Hell Freezes Over: The Alt-Right And Joe Biden Agree That A Great Battle For Our Souls Is Being Waged

So, I may get some flak for this, but I don’t necessarily think that ex-Vice President Joe Biden is an evil sort of man when all is broken down.

Creepy and foolish?

Of course.

A cuckold that has abandoned his people due to some weird Boomer altruism likely fueled by desire for political power?


But a creature on par with Jews like George Soros and open traitors like John McCancer?

Not really.

I still have a nasty chill go down my spine whenever I see or read about the guy, but at this moment, I think we’re in absolute agreement when the future of this nation is being discussed.

His own personal op-ed (probably the work a ghost writer, to be honest) is actually not all that bad, although the Leftist slant is obvious.

What matters, however, is that he understands (as many of us do) that this nation is at a crossroads whose forks will determine the future of the White Race in its entirety.

We essentially face a battle between good and evil, and it may be of some help to explain the differences between the two sides.

We are a people that stands for true progress, but values tradition and heritage above all.

Throughout history, both values have stood side by side with little to no serious conflict, and what we see today is in reality an abomination that is merely an artificial attempt by Jews/Communists to hijack and transform the definition of progress into something founded on bizarre and illogical social experimentation.

Our world would be one where science and exploration prosper, while at the same time our history and culture remain pure and unblemished by radical ideas not even worthy of mention by mentally-stable men and women.

We would like to have a future where little White babies are no longer found dead in their cribs from random occurrences (SIDS), but would lunge with sword at those who would rather have these same infants subjected to weird “gender switches” and mutilation/reversing of their genitals.

We would provide a society where peace and order remain unless drastic circumstances emerge, and not one where our boys and men are sent to die to satisfy the desires of rogue (((terrorist states))) and greed-filled businessmen.

And we would like a world where, if one is Christian, they would be allowed to reassemble the faith of their forefathers into a form that pleases God rather than one that profits corrupt charlatans and heretics who know nothing about the wisdom of the Lord.

But if we lose, our souls and bodies will dwell in a future rife with the above mentioned social experiments, torment of children, endless but useless war, and destruction of heritage.

Christianity, if allowed to remain, would be even more of a hollowed-out husk than it is today – more a materialistic mockery of God and Christ than anything else.

And, at the end of the day, all would feel an emptiness that would be akin to the total separation from God that is thought to exist in hell – nothing would have meaning, nothing would have purpose, and nothing would be sacred.

At that point, extinction would probably be more welcoming than continued existence in such a fallen world.

You make the call, White Man.

Which future would you want for yourself, and for your children?

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  1. There are some forms of Christianity that claim Jesus and Lucifer are brothers who don’t get along.

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