enslaved to Jews.

      As GLR once remarked that he was amazed at how clueless the South was about the Jew and how clueless Yankees were about Negroes. The South didnt really catch onto the Jew Scam till Schwerner Goodman and Chaney, but by then it was too late. Sadly the Baptist Church made it impossible to have a real Jewish awakening

      • You should send that to Dr. MacDonald. He’d believed Jews in the South were fairly supportive of society. Some owned slaves and even fought for the South. They were Sephardi Jews and Jews from Britain I believe.

        • The Jews are only supportive of the Dominant Culture so long as said Dominant Culture is strong and in 1861 the South was still mostly strong, although the Aristocracy was becoming degenerate and weak very slowly nowhere as bad as Britain.The Sephardis were the ones who ESTABLISHED JUDEO BANKING and WORLD CONTROL. The Ashkenazics intermarried with them and took over the enterprise in the late 1700’s. The Bank of England, the Antwerp Diamond Trade and the Banks of the Netherlands were all established by Spanish-Portuguese Jews who fled from the Iberian Peninsula to the Low Countries and from thence to England.

          Judah P Benjamin was seen as a traitor by Stonewall Jackson, because Benjamin like Rasputin had Jeff Davis eating out of his hand like a tame deer or a dog. Mr. Davis was so cucked and the sad part was he never saw it coming, even Varina complained about it in her letters. Stonewall Jackson had planned to do exactly to Pennsylvania and elsewhere in 1861 was WT Sherman did to Georgia in 1864. Mysteriously enough it was VOTED DOWN by Benjamin who was Sec of War because as Benjamin told Davis, it was only a matter of time before England bails us out.

          Judah P Benjamin made sure that JESUS CHRIST wasn’t mentioned in the Confederate Constitution but the Masonic Fake GOD ie Grand Architect of the Universe was cited in the Preamble. You see any Christian knows that mentioning Almighty God WITHOUT mentioning Jesus Christ is worthless, as Jesus Christ is how God reaches us as we are so sinful, God wouldn’t touch us without the Blood of Christ this is why we end all prayers in Jesus Name. Rev James Henley Thornwell attempted to pass a Christian Loyalty Oath later, saying that the Confederate Constitution was an abomination to GOD as it didn’t proclaim Jesus Christ as King of the Confederacy. This was of course voted down and Stonewall himself was reported to say if the Confederacy didn’t proclaim Jesus Christ and their cause as a Holy War, God would side with the Union and destroy them.

          • That’s very interesting, ty. I’ve heard of Judah Benjamin before, but not the details.

            Do you have any books you like? Where did you learn all of this?

            Since our history is largely propaganda today, I haven’t read as much as I ought. That’s also partly why I haven’t read anything on WWII. Why read fiction, is my thinking.

            I don’t know that I’d have time to read much now. I’ve got so many things I want to do.

            There’s a book out by a guy that argues how Lincoln, or those behind the 14th Amendment anyway, were “socialists”. Is that something you agree with? I’ve again skipped studying the history, because I just don’t trust anyone. Everyone’s a liar nowadays. You sound honest to me, is why I ask.

          • The Fourteenth Amendment wasn’t written until after Lincoln’s death. There are many ways to approach the Lincoln subject. PERSONALLY I lean toward the Lincoln was a buffoon a stuffed suit school of thought. Here’s the thing, here’s a man whose best friend was a major slaveholder in Kentucky and his father in law was as well. His entire life he spent taking money from slaveholders and you’re going to tell me he suddenly has a religious conversion and becomes Mr. Racial Equality? It doesn’t quite add up. My personal belief was that the Jews and their Masonic Allies put Lincoln on the ticket in 1860 because of his Southern birth, He could in a sense speak the South’s language. Plus the fact that he basically seemingly had no real definate opinions of his own, nor was he a party hack, helped soothe the entire thing and make him sellable to the public.

            The goal of the controllers had been the war all along. In 1860 you had Virginia across the Potomac who could have massed the Virginia Militia in Alexandria and seized Washington, arrested the Abolitionist Congressmen and overthrown the government. Virginia had from November until March to do this very thing. A coup was far more doable than secession which was the HARD WAY so why not do the EASY WAY? Obviously there were those who wanted a war, for their own reasons. Remember one of the most powerful men in the CSA who literally at one time ran the entire government was (((Judah P Benjamin))) who was disliked a great deal by Stonewall Jackson and others. Lincoln’s conduct of the war to me was from a humanitarian standpoint illegal and immoral, from a military standpoint right and correct. He could do this because he was in the District of Columbia. Jefferson Davis didnt have this privilege.

            The District allows the President much more leeway than if the Capital was in a State. Richmond was under Virginia State Law, the Police Chief of Richmond could be called upon to arrest Jefferson Davis if he did anything the Congress found illegal. In other words Davis was held captive both by the Confederate Congress and the City of Richmond/Commonwealth of VA. Had the South had her own sovereign capital district, I assume Mr. Davis could have conducted the war more directly.

            When the war ended in 1865, you must remember the situation. Congress had blocked the admission of Lousiana, Tennessee , and Arkansas under Lincoln’s 10% plan. This meant only 10% of the States population had to establish a new government and that was it. Lincoln had vetoed the Radicals more stringent measures. His Vice President was Andrew Johnson of Tenn, who I doubt would have joined with a hardcore abolitionist, considering Johnson was Proslavery, he was just Anti-Aristocrat and Anti-Secession. The goal had been all along to restructure the nation and you needed a martyr to get peoples blood boiling enough to do that. So you kill the President, symbolically on a Good Friday, you see in Freemasonry and in Talmudic Judaism nothing is left to chance. Within a year you structure a religion around the man, and then you begin to write a new Gospel if you will, the bizarre gospel of equality, Only its not by chance, they planned it all along.

          • The man who wrote that book on the Socialists gets a great deal of points right, he gets a few others wrong. For instance, the only reason Socialists were allowed into the nation in the first place was because of the Jacobin Sympathizer Thomas Jefferson removed all of our immigration restrictions that were part of the Immigration Law of 1798 and replaced it with the Naturalization Act of 1802, which had no enforcement of the border whatsoever and no real racial enforcement either. Local port cities were responsible to police the ships, but they never did, basically if you got here, you were an American. Even nonwhites like the Chinese although not citizens under law could stay here and be afforded limited rights.

            The Revolution of 1848 allowed thousands of Jews and others to hit America’s shores. These German Jews, most were pretty impoverished when they got here, they didn’t have the financial power the Southern Jews had. Baltimore was one of our major Jewish centers in 1860 and most of Baltimore’s Jews supported the CSA, even the immigrant ones. Most of New York City’s Jews did as well. Most of the ones who supported the Union were from the smaller Western cities like Cincinnati Chicago and Saint Louis. Still a good percentage of the Jews in these places also supported the Confederacy for investment reasons. The most powerful financial Jew in the USA August Belmont was married into the Slidell Family, one of the Souths most powerful families and he was heavily leveraged on both sides, the Chicago Tribune broke that story in 1864. Of course after Lincoln’s death, the Jews went to a great deal of effort covering up the truth about their activities during that time. The simple truth was, they were out for themselves. PERIOD.

            The German Socialists and others who supported the Republican party were allowed to do so because there was no laws to stop them and the Democratic Party, who was and is today the party of open borders, allowed them to come in here in the first place and gave them full citizenship. The Lincoln-Marx thing is one thing that is half-truth half false. Yes it is true that Marx did admire Lincoln, but it is also true the program of the Lincoln government had little to do with Marxist thought, to be more concise, it would line up more with the Benito Mussolini School of thought than Marx.

            In Marxist Nations all land belongs to the government who allow the people equally to use it. The Homestead Act was anti-Marx for a couple reasons. One was that it said that anyone could become a sovereign landowner if they worked 160 acres for five years. Two it displaced Native Americans already living there, in Marxist Nations, the rights of the indigenous are sacred. Economically, the North’s reliance upon high tariffs, namely the Morrill Tariff which protected industry against competition is anti-Marxist. Marxism like Libertarianism demands free trade, a free flow of products between the workers of the world. The reason Marxism supports Free trade is that it is a tool to destroy national borders and bring together the human brotherhood of Marxism. Subsides for private companies to build railroads was another thing thats Anti-Marx, because in Marxist Societies all things belongs to the government who allow the people to use them.

            Was the Fourteenth Amendment Marxist inspired? Probably. However to call the Republicans in that period Marxist is wrong, by todays measure they would clearly be Fascist.

          • The irony of the whole thing is the Confederacy had in a sense a more INTERNATIONALIST government idea than the Union, because it had to be internationalist to survive. Nations that survive solely on trade have to be internationalistic in their outlook and scope.

            The Union on the other hand was Nationalistic, which would place it in the Fascist camp and by today’s standards make it an ugly exploiter, who was only using the Negro issue to cover up further exploitation. The behavior toward the Native Americans in Minnesota and in Colorado would prove this point concisely

            Anyone who looks back to the war and tries to explain modern Internationalism is going to fall flat, because the only Internationalist Nation in 1861 was the Confederacy and its internationalism was solely in matters of trade.

            What happened between 1865 and 1945 is whats important. Following the war giant corporations and powerful Jewish banks both with international scopes arose. Slowly they took control of the United States and by 1913 had almost complete control enough to direct her courts, her foreign policy, everything. Notice I said Almost because old fashioned Nationalist Republicans were still in existence. Teddy Roosevelt was an Internationalist BUT he was an Internationalist who wanted to maintain American hegemony. Woodrow Wilson was an Internationalist who wanted the USA to become an equal partner in a League of Nations (TODAY KNOWN AS THE UN). After he was defeated the Corporations and the NGO’s along with the Banks and the Colleges moved on with the Internationalism. They sold people that Internationalism would end warfare and usher in world peace and prosperity a young generation believed it. Briefly in the 1920’s we had Nationalist Republicans but the Depression brought an internationalist Franklin D Roosevelt in as President and its been hardcore NWO ever since.

  3. The fact that this woman is allowed to engage in Open ANTIWHITE ANTICHRISTIAN Bigotry shows that the White Man has lost his balls. At least enough of them have to let this happen.

  4. Re: guns

    Feinstein once said to the country, “Turn them in.” Of course she keeps hers.

    I wonder what howls of outrage would ensue if someone prominent in public life mocked jews, their behavior and their religion in such a setting? I know, a silly question.


    There are lot of online articles about how he got an inside deal from the post office, buying these buildings for pennies on the dollar and then selling them for profit.

    But the Judaists believe that it is okay for them to rip off the goyim.

  6. I read a tweet today by some (((feminist))) calling for, among other things, the abortion of all white male babies. That’s ok, I guess, with twitter. If I called for the abortion of jew babies I’m sure I’d be banned. Such is life in the Empire.

  7. The whole idea of judges is very semitic. Having some learned priesthood interpreting ancient texts and then passing judgment on others just isn’t compatible with Western thought. Leave that kind of thing for the rabbinical scholars.

  8. LOL. I wouldn’t read too much into this squabble between the Pope’s children, or as the former Pope put it, their older brothers the Jews.

    I would love to see a break up, of the Roman Catholic and Jew political alliance. But, I doubt White Americans could be so lucky. There’s always hope, and we should try for it

    • Dutchman back with his ANTI-CATHOLIC stuff again yet he never mentions the Freemasons. Why is that? The Calvinists were the ones who assigned a special relationship to the Jews, before Calvin the Jews were regarded as little more than Vermin. A strict Calvinist Oliver Cromwell gave them full entry to England. Calvinist Holland gave the Jews complete citizenship. Calvinism and Freemasonry had an unbreakable weld even in that period, because Calvin himself aka Cauvin aka Cohen was a JEW.

      Calvinism and its child THE ENLIGHTENMENT which came about because of the excesses of Calvinism allied with the Atheists and others against Christianity. The French Revolution was SUPPORTED by the Hugenots (Calvinists) in other words they supported the mass murder of innocents. The Calvinists in Ireland supported the mass murder of thousands of Irish and their enslavement. Does this sound like the Church of Christ to you? Dont think so. All the leaders of the French Revolution, like the Calvinists were all good Freemasons.

      The Pagan/Satanic Freemasonic Order usurped the Catholic Hierarchy and the Jesuits a long time ago and since then have been in the drivers seat. According to the Jewish Forward, VATICAN II was written by men who were from Jewish Families who converted to Catholicism.

      BTW IM NOT HERE TO DEFEND CATHOLICISM. I AM HERE TO REFUTE FREEMASONIC DRIVEL Worth noting in all Catholic nations, Freemasonry was 100% Illegal, yet in Protestant ones Freemasonry was 100% Legal. WHY?

      • Ah, yes. Freemasonry, those accursed Whoopee Cushions, and water balloons. LOL.

        Btw, the Huguenots, Franco-Germanic Protestants, had been driven from France well over a century before the French Revolution.

        • There were still Protestants in France namely in the Alsace. They benefitted from the Revolution and their churches weren’t under sanction either. Well Calvinists and Jews always had a working relationship and Freemasonry is based upon Babylonian Idolatry and the Talmud/Kabbalah so anyone constantly excusing Freemasonry and the others, I have to assume is one.

          The fact that the Freemasons were running the Jesuit order within a century after its founding is well known as well. Its all the same thing, only the semantics are different

      • John Calvin was a change agent sent by our friends the Elders of Zion to do his work. According to some sources he was a Jew. That is exactly what the Catholic Gazette reported in the discussion notes from the 1936 Bnai Brith Conference in Paris.

        The formerly Calvinist Nations all became hardcore devotees of Der Jude, namely The Netherlands and England who was briefly Calvinist from 1649-1660 and Scotland as well. What is it with Calvinism that leads to Jewphilia? You be the judge

    • JUDEO CHRISTIANITY was invented by the worthless as a Dogs Hind Leg Baptists and others after WWII and ever since then that bizarroworld ideal has been part of the so-called American Civic Religion.

      Christianity from 33 AD until the bizarroworld Baptist Theology became so dominant in the mid 19th Century proclaimed Christians as THE NEW ISRAELITES and the Church of Christ as THE NEW ISRAEL. For 150 years Baptists and others have proclaimed otherwise thus a NEW GOSPEL which is against the Apostle Paul, who said if even an Angel bring to you a new Gospel which we didnt preach, let them be accursed. Jehovah God doesn’t think much of Judeo Christianity, that i Gay Run Tee

      • Yes. Christianity (or, rather, Christ) is the explicit rejection of Jewish ethno-supremacy. A short read of the New Testament would give any Christian a rather large clue about that.

        But, would even 2 in 100 Churchians in North America have any understanding of why that is?

  9. If Finestain spews anti-white (S)upremacy…


    EVERYONE is an anti-white (S)upremacist to one degree or another…

    Only an idiot believes reality should be otherwise.

    • Most Jews get that specific look once they reach a certain age – based off of the header image, you would think Dianne is George Soros’ cousin.

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