The Wrath Of Hurricane Irma: Stay Safe And Prepare, My Brothers And Sisters

In the midst of an attempted shutdown of Gab and in the midst of discrediting the Ballad Of Heather The Heifer, it’s been relatively unnoticed that a nice chunk of the Southeast may soon come under the clouds of one of the strongest hurricanes ever seen in documented history.

It’s currently packing winds somewhere in the range of 185-200 MPH, and has already surged past some of the minor Caribbean islands after leaving destruction on an almost-Biblical scale.

And now Hurricane Irma is headed towards what appears to be the southern coast of Florida, and perhaps beyond in any direction.

Associated Press:

Hurricane Irma’s size and strength put the entire state of Florida on notice Tuesday, and residents and visitors prepared to leave in anticipation of catastrophic winds and floods that could reach the state by this weekend.

Throughout South Florida, officials readied evacuation orders and people raided store shelves, buying up water and other hurricane supplies. Long lines formed at gas stations and people pulled shutters out of storage and put up plywood to protect their homes and businesses.

Parker Eastin filled up his gas tank at a busy fuel station. He and his girlfriend said they decided to plan well in advance after seeing what Hurricane Harvey did to Texas.

“We ordered water off Amazon because the stores were out and also ordered food,” said Eastin, a 43-year-old lawyer who has lived in Florida for 12 years. “Seeing the devastation in Texas is a sad reminder that you have to take the events very seriously.”

Irma’s winds were 185 mph (297 kph) Tuesday, a strong Category 5 storm, and forecasters say it could strengthen more as it neared the eastern-most Caribbean islands, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

The storm had the most powerful winds ever recorded for a storm in the Atlantic Ocean and posed an immediate threat to the small islands of the northern Leewards, including Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the British and U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The last major storm to hit Florida was 2005?s Wilma, its eye cutting through the state’s southern third as it packed winds of 120 mph (193 kph). Five people died.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties to give local governments “ample time, resources and flexibility” to prepare for the storm. President Donald Trump also approved a federal emergency declaration for the state ahead of the storm, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Scott warned that although officials don’t know the storm’s exact path, winds are likely to be “extreme and life-threatening” and the impacts could be felt inland, away from the coast. He said Floridians need to follow any evacuation orders.

“This storm has the potential to devastate this state, and you have to take this seriously,” Scott said from the state’s emergency operations center in Tallahassee, the state capital. “Remember: We can rebuild your home; we cannot rebuild your life.”

In the Florida Keys, a chain of 42 low-lying islands that includes Key West, government officials said visitors would be told to leave Wednesday and residents should be out by the next day.

“This is not one to fool around with,” said Monroe County spokeswoman Cammy Clark, whose county contains the Keys.

Under a mandatory evacuation order, no one is forced by police or other government agencies to leave, but anyone who stays should not expect to be rescued if they are in danger, officials said. The island chain has only one highway connecting it to the mainland.

Honestly, if you live in the Keys, evacuation to family or close friends may be the best option – we’re talking about EPIC storm surge that will turn the entire area into a REKT nightmare.

But if you live in other areas of Florida, or if you’re feeling tough enough to stand through the worst Irma has in her, just follow a few key tips.

  1. Stock up on several days worth of food and water (I would say prepare for at least a week of terrible conditions), and store everything in an area relatively free from contamination and damage.
  2. Set aside your most precious valuables and possessions in the same sort of area in order to have something to fall back on if the worst happens and your home is turned into rubble.
  3. Have first aid equipment at the ready for those who may wind up injured during the worst parts of the storm.
  4. If you live in a vibrant area, be ready to defend your home and family from the Colorful looters that will surely prowl the flooded streets once SHTF – Florida has a “stand your ground” law.
  5. Stay in touch with trusted family and friends for as long as possible – we’re just going to assume most of the state of Florida is going to lose power this weekend

And even if you don’t live in Florida, but live in an area ranging from coastal Alabama to the Carolinas, follow the details of this storm closely due to the fact that forecasts have changed several times already, and because we all remember times when hurricanes have done some really strange things in terms of movement.

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    • Lulz, HW was correct. In the wake of God’s wrath, the only ones any Christian should care for, are the Elect of God. The rest are under Wrath- and deservedly so. Thus, brethren.

      • Spahn – I’m actually laughing out loud right now at this. It’s just classic Anglin derangement, psychological projection and other various problems. I would LOVE to hear about his relationship with his mother – he seriously does need some sort of non-Jew psych help (I’m the child of a non-kike psychiatrist – one of the very few good ones, I swear to God!)
        I can bet you aaaanything his relationship with Mama Anglin is not good.

        Take this:

        “The entire existence of the human female revolves around sexual derangement.

        The only thing that can control this is a strong state, or legalized beatings.”

        NO WONDER he advocates the sick, disturbed meme ‘White Sharia’!!! He’s basically Muslim in his attitudes toward women. Pathetic and sick. And no wonder he supported ISIS way back when (remember that?)

      • Hi, dear.

        I scanned the screed. I have already downloaded a Tor browser. Ummm…I was deciding whether or not I should accept the invitation to get into DS. This helped me decide. Thanks! I will decline. I am so busy IRL, I must use my Internet time in fruitful and positive ways. Id’ much rather troll Heebs and SJW’s online, than water my time with Anglin’s psychosis. He may or may not be kidding; it doesn’t matter. His hatred for women has simply become a tedious bore.

        FYI -there’s no citation of the Races involved. Were those nurses White? The OTHER thing is that there are loads of incidences in depravity among males…..there are all kinds of accounts of necrophilia and bestiality among men, for…ever. There certainly are sexually depraved women, but overall, men engage in twisted behavior infinitely more often.

        I thought DS was supposed to be advancing the cause of the White Race, That doesn’t seem to be a subject that interests DS any long. C’est la vie.

        • Hi, Denise! Didn’t you say at one point (I thought you did) that you’re from NJ? You have the WORST 18th-century Hasids that are begging for Birobidzhan and the OVEN. Dear Lord. Some Ashkenazi genetic thieves from Hillside are seriously crowdfunding a kosher salami to send to Houston:

          And YES – I was wondering the exact same thing about the racial composition of the female nurses. Amerika in The Current Year (and very sadly, greedy corporate hospitals) incentivize the hiring of non-whites.

          • GG,

            I’m not from NJ Thank ALL the Merciful Gods that Ever Have Been! I endured existence in NJ for 4 dreadful years. I know about the kikes. I know that they are the worst de la WORST. I used to have to drive through Lakewood, periodically. They are monsters. Seriously, if NK or Russia or Iran or any-one missiled the Heeb section of Jersey – they’d be doing the USA the biggest favor EVER.

          • I understand you ladies objections to Mr. Anglin. The thing is Andrew is NOT addressing normal women he is addressing the issue of dumb THOTS guys happen to run upon in Junior High High School and College. Unforutnately for our boys these THOTS make up 98% of the potential breeding pool. Like fishing in a sewer unfortunately.

            Everyone wants good and decent. problem is its hard 2 find

  1. Don’t forget to gather your assorted important paperwork, in something waterproof and rugged.

    Have some cash on hand – including a decent number of $1 bills or $1 coins.

    Having a water filter probably isn’t a bad idea. The Sawyer Mini is fairly inexpensive. They have a much more expensive model that will filter out viruses. Your call.

  2. Like Hunter, I’m in Alabama, but MUCH farther North, just 4 hours away from Montgomery. I will be watching this storm with closely simply because inland in Alabama, we get tornados during these things.

    Not fun.

    Not sure if Hunter remembers the tornados of 2011, I think it was 2011, anyway, they were bad, the largest power station was hit, whole areas decimated, most of the state without power for at least a week, some as long as 4 weeks. My power was out 7 days. My son (5 at the time) hated not having power, no video games, but loved being out of school obviously. It was so damn dark at night you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. I found out later the tornados started dropping during the royal wedding & their taking about Alabamas devastation all over the news, people trying to call, cell phone towers down. It was a mess, but we made it through, power crews from several states came to work on the TVA.

    I doubt this would occur today, after the southern states have committed wrong think and voted in Donald Trump. I’m going to live on Twitter this weekend, taking pleasure in bashing the self righteous pricks trying to say that it’s God punishing us for voting for Trump. Funny how a bunch of godless weenies decide they know gods mind after not acknowledging him their whole lives…it’s called hurricane season people.

    To the ladies on here thinking about checking out DS, you should, if for nothing else, entertainment value, anglin doesn’t write all the pieces & a lot of the guys on there are HILARIOUS. I do agree that the hate against white women is out of control from Anglin, he said 90% are sexual deviants, which doesn’t jive with the 53% who voted for Trump.

    For a man who wants a white utopia, I’m not sure he realizes that if his dream were a reality, he wouldn’t be able to substitute ALL white females for a load of Asians ones. Yes, there are some white bitches who need their ass kicked, all the mess they stir up, but, that’s not ALL of us. Anglin makes no distinction anymore, all white wimen are terrible to him now. Which is fine, I’m not too keen on him either. But there are some guys that take him on over things like this, they’re worth wading through the muck for, they’re the funny ones.

  3. And Jose is right behind it. That’s why climate change is real or is the weather machine working overtime?

  4. The weather can and is being manipulated. There was no hurricanes during the usurper’s reign. Hussein is out of office a few months and the hurricanes are on a waiting list to hit the US. Texas a big Trump supporter.These hurricanes that come in on the Eastern side of the US usually hit further north but Irma is going straight up the Florida peninsula straight up through GA, both Trump states and then into Tennessee, Missouri, not the normal track for hurricanes in the South. They mostly hit at Lindsey Grahams South Carolina Niki Haley’s outfit or the State of Duke University North Carolina. Just saying.

  5. On the subject of prepping,if you decide to stay for the storm,or can’t leave-

    Make sure the batteries for any cordless tools you own are fully charged. A cordless reciprocating saw can cut a tree limb,if needful,and it’s always nice to be able to drill a hole or drive a screw.

    If you have a chainsaw,it would be a good idea to have a gallon or two of fresh fuel for it.

    Bug repellant will be a necessary item,and here’s a mosquito hack a lot of people don’t know about-

    If you put a piece of lemon rind in a bowl of water with some detergent,mosquitoes will fly into the bowl and the suds will kill them. This isn’t a silver bullet,by the way,but it does make a noticeable difference.

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