Antifa: Man Attacked, Called “Nazi” In San Francisco For Wearing Polo Shirt

If you are wearing a polo shirt and filming on a public street, you might be attacked by a mob of feral Antifa. After all, “Nazis” are known to wear polo shirts:

Note: In Colorado, a man was recently stabbed by these savages for having the wrong haircut.


  1. The government has completely emboldened these mongrels by not making them pay for their lawlessness. Sooner or later someone will shoot one of these communists.

  2. That Tim whatever guy always starts off good, then cucks out at the end because he’s a bitch.

    “uh, centrists just don’t like the extremists,” what a load of shit. They’re brainwashed lemmings who’re scared of their own shadow. The kike media brands anyone with what used to be a normal opinion and outlook just 10 years ago a “nazi,” and the retarded lemmings go along with it.

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