Charlottesville: Nationalist Front Marches Into Lee Park

This was my second favorite moment in Charlottesville.

Nationalist Front assembled in the Market Street parking garage and marched to Lee Park. This had been planned for months. The plan was to assemble in the Market Street parking garage at 10:00 AM. We wanted to march into Lee Park with the biggest group possible because that was the safest way to do it due to the threat posed by violent Antifa. My job was to round up people who were coming to Charlottesville by themselves for they wouldn’t have to worry about being singled out and attacked by Antifa as has been the case at previous events.

The Charlottesville police were fully aware of our plan. They had been in contact with our security personnel for months. We assembled in the Market Street parking garage which is adjacent to the police station. The police knew we were coming from that location to Lee Park. In fact, you can see the police around 6:50 and 10:00 in the second video. We march pass a Charlottesville police officer in the middle of the street. The Virginia State Police are also on the left side of Market Street.

When we arrived at the entrance to Lee Park, Antifa linked arms and formed a human barricade. The police refused to intervene while Antifa blocked a human thoroughfare. Nationalist Front used minimal force to push through the blockade and enter Lee Park. We were attacked with mace and pepper spray on the way in and once we were in the park our medics treated people who had been attacked. Since there were no Charlottesville police or Virginia State Police enforcing a neutral barrier, the shield wall reformed on the steps of Lee Park in order to protect our members inside the event and escort anyone else coming into the park to safety. There were several occasions when the shield wall had to go out in the street to rescue individuals who were attacked by the Antifa mob.

The League of the South medics treat the Infowars cameraman around 4:00 in this video. We rescue a kid who has been bloodied in this video. Baked Alaska was attacked with the wasp spray while coming through the Antifa mob. They were attacking people trying to get into #UniteTheRight. This went on until the police declared #UniteTheRight was an “unlawful assembly.”

Where were the police during all of this? The New York Times shows them standing around doing nothing behind the barricades when we approached Lee Park. They were also on the left side of the street. The Commander of the New York Lightfoot Militia asked the police point blank (around 20:00 in this video) if they were going to clear the entrance to the park. He got no response.

Here are the actors involved:

Antifa – Their goal was to “shutdown” #UniteTheRight with strategic violence.

Nationalist Front – The goal was to go to Lee Park to attend the #UniteTheRight rally.

Patriot Groups – Their goal was to uphold the Constitution as neutral peacekeepers.

Police – Their goal was “not to intercede” and allow the violence to escalate so that it could be used as an excuse to declare an unlawful assembly and “state of emergency.”

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  1. There need to be more pro-White marches and protests in Commieville. Make damn sure that town doesn’t enjoy another moment of peace and quiet until justice is served.

  2. I read that the Charlottesville soviet voted last night to shit can the statue of Stonewall Jackson too. I think it’s time that the VA and WV Sons of Confederate Veterans, the American Legion, and the VFW of both States get off their asses and get moving. This is an assault on all American veterans not just Lee & Jackson, and their men.

    If the AltRight are smart they will be speaking at every veteran’s clubhouse in Virginia, and West Virginia about the destruction of the Confederate monuments.

    I wouldn’t be afraid to bring up the fact that Virginia politicians McAuliffe, Moran and Sullivan are all Roman Catholics, and that the Roman Catholic Church is a foreign power with an embassy in Washington. Let’s face it, Lee and Jackson were Protestants, and these Roman Catholic politicians are tearing down monuments to White Protestant leaders.

    • Krafty, can I give you the task of putting together contact lists of VA, Sons of Confederate Veterans, American Legion, Daughters of the Confederacy contacts in Virginia?

      Please identify specific real people who are active, also it helps if they are under the age of 80 yrs old.

      I also highly recommend non drug dealing biker clubs – these biker clubs have been the best at holding the street at Trump rallies.

      • Brad & Jack, All of the information is available, just google it, or use your search engine of choice. Names, addresses, phone numbers, officers, etc. All a sharp young vet would have to do is drop in at a post on a meeting night and pitch the assembled vets. I wouldn’t drink, this is strictly business. None of this is brain surgery. Don’t forget about the AmVets, the Disabled Vets, etc.

    • Krafty Wurker is again with his Jewphilia and his Anti-Catholicism. You are aware the Southern Confederacy was recognized by the Holy See and that Robert E Lee had very close relations with Catholicism. He and Mr. Davis were both High Church Episcopalians and Jeff Davis himself went to a Catholic School. The Vatican ie Holy See was the ONLY NATION TO RECOGNIZE THE CONFEDERACY. So admired were the Confederates by Pope Pius IX, he sent Mr. Davis a portrait of himself with a Latin escription which Davis himself could read as he was fluent in Latin.

      The Union on the other hand persecuted Catholics mercilessly during this period and didn’t stop doing so in some places until WWII!

      Krafty apologizes for the Freemasons way too much

  3. Hunter,
    You’ve published lots of excellent video and text personal accounts of the truth of what happened at Charlottesville.
    I think we now need to assign the task of producing one, best video with text, speak over account of what happened. The various official sponsors of the UnitetheRight can distribute this best account to counter the MSM distortions/lies.

    Your day by day account is excellent – let’s edit video to match.

  4. Do you know what would actually “unite” the right? A single LEADER. Instead of a shitshow of different groups with different agendas letting their people do whatever they want, they needed a SINGLE leader telling everyone what to do.

    You can win a war without a commander. Marching into combat with Antifa without a unified command structure and no communications was completely retarded and you’re seeing the results.

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