Flag And Optics Cucking: Divisive Retardation At The Worst Possible Time

At a moment when we should be focused on aiding those Nationalists who have been unpersoned from the internet, and at a time when we should be building off of the show of force we displayed in Charlottesville, I’m noticing instead that some figures have decided to push the idea that future gatherings should only consist of certain symbols, certain flags, and certain modes of conduct in order to bring normies to our side.

I’m of course talking about people insisting that only American flags should be brought into pan-Nationalist rallies, and that nobody under any circumstances should be armed and ready for guaranteed confrontations with Antifa.

Now, I actually understand what these folks are trying to argue (we don’t want to appear totally ridiculous and absurd to the masses), but I feel forced to interject my assertion that these specific orders are mainly foolish and naive.

Let’s start with the flag situation, shall we?

Muh American Flag Is Better For Normies Than Southern Battle Flags

Now, I’m not going to name specific individuals due to the fact that I’m not some sort of filthy drama whore, but I’ve heard it said quite vocally that the whole optics situation with Confederate flags and League of the South flags was horrible due to the fact that non-Southern Nationalists (they weren’t even talking about average people) have no understanding and no love for the symbols of Dixie.

To an extent the understanding part of that is true for some (they likely don’t have ancestors that fought for the Confederacy, and are likely not of the same specific ethnic and cultural stock that built and maintained the South).

But on a more basic level, I have yet to come across real living people from other parts of the country that are so plainly stupid that they don’t grasp the fact that the Confederate symbols have a real deep meaning for those who identify as either SN’s or Alt-Right of a Southern slant.

We all fight for our heritage and history (hell, that’s what Charlottesville was to begin with), and these flags represent a connection to the past that is now in danger of being utterly destroyed by Bolshevik scum at the behest of Jewish overlords.

Why fight for an American flag that long ago ceased to have any meaning worth preserving?

Like, there may have been a time when we could have united with the Stars and Stripes in a way great for imagery and propaganda (I would say the 50’s or early 60’s would have been the latest possible period), but at this point, we have a National flag that essentially represents all that we fight against both online and in the real world.

I personally have images of Walmart, all-Black sports teams, and Donald Trump telling us that we all (regardless of race, creed, etc…) bleed the same red blood flow through my mind when I think of the American flag – useless and sad.

Even the idea that we could appear morally high is a false one – using the American flag for Alt-Right purposes opens you up to a crippling broadside from any cuckold who wants to remind everyone that Blacks, Hispanics, Moslems, homosexuals, and trannies with mutilated genitals all fight and die under this specific banner.

Sure, you could argue the fact that the original America was by default a proposition White ethnostate, but to do so requires so much time and effort that the purpose of the propaganda (which is supposed to be true, simple, and repetitive) falls by the wayside in this age of emotion and limited attention spans.

Swastikas on the other hand, are obviously not encouraged for obvious reasons, but I guess I’ll remind everybody once again that there was only one of those at Lee Park, and nobody knew who the dude was in the first place – he disappeared shortly after SHTF.

Weapons Scare Me And Are Bad For Optics

On this, I actually have far less to say than on the topic of flags, but I feel as if it still needs to be addressed.

First off, with speaking events at colleges, flags aren’t even carried, and weapons are usually not allowed (some cities are like this too), so that’s a dead issue.

But in places where we are likely to face teeming and rabid hordes of Communists, we need to seriously think about having at least some dedicated, trained, reliable, and EXTREMELY VETTED security present to protect the main groups from being ripped into.

Weapons for the average person may not be recommended (being average they probably won’t have them anyway), but we have to assume for the time being that the police are not going to help keep things cool and kosher.

Armed deterrents are almost always good enough to halt escalation – even the most drugged-out Leftist retard isn’t insane enough to try and beat someone wielding a legal firearm with a confidence and calmness that shows he knows how to use it properly.

For those who think that getting jumped while unarmed and wearing clean-cut outfits seems good for optics: you may be correct, but just remember that last year featured punches and bottles, last month featured bricks, urine, feces, a ghetto flame-thrower, and chemical agents including acid (I still have a small scar on my forehead), and next year may feature knives, Molotov cocktails, and bullets.

Who Are We Even Trying To Recruit?

I suppose all of this links directly to the specific demographics we wish to recruit into the Nationalist cause – and the Alt-Right in general.

Some still tinker with the idea that we need to draw in tens of millions of normies (everyday couch-potatoes and wage cucks) into a coalition that will march through the streets in waves that will take Washington DC by storm.

Unfortunately, and I still think we’ll get YUGE numbers to turn out en masse sooner rather than later, the idea of recruiting average men and women directly into a movement is a pipe dream.

Most people are on a wavelength that goes along to get along – they have limited political interest, no desire for conflict, and will for all intents and purposes follow whichever group holds the scepter at any specific time.

Even with the 10% of the American population that supports us, most of these will never show up to protest and battle Antifa through the streets – donations will be as far as they will likely go.

No, for our purposes we wish to draw upon the young White men of this country who are jaded, disgruntled, and disgusted with the society they were born into (our target ages should be between 15-30).

Whether they grew up in a Leftist household with parent(s) pushing diversity, whether they grew up in a broken home torn apart by degeneracy and/or divorce, or whether they grew up in a home with materialistic and morally-bankrupt parents who listen to WHITE JEW Joel Osteen every Sunday means little.

What matters is that we channel that rage felt by these youngsters into a fight for our race before the Left beats us to it – many Antifa members operate similarly, but have their anger pushed into promoting the very forces that ruined their lives in the first place.

The youth are our future, and they will be the ones to help bring this sickening mockery of a nation down to its knees in order to save everyone from suffering and death.

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  1. While I have been openly critical of the use of swastikas, I have yet to encounter those in our movement who criticize the rebel flag. Most on the alt-right seem to support it. I didn’t realize it was that big of an issue.

      • Even in the movement there are factions. Many of the Daily Stormer types seem to me like suburban kids. Alot of West coast guys or the Texas guys who are a flavor of their own etc…

        There is no leading this herd of cats. If you told these guys to do something or not do something they would go out of their way to defy you, especially the stormers. That’s a dead end.

        We need to centralize a portion of the movement into one city or county in the South, someplace we can effect change locally and that has jobs for our folks. In short we need to colonize. From that will come organic subculture which will breed loyalty and cohesion. No more Nazi flags when our guys have more practical things to represent.

        “When I became a man, I put aside childish things”

        Nothing makes a man like the challenge of settlement in a hostile frontier.

        Besides, street action is tacky, and limited in it’s potential for creating change.

    • Yankee / immigrant Trump supporters seem to like to call us traitors. I whip them in debates online all the time.

      I’ve nothing against Yankees who are proud of their ancestors, but I expect them to tolerate me and mine as well.

        • That is because to Jews others are not real. They live in a solipsistic bubble that they are the only people on Earth. Because other’s are not real, so are their history, culture, bloodline, and interests. That is why Jewry to western civilization is what rust is to steel, a corrosive force that never sleeps, eats or relents until steps are taken to put a stop to it. Nothing threatens Jewry more than whites clinging to their identity as a people, because without identity, a people are vulnerable to extermination at the hands of Jewry. The Confederate flag represents white American’s identity as a people, and to Jews that’s anathema.

    • Only MORONS and IDIOTS criticize the Confederate Flag. However it is worth noting some history. The First or Second Era Ku Klux Klan almost NEVER used or displayed the Confederate Flag in the early years, following the war it was simply dangerous to display them as they were the sign of Rebellion and could possibly net you a treason charge in a trumped up Reconstruction court. Thus they used various pennants and symbols.

      In the 1890’s the Americana Cult took over Dixie and largely still owns it today. Confederate Flags were relegated to use at Confederate Veterans Rallies or included as a part of the state either in inspiration (AL, FL) or directly (MS). At the first major film of the Confederate Veterans Reunion in Jacksonville FL in 1914, the parade cars are seen flying the US Flag and some had Confederate adornments. The Second Era Klan, under heavy Baptist Influence, banned drinking, dancing etc and in an effort to appeal nationwide displayed the 48 Starred American Flag. The Ku Klux Klan March on Washington August 18 1925 all carrying American Flags.

      The Revival of the Confederate Flag came about for obvious reasons, 1936 was the 75th Anniversary of the Birth of the Confederacy and in 1938 which was the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, the last major joint encampment was held in Gettysburg PA. That year, the South Carolina House raised the Confederate Flag in the House Chamber to commemorate the upcoming 1940 75th Anniversary of the end of the war. On January 17th 1940 Gone With the Wind was released less than Three Months from the 75th Anniversary of the End of the War and Lincoln’s assassination. Gigantic Southern Parties as a result of the movie were held all over. The popularity of the flag boomed as a result of the 75th Anniversary and in WWII it was of course carried into Battle, where it occasionally met resistance from the Military Brass.

      President Roosevelt had the IRS close down the Second Era KKK on back taxes charges in 1944, some of the Klan had been according to FDR with no proof at all, supporting Hitler. Since 1945 there hasn’t been a KU KLUX KLAN ™. There have been only small state organizations. As most of these were founded in the South and operated solely in the South (although a few continued to operate in OH and IN) the Confederate Flag was adopted for the meetings, remember the popularity of the flag was riding high after 1940 and the 75th Anniversary and the 80th anniversary of the end of the war happened just as V-E Day was approaching in Europe., in fact the last major Confederate Monument was dedicated in a service in BALTIMORE Maryland May 2 1948 where Maryland Gov Preston Lane and Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro and his young daughter Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi was in attendance Gov Lane and Mayor D Alesandro praised the statue with jubiiance. This was just shy of a month after the 83rd Anniversary of the end of the war. By this time there were a handful of Confederate Veterans left alive, most notedly Pleasant Crump of Lincoln Alabama near Talledaga.

      The change of the United States government, which had happened in 1868 and in 1913 most obviously, was by 1948 the year of the integration of the US Armed Forces, the year California’s Supreme Court Legalized Interracial Marriage in the Golden State, and the year Shelley Vs Kramer banned Housing Covenants too hard to ignore. The Confederate Flag represented a rebellion against the American System which was after WWII the system of the Jewish World Order. It remains so today.

      Here is the thing. We should NEVER fly an American Flag at least the Fifty Star Version. I would have no problem if we flew the Colonial Flag (Betsy Ross, Bennington), the 33 Star Flag or the Fort Sumter Flag which were both the last legal flags of the United States. If you wish to fly Old Glory fly any PRE 1861 Flag, Anything after 1861 is simply unacceptable

  2. A hard hat of some sort is necessary. Always wear something. Head injury is no fun.

    A respirator and safety goggles also vital. Also wear a cloth bandana to catch flop sweat and for mask use. Just keep these face mask things discrete until the SHTF. By the time the combat starts the cops least worry is gonna be a face veil.

    Bring disposable painters overalls. Either tyvek or a permeable cloth that blocks chemicals to some degree. (Summer heat is pain but such clothing will help you avoid injury.)

    Shields obviously but some people should bring smaller buckler style shields as well as the rounded Roman shields. Wear body armor on elbows, knees, genitals and shins. Especially the shins.

    Weapons? The smaller shields are good for that. Get creative with the designs. I’ve seen people bashed senseless by skateboards. A secondary helmet is a good flail.

    Record everything too. Practice small unit drills with shield and have some people play the role of antifa with live missiles.

    Also have people infiltrate the Antifa please! Show up in a Commie shirt with a Commie flag and get the Tucker’s in camera breaking the law.

  3. My feeling on the “Rebel Flag” is it has been there and done that. That is what makes it an ideal simple to ask “normies” to rally behind. It is recognizable and we should continue to put it forward as the symbol of resistance against tyranny. I don’t like the Nazi flags. The Nazi symbol right or wrong is a barrier to most people whether they be from the North or South. Pretty much everyone I know has family that fought in WWII. Just like we don’t like our Southern Confederate ancestors denounced most of us right or wrong don’t want our grandfather’s denounced either. The SN flags takes the place of any flag that would espouse our political views. There is no benefit what so ever to flying a Nazi flag.
    Weapons, are a must for our protection especially when in anti-white territory. The only thing that concerns me is even when justified you can expect to be arrested if you have a visible weapon. But what’s worse? 6 ft under or a stint behind bars? We have the legal right to protect ourselves. The man who was arrested recently for discharging his sidearm in Charlottesville was justified in my opinion. He fired a warning shot after repeated attempts to get the guy with the flame thrower to stop the assault.

    • You are never justified in firing a warning shot. If it is a situation where deadly force is justified then shoot the person in order to stop the threat. If he was not justified in shooting the person (and I don’t know) then he was not justified in firing. The law does not recognize warning shots, unless somehow VA is different.

      • VA is different. The guy with flamethrower was *attacking* others with it.

        And the police were there but had stepped down.

        The only alternative would have been to shoot the guy, at least according to what I’ve heard from events.

  4. Obviously Confederate flags are welcome at an RE Lee statue removal protest in Virginia.

    Klan outfits *should not* be welcome.

    Sometimes maybe Confederate flags shouldn’t be used, depending on the event. I personally love all things Confederate. But I also love winning.

      • Supposedly there were also people there with some sort of Klan shirts? That doesn’t sound Klan-like at all, since it’s supposed to be hidden.

        I don’t actually know a great deal about the Klan. I know a bit about its history in my hometown and the general history one finds at wikipedia… In my hometown, there was no violence during Civil Rights era. (It did get militant at one point, but that didn’t turn to violence, according to m grandfather.) In the past though, there had been lynchings. So, the earlier Klan had been violent there.

  5. It’s sickening how sensitized Whites have become to the swastika and NS symbols. The Jewish goal is to get normie soccer moms to call the (((SPLC))) and report a ‘Hate Crime’ to the police everytime she sees a swastika. WE MUST FIGHT THIS.

    • It’s not just Jews. Many Slavs died, or supposedly died, at the hands of NS.

      NS fought Communism and fought for Germany. It had some positives. But it had some negatives also.

      • Correct, millions of Slavs suffered much at the hands of Nazis, because they were Slavs the Nazis deemed sub-human. The Jews regarded Slavs then and still do today as sub-human. So for many Americans who have Slavic roots and family still alive who lived through the Second World War, those flags don’t bring up good feelings. However, my ancestors in Ukraine and Russia suffered far worse at the hands of the Jews. Hitler lost WW-II in large measure because he mistakenly placed the Polish, Ukrainian and Russian people in the same basket as the Jews, and he attacked the Soviet Union. His biggest mistake was not trusting his generals and admirals and letting them do their jobs. And yet, hundreds of thousands of them fought for Hitler, including Cossacks. The Galicia division of the SS was almost entirely Ukrainian. There was even an all Russian unit in the Luftwaffe that flew Me-262’s painted in the colors of Imperial Russia. Had he seen Slavs for what they were, a huge pool of trained men who shared with him a common enemy, they’d have annihilated the Bolsheviks and them could have held off Jewish ruled England, France and the U.S. They’d have hung Stalin and all of his henchmen in Red Square had he not made the blunders he did.

    • The big thing is that it’s just foreign to everyday Americana and that’s just the way it is.

      I guess a good analogy would be if the NSDAP had decided to go with something totally foreign to the German people and capable of inducing rage in them (maybe had they tried to resurrect some of Napoleon’s imagery).

      That doesn’t mean the ideology in some form (or some of the ideas to be realistic) cannot be used in our current situation – as an example see Trad Workers (they’re NS but don’t use the swastika).

      • @Marcus – I understand. I just fear Americans are becoming so dumbed down and retarded they would actually call the police when they see a swastika. (((They’re))) using the goyim cattle like Pavlovian rats.

        • Some are that retarded, and I’m not even talking about Kikes.

          They’ve done the same when they see Confederate flags, or when they hear someone use the Nigger word.

          • Whites are uniquely susceptible to massive cucking on a scale you simply do not see in other races. We MUST collectively research this and find ways to deal with it. I was just thinking today of that White Southern ‘Christian’ couple that had multiple black embryos implanted in the wife’s womb, and it makes me want to throw up.

          • Goy, it’s because whites are more religious and more used to adapting to society’s norms as a group.

            We’re more accustomed to civilisation.

            The Greeks would never have allowed the “free market” or foreigners to raise their kids as is done today. They were very careful about raising children. “Culture raises children as agriculture raises crops.”

            We need to get rid of this accursed classical liberalism and brainless worship of “freedom” and return to class divisions which allow educated people to help guard the culture. Everyone cannot specialise in every field. Some grow the food, some build the houses, etc. And someone needs to guard the culture.

            WN 1.0 likes to say that whites are *superior* because we’re less religious. That’s just false. The secular movement today is based on bad education and secular faith in ridiculous ideologies.

  6. I of course have no problem at all with seeing the glorious Hakenkreuz flying in the breeze. But as far as I can tell no Rebel flags were ever flown at any NSDAP event in “Nazi” Germany.

  7. But why should “Nazi” flags be prohibited at a rally called Unite the Right? The name of the rally implies that all pro-White groups are welcome, even nasty Natzees and krayzee Klansmen.

    • The Klan even more than NS should not have been there. The Klan was a terrorist group.

      It defended the South from Carpetbagger Reconstruction Hell originally. It has no positive function today, however.

      A great deal of propaganda has also been written about the Klan in the pre-Internet days, when truth could be more easily manufactured. So, people believe the Klan was terrorising far more than it actually did.

      There’s no sense in defending a group like that. With the Internet we can undermine similar propaganda campaigns, but the general public doesn’t want to relearn history. It’s not worth it. The goal should be winning, not battling over history.

      Likewise the Left is foolish to identify with Soviet Russia and other monstrous Communists and Anarchists.

      • I disagree ALL GROUPS BELONG. However I would tell the Klansmen to wear T SHIRTS or something else, no robes or anything obvious and keep the Blood Drop Flags away from the rally. Use the Southern Cross

        • If they’re not showing up as “the Klan”, then I don’t see why it’d matter. Then they’d just be people.

          People should just dress tolerably well, behave well, defend themselves, demonstrate that we’re the civilised side. And that we’re defending America’s heritage.

          I also like the idea of giving aid to those in need. Build a house for the poor in Appalachia maybe, or even for some local blacks. But do so in an area with police protection, where laws are still abided by.

          The mass media painted Antifa as well as it could, but then it became clear it’s violent and likes Communism.

          Well, everything gets out online. If people see that we have Nazi/Klan symbols, they won’t like that. But if they see everyone’s behaving, that we’re all just pro-white, pro-West, then that’s positive.

          I don’t go to these things, because I don’t personally see them as important.

          But if they’re done, then I’d hope they’re done with the goal of having a positive impact.

          What excites me is this new Alt Tech. That is enormous for me. I’m going to get a bully pulpit on one of these new platforms. I need to get my setup right first though.

        • As for NS:

          I talked with Captain Chaos here before in the past. He’s a very moral person, yet he likes NS, because he’s part German.

          I can understand that he’s not someone who’d ever do immoral things.

          But I don’t like those symbols.

          Also, having talked with him, I understand that what he really wants is a society that serves the interests of its people. And he once said he wishes to preserve the biodiversity of the world, presumably this means he likes a world full of different heritages, traditions. Well, that’s what I want.

          But I’m anti-liquidating people and starting counter-productive conflicts. And anti-bioengineering and nihilism. These things are associated with “Nazi”. I have specific issues I oppose with that symbol.

          I realise that almost no NS believe in the holocausts, that such is not what they support. But people perceive such in the symbols.

          I also *do not* want a race war. The Left continue to push for this, but I do not want conflict. I understand that if attacked, a person must defend himself. But quite often, if you read Sun Zhu, fighting is not the best action. Winning is better than a counter productive conflict. Some want to fight as a means of feeling good. That’s weakness.

          • >I also *do not* want a race war.

            The race war is going on right now and that Whites fight back against it is the only hope there is. Refusing necessity, that is weakness.

            >And anti-bioengineering

            – Natural Selection have been shut down for far too long, far too much dysgenic breeding has been done. This will not be undone by simple eugenics, something like the pandemic in The Stand or a global thermonuclear war would be needed and with no guarantees that the mistakes of the past won´t be repeated.
            – Biological weapons.
            – Land use.

            >But I’m anti-liquidating people


            Just like lolbergs and conservatives, complains about National-Socialism while sticking to an set of beliefs that is delusional and self-defeating, your fees-fees matters more than objective reality. You don´t like NS because it reminds you of that. -)

        • spahnranch1969,

          I’m not a libertarian. Liberty’s not my ideal.

          I’m in a third category equally different from capitalism and socialism 🙂 Belloc is who’d I’d say is my champion, or Sam Francis. But I reject the managerial state as much as I can. I also like Sparta and aristocracy, and I hate transhumanism.

          So, now you have some odd mix of what I claim to like.

          Anyway, another option is what the BNP used to do: Family Day. One can tweet Nick Griffin to ask for details.

          Basically BNP families would congregate in an area, have meet-ups, fly their flags. Since Antifa likes to attack, then such meet-ups could be on private property.

          Ethnonationalists should want more births. And family days are meant to encourage and celebrate families.

          The Klan in my area, during the Civil Rights movement, marched about, but it did nothing. It would hold get-together’s at the race track once a week.

          Many seem to believe in a need to “do something”. But they don’t know what to do.

          One point made on twitter was for a need for Trump to have a good adviser. Another point that Dr. Wilson used to make for years is that people could run for office. There’s a great demand for Trumplican candidates who’ll oppose the entrenched GOP.

          I also like the Culture War: One can promote positive culture. Everyone knows LotR. That’s an example. Hunter Wallace typed on twitter that he’s watching Game of Thrones. That’s not virtuous. But maybe that helps him appeal to “normies” who do watch it.

          And another pursuit could be to make a lot of money, which is then used to fund activists. Jews gained their power in part by making a lot of money.

          And Sam Francis / James Burnham’s “managerial elite” are managers of others’ property. They come to power with special skills. So someone could aim to become… a powerful bureaucrat or CEO.

          You say I’m too moderate. Well, I believe in pursuing viable options, not in indulging in fantasy options.

          Someone here told me a week or two ago to “buy land”. That’s an excellent survivalist strategy.

          Richard Early used to encourage people to do military drills with a militia. He was certainly no racialist, but he feared the breakdown of order. Early actually admired Latinos, because they were brave in battle, as are whites. (He was in the military.) Anyway, he tolerated ethnonationalists.

          But obtaining military skills would enable a man to defend his family, defend society from chaos, defend people from anti-whites.

          And I’ve heard others say it’s wise to move to a small area where the police actually do enforce the law. There you’ll find the police are on the citizenry’s side. So, one’s family would be safe should attacks rise against whites in the US.

          Anyway, there are many options one can take to help make one’s family and friends safe. When this society collapses, that’s all most of us will be able to focus on. The Left has been driven into a rabid frenzy, and the only thing it can find to unite around is hatred of whites…

          So, we’re going to be in for some suffering, but we’ll get through it.

    • Better than that, Moon Man! He is both!
      orig00.deviantart.n et/a11a/f/2016/280/5/2/moonman_flag_by_neetsfagging322297-dak6m58.png
      Also, these crosses.
      orig03.deviantart.n et/770d/f/2016/102/d/b/symbol_of_the_klu_klux_klan_by_neetsfagging322297-d9yo0b8.png

  8. There is the issue of prudence with weapons, either so you can defend yourself, or if you do or just have one you end up like Cantwell.
    As to the Confederate Battle Flag v.s. the US Flag, some Southrons hate the US flag and would ban it.
    We need to Unite The Right, even here, where we have to get beyond symbols and to policies.

    That said, the pulling down of mounuments is itself an evil. They are attacking symbols, and for now, your symbol is my symbol, but we need to keep reciprocating.

  9. The take away from all of this is an old maxim that a college business professor hammered into my class at least once a week for an entire semester:

    “It’s not what’s true that counts; it’s what people think is true”.

    My derivative precept from the foregoing is: “If you want to amass bodies on the front lines, you must internalize and apply the preceding”.

    • Smart professor.

      Sounds like how people speculate: They try to find the difference between what’s true and what the market believes to be true. Or they try to predict how the market will next respond.

    • “It’s not what’s true that counts; it’s what people think is true.” That is also what every con-artist says. Which is always appropriate for the USA, I guess.

      The ‘Big Movement Ideology’ is pointless and ineffective. Waving the US flag at rallies means nothing to the so-called normie because they already have flag waving groups to be apart of, such as Trump rallies, if they want that, or their local biker club, or veteran parades, or whatever.

      Also, it doesn’t convince people to join you. I know White men (watch footsball, drink beer, make gay jokes, etc.) who are offended by Trump flags and stickers, and hate Trump supporters regardless if they have ol’ glory waving in the air with it. Should Trump supporters stop waving Trump flags in order to attract a bigger tent of people? Right. You can’t trick people into your “movement” without watering it down to irrelevance.

      No normie is ever going to join an WN/ Alt-right rally or event, even if you could get every WN/Alt-righter to wear a suit and tie, wave the flag in one hand, and carry a copy of constitution in the other. No one is going to be fooled, when you have a overbearing leftist MSM and education system to scream “Nazis with US flags!”

      Besides, if you are worried about how you look to normies but want to goto a rally and feel good, then just go to the next Trump rally. Those are the BIG TENT events you are looking for.

      Anyway, the WN/Alt-right, in my opinion, is about breaking taboos about historical subjects such as 1930’s Germany and American slavery/civil war and other unspeakable things, it has never been about the BIg Movement. The WN/Alt-right cannot be compatible with generic flag waving Americanism anyway, so trying to trick normies with “optics” is despicable and stupid at the same time.

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