SPLC Stashes Away Millions In The Cayman Islands

Morris Dees seems to have his golden parachute ready to go:

Note: In the wake of Charlottesville, the SPLC reaped a windfall of millions of dollars in donations from Apple, J.P. Morgan, George Clooney, James Murdoch and other pillars of the establishment.


  1. The SPLC (Semitic Perverts Lawfare Center) headquarters looks like a Federal maximum security detention center. It’s the perfect symbol for the hostile alien elite who rule this country.

  2. They are protecting their assets from the mountain of civil lawsuits sure to come. They are already being sued by two different groups. Moving assets overseas while involved in a civil lawsuits is against the law. It would be great if they are taken down by the same Rico statute they used against others.

  3. That money needs to be in a high security, high interest, low tax territory so SPLC can carry on the valiant fight for White Genocide.

  4. Good grief, their god truly is mammon as Marx said. Is there anything that they don’t look at as a money making scheme?

  5. The system is so f-ing corrupt. Right here ladies and gentlemen, the Mossad operation known as the SPLC is exempt from capital controls just like the rest of the insiders, but unlike any regular Joe or Jane American like you and me. We’d be turned inside out just wiring a couple of thousand and they can channel millions without a single roadblock. Good, I hope they keep it in fiat currency because it will be worthless in the not too distant future. And, then my friends the game begins.

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