The New Left: Antifa Swarm And Attack Trump-Supporting Normies Once Again, At Least 14 Arrested

I’m thinking right now of the perfect movie clip to get across to the average White American just how far these Bolshevik savages are willing to go to achieve their ends – essentially a blood-soaked nation that would for a time be partially Communist and partially Anarchist.

I guess this is close enough:

It’s not perfect, but seriously, are you simple Americans not entertained?

Are you still bored by sights of literally-feral youths, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and other dregs of society ripping into your kinsmen like starved wolves onto piles of tasty flesh?

The people who were assaulted, beaten, tossed onto the ground like ragdolls – they’re not “Nazis.”

They’re not KKK.

They’re not Alt-Right.

Hell, they’re not even Nationalists according to the proper definition of the word.

They’re Civic Nationalists at best, and more than likely just run of the mill, typically quiet, normal Donald Trump supporters.

Some may be registered Republicans, but my guess is that many aren’t even that fixed on any specific ideology or political party.

They were just trying to show their loyalty to the lawfully-elected President of the United States, and were nearly murdered by Antifa for their lukewarm display of patriotism.

Antifa that you need to understand are not your fellow countrymen – they are enemies that can never be reconciled to a healthy and prosperous society.

LA Times:

Thousands of counter protesters took to the streets of Berkeley on Sunday where they clashed with a handful of Trump supporters, leading to several violent clashes and at least 14 arrests.

The mostly peaceful demonstration started heating up about noon at Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, where the two rival groups faced off and several fights broke out.

Counter-demonstrators vastly outnumbered the president’s supporters. They surrounded their rivals and chanted, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

There were shoving matches around well-known Orange County far-right figure Johnny Benitez. Some screamed “Go home Nazi,” as police tried to escort Benitez and Irma Hinojosa, a member of the Southern California group Latinos for Trump, through the crowd and out of the park.

Police in riot gear fired a rubber bullet at one demonstrator who attempted to cross a barricade into the park, which was closed to the public. Some protesters set off purple smoke bombs.

Some anti-facists protesters, known as antifa, pounced when Joey Gibson, founder of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, showed up with his crew. The protesters beat one man with a shield and another person wearing an American flag.

Some of the antifa protesters also threatened to break the cameras of anyone who filmed them, including journalists. One reporter tweeted that he had been pepper sprayed in one scuffle.

Moderate counter protesters were upset with the violence. “We need to get antifa out of here,” said Jack Harris, who helped break up a fight.

Andrew Noruk, who was wearing a T-shirt denouncing both the Republican and Democratic parties when two young women came up to him and started yelling at him.

“You’re a Nazi,” they shouted, leaving Noruk, who said he came out to protest Trump supporters, confused.

Noruk denounced the fights breaking out near the park, claiming antifa and black bloc anarchists have given Trump’s supporters exactly what they wanted: footage of violence perpetrated against the presidents supporters in a historically liberal city.

“We can’t keep producing this audio visual propaganda,” he said. “It is recruiting for the right.”

LOL – yep.

Because we’re the only ones capable of sending these Commie terrorists home.

They fear us, while they have contempt for everyone else.

On Sunday morning, storefront windows and homes around Berkeley were marked with placards reading “Berkeley stands united against hate.”

Overnight someone hung a red-and-white banner in the park, which read “Bay Area stands against hate and white supremacy, for solidarity, justice, and dignity.”

Across the street at the historic Veterans building another banner said “All you need is love.”

This reads like a parody from Ancient Greece or something – it’s so damned perfect I don’t think any modern authors that aren’t on the Alt-Right could pull it off in literature.

And if you still think they won’t come for you, and will confine their rage to those who actively protest in the streets – you’re dead wrong.

Please put emphasis on the word “dead,” because that’s exactly the fate of every White man, woman, and child of non-Marxist affiliation if this rabble ever gains supreme power.

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  1. Every time the Antifa fight Nazis the Antifa get killed and maimed. Speaks for itself.

    • I don’t all together believe that. Some of the guys with knee-pads, helmets, know how to fight. Look at the guy at Charlotte who attacked the older gentleman from, I believe, League of the South. He moved behind him kicked him in the back of the knee joint so he lost support then when he went down beat him. He was very purposeful in what he did. Now a lot of them are rabble but their willingness to cheat on the rules of fair play make them much more dangerous if we have to follow these rules.

      A “theoretical” suggestion. We need drones with which to identify these key AntiFa. We need to follow them after the protest and attack them with cattle prods and bats. Fuck them up. My guess is they’re Jews.

      I often wonder about the number of Jews. I think there’s way, way more of them than they say. They say,”…The United States had 6,489,000 Jews, only 2.2% of the USA population…”, that’s got to be a lie by a big margin. They seem to be everywhere you look.

      • “I often wonder about the number of Jews. I think there’s way, way more of them than they say. They say,”…The United States had 6,489,000 Jews, only 2.2% of the USA population…”, that’s got to be a lie by a big margin. They seem to be everywhere you look.”

        thats because jews are into this subversion stuff – they cause problems in every country that they are a guest in and they’re unpatriotic. For example they only serve in the U.S. military at one sixth the rate that the average Americans do and jews are highly overrepresented in the history of spies and traitors against this country. In short, jews have no loyalties to the countries they occupy.

  2. Too bad the antifa and the”fascists” didn’t unite to fight their common enemy – THE PIGS.

  3. They also had a chant of “No Trump, no Wall, no USA at all.”

    Talk about wearing their purposes on their sleeves.

  4. A jew demon wearing a jew flag, and nigger Black Power “ministers”. Yup. Merka’s gonna be GREAT for everybody! Trump loves everybody except dem ebbil knaaazzzeeez!

    • He’s surrounded by Kikes telling him to “not cause trouble”. I don’t hate Trump and let’s be honest if Hillary was in office I could see them starting to round up alt-Rights and put them in jail for promoting violence(not that they did) but he’s missed major golden opportunities to arrest some of the leaders of these violent groups.

      On the political front it looks bad because we have no money. They have all the money. They control all the media and the corporations. We may not be able to vote ourselves out of this. I don’t relish the idea. I’m hardly a young Man anymore. Things could get bad.

      I saw a map of race the other day and the Hispanics are flooding the South. Huge numbers.

      • I wish Hillary was in office because she’d be tossing fuel on the fire and more people would be waking up to this insanity. Obama did wonders for race consciousness by openly attacking white people and supporting nigger terrorists.

        But, we have Trump calling for all races to be “united” in the country that white people founded an built. What a joke.

  5. What’s the deal with that dickhead who’s got the Zionist flag wrapped around him in the top photo? Why isn’t the mob beating the shit out of him?

    • You know – a kikenvermin demon enjoying Jew Privilege.

      My husband is still a Christian. I just pointed out the niggers wearing “Christian” collars. I still think he fantasizes that these soulless beasts can actually be turned into “Christians”. That’s what I CAN’T STAND. The God DAMNED insane Whites that still adhere to their delusions various ideological doctrines. I pray that some of the Normies who were brutalized in Berserkley today WAKE UP.

  6. How does the Democrat party survive being the party of Antifa? I am anxious to see how well Trump endorsed candidates do in November elections.

    • Trump is is not doing enough to stop voter fraud. There’s massive evidence of fraud. It’s hard enough to win elections as it is. He must stop the fraud.

  7. Holy crap. They’re literally cleansing the streets of any perceived opposition. Dark times ahead in the US. The multi-racial experiment unraveling at great speed.

  8. IMO, “Antifa” strategy lumping together normies, pro-Whites, aka Nazzzeees, Trumpers, conservatives. Their expectation: All of the former will turn on the Nazzzeees to isolate pro-Whites further. It will only work if enough Whites haven’t figured out yet that they are the enemy just for being White.

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