Self-Defense Be Damned: Hero Of The Resistance Christopher Cantwell Hit With Trumped Up Charges In Virginia

If your actions in defense of your heritage and blood get on the wrong side of the (((powers that be))), the odds of you facing ridiculous kangaroo court-style criminal prosecution will rise exponentially.

For example, many of you may remember the story of Michael Weaver, who was essentially gulaged (that’s now a word) for defending himself against a duo of criminal Negroes dead-set on looting his car for shiny objects.

Like, I had heard the details before, but to hear them again face-to-face just a little while ago made me actually cringe at how deceitful and cruel our Jew-dominated Justice System can be in certain situations.

Now it looks like they’re gunning for /ourguy/ Christopher Cantwell, and the parallels with Weaver’s case are so many that we should all honestly pray that Divine Providence steps in to provide a legal defense worthy of legendary song.

Boston Globe:

A white supremacist from Keene, N.H., who was prominently featured in a recent Vice News documentary about the violence in Charlottesville, is wanted for arrest on charges in Virginia, according to authorities.

Christopher Cantwell, who is seen in the documentary denouncing Jews and declaring, “a lot more people are gonna die before we’re done here,” has two outstanding warrants stemming from the rally where a counterprotester was killed last weekend.

Officials from the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Cantwell is wanted for illegal use of gases, and injury by caustic agent or explosive. Both are felony charges, officials said.

In a blog post apparently authored by Cantwell on Thursday, on, the Keene resident references his participation in the Charlottesville protests.

“Depending on who you listen to, I’m either a hero, a terrorist, or a crybaby, which should tell you something about the reliability of the media,” the post said. “In reality, I’m just a guy who wants to save his country from communism, and is often quite terrified at how much resistance he meets in doing so.”

I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous cases in my time here on Earth, but this one is honestly one that shouldn’t even make it through the arraignment phase.

During the torchlight rally last Friday night, I ended up roughly a few dozen feet at most from where this alleged incident took place, and I would be glad to testify under oath in front of a judge that all of Cantwell’s actions were in pure self-defense.

Antifa terrorists had locked hands around the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia, and were using their positions to aggressively lunge at our activists in ways that led to more than a couple of injuries thanks to sucker-punches and liberal (pun intended) use of chemical agents.

Our people acted with restraint and prudence during these tense moments, and video footage from the scene would corroborate this statement beyond a shadow of a doubt.

No joking, sarcasm, or shit-posting here, Brothers, for to see such insanity brought forward makes me almost tear-up with rage.

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    First and foremost, you guys needs to keep your mouth shut, because anything you say, can be used against you. Loose lips sinks ships.

    Two, if he truly acted in self-defense, he should be fine. The state would have to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty, which they would have a tough time doing. Likely dismissal.

    Three, he needs an attorney who can go to the DA and show the above and try to get charges dismissed. A Gofundme would help.

    4th, this might be just a stunt on the state’s part to harass patriots and scare them from coming back to VA. Selective prosecution for harassment purposes possibly. Illegal, but a good reason for the jury to return a non-guilty verdict.

    • Cantwell could very easily turn around and disavow almost everything he’s said i the last 6-7 months. It’s not like he’s got a few years as an ideological racist/Nazi/WN under his belt here. He very very rapidly switched from a market based gun toting Libertarian into a race based gun toting Libertarian. Keep an eye on him as I think he’s more trouble than he’s worth.


      The fact that you said this with no sense of irony is a bit scary. They even mention the Michael Weaver incident in the very same topic.

      I was also “Michael Weavered” as well and for very similar reasons. I sent a -very- obvious joke in a text message to co-workers but I made the dreadful mistake of having a brown person on that text msg. Said brown person took that message to management also with brown people in the ranks. What was an obviously over the top joke became a “threat” and in short order I found myself on the business end of a SWAT raid.

      At the end of this series of events I find myself a now convicted felon who committed a “felony” sitting on my couch armed with nothing more than a mobile phone. NEVER doubt how rabid TPTB become if you bring race into any equation.

      The police straight up lied and cooked a warrant full of lies and half-truths. It didn’t matter one lick, they still got to raid my home, terrorize my family in the night pointing automatic weapons at them (and me) and throwing grenades around my house like it was the Osama-Bin Laden compound.

      The men that came and dragged me out of bed in the dark destroying my home in the process were -white-. Every last one of them. If you think these paycheck police have some higher calling you are fucking delusional. Ditto for the State’s Attorney that trumped up lots of other charges piled onto the original, etc.

      You are the enemy and they will destroy you with the power of the State behind them. Think otherwise at your own peril. I was a very high paid consultant prior to that incident, now? Not so much… lost my livelihood and nearly my life and my freedom too.

      • I think you should tell your story to a wider audience, it sounds like something that needs to be heard!

    • Arnold,

      “Two, if he truly acted in self-defense, he should be fine. The state would have to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty, which they would have a tough time doing. Likely dismissal.”

      Did you just fall off a turnip truck? Assuming the state doesn’t manufacture more fake charges, to put him away for 20-30 years, Cantwell is likely to get several years in prison.

      The state doesn’t have to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty, just that he is a Nazi. “Send a message!” “That’s not who we are!”

      They’re giving Christopher Cantwell The Treatment.

  2. The Boston Globe is the shittiest of shit-tier newspapers. Funny how the kike press never whines about black or jew supremacists, eh?

    • I’m so GD sick of leftists attaching “supremacist” to any White who advocates on behalf of Whites. Can’t speak for anybody else, but supremacy has nothing to do with preferring one’s own people over others and not wanting to be demographically replaced in a country created by one’s own. It’s much like preferring one’s own children over the neighbors. It’s really immaterial whether they are objectively better or not. They are your own. I don’t know a single person who has the slightest desire to lord it over others with any presumed supremacism.

      • Exactly, only jews regard themselves as “supreme”. Of course in reality they are nothing but vultures and vampires.

  3. May God defend us from this Orwellian nightmare that is descending on America this year.

    To those who are paying attention, it is extremely terrifying.

    • Come now, surely you’re not afraid of a bunch of AIDS infected fags and frumpy old cat ladies yelling at you?

      • Actually the one who scares the crap out of me is McMaster and his labeling of any pro- White activist a “domestic terrorist.” And his influence over the largest military machine in the world

        Faggots and cat ladies, not so much. But obviously the Deep State’s plan is that we weaken ourselves fighting against their street mobs.

        Anglin is back up at But don’t use normie web, it redirects you to a google search, where they no doubt log your ip for presuming you have the right to read the Daily Stormer. You still need to use Tor.

        • Anglin needs to take down the message that “ is available on normie web.” Everyone that tries to do that gets logged by Google.

    • ” May God defend us from this Orwellian nightmare…”

      This is the only way we are going to win this battle; through divine intervention.

      I applaud HW for referencing and acknowledging Almighty God in these posts recently. But to bring it home, I would suggest (both for our physical well-being as well as our spiritual) that we begin to fast on Fridays-and for those who pray, to pray to God that we be redeemed from this evil, Jewish supremacist, Orwellian 1984 Bolshevik nightmare.

      Because all of the righteous White Dead are our brothers, they share in our struggle, I would even ask to invoke the prayers of the Saints-which is not some phony mumbo-jumbo, but the reality that those who have gone before us, know our sorrows and our trials, and are able to intercede for us- specifically Saint Czar Nicholas the Second and all the righteous dead of the communist/Jewish/bolshevik purges of the early 1920s.

      If we act righteously, fast and pray, our Cause will proceed much quicker.
      Saint Cornelius Codreneau, ora pro nobis

      • Thank you Father John. Those who are resisting the rise of the Beast are looked down on with pride by those who have gone before us, I have no doubt.

        Interesting times indeed.

  4. I think at this point, a good point to remember is that Elle Reave, who induced her former husband, her HUSBAND*, to lie about imaginary war crimes to promote her career.

    Do not speak to the police. Do not cooperate with the police. Of course, police actions against those who aren’t us are usually justified. Not all police officers are bad, many are simply following evil orders, and unlike the subhumans of BLM, we have no reason to engage in actions against the police.

    As for Elle Reeve?

    Do not speak to Elle Reeve. Do not cooperate with Elle Reeve.

    * still in lockup for cooperating with her

  5. I’m surprised Occidentaldissent hasn’t reported on the rash of attacks against Lincoln and Washington monuments, including in Chicago where they torched the marble bust of Lincoln. It would be a good reminder to mind your audience that these attacks against Confederate monuments are just the start and part of larger anti-white hate campaign against many white historical figures.

    • These people tried to get a statue of Theodore Roosevelt in NYC taken down in October of last year. That’s proof that this doesn’t have anything to do with slavery. If these people really cared about slavery they’d be in Mauretania right now fighting it. Instead of trying to abolish that institution in America 152 years after the end of the our Civil War.

      • Maybe the niggers are simply envious of the White man’s artistic superiority. Ever see any examples of black art that didn’t involve using graffiti or cow shit?

      • There are attacks every week almost, against some little known historical figure. They’re eradicating out history in the the hundreds every years. Every year hundreds of names of streets, schools, and monuments are changed. Every year. Most have nothing to do with the Confederacy actually. Some might have been past statesmen, or past business leaders, or past historical figures in some manner or the other who these people find offensive. So very year our genocide is being accelerated a name change here and monument removal there.

        This is a fact. They have only started on Lincoln and Washington. They’re trying to change America so America in fact no longer exist. America without Lincoln, Lee, and Washington in the history books is not America. It is some other country. They already eradicated much respect for Washington by replacing his holiday with MLK Day. Again, our people being erased for their people. Our country being changed into their country.

        • Instead of struggling to hold on to remnants of the past we could build a new and better society – The North American Reich, or the United Aryan States of America. What do you think about that?

          • What??

            Franklin, Lee, Washington, and even Lincoln are already our role models. We don’t need Nazism. Let’s be honest about something regarding the Civil war: the North was more pro-white than the South. The South wanted to import farm help because of their agrarian based economy. While they still believed in maintaining segregation, in the long term, the importation of slaves meant that their model of society endangers ours.

            Lincoln and most Northern statesmen on the other hand believed that blacks should be freed and sent back to Africa. Lincoln was more a WNs than was any Southern leader, because WNs is not about supremacy over others. WNs is about living within our own nations where we control our destiny and allowing others the right to do the same.

    • There’s just so much going on at the moment.

      Hell, the Red Sox are renaming Yawkey Way because the actual guy was a racist anti-Semite who refused to integrate the team back in the day.

      This is something that never could be agreed upon in the past without lawsuits and whatnot, and it’s now happening in the span of a day or two.

      • Neither Lincoln or Washington are role models.
        They both have lots of innocent blood on their hands.
        Washington started a bloody war between England and France, and helped start a revolution.
        Lincoln killed a million Americans to make America into a Communist country.

    • ” including in Chicago where they torched the marble bust of Lincoln.”

      Well, in that case they were justified and correct in doing so. Lincoln the Traitor is the reason we are in the mess we are in today. Just like the MLK Memorial in Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial needs to be removed. Forever.

      • Would erecting a monument to Fr. Coughlin be acceptable to you, or would you find some excuse to bitch about that as well? Exactly what species of Christianity do you believe in anyway?

    • It’s the old divide and conquer, exactly the same as what happened when all this shit started in the Sixties. Southerners were/are the evil racists so everyone ganged up on them. Next thing you know riots, black power, busing, no more red lining all over the North.

      They just went after a Lincoln monument, Jefferson is on the chopping block, a Frank Rizzo statue (racist cop, of course) in Philly just got spray painted with BLM.

      Bottom line: If it’s White it has to go! That’s always been the game plan since day one.

  6. Cantwell was always a bit of liability in my humble opinion. Ideologically Libertarian and spoiling for a fight in almost all his utterances.

  7. I don’t think Orwell wanted to be vindicated, frankly. I think who needs to be vindicated though, are both: Senator Joseph McCarthy, and Enoch Powell.

    In both instances, though, it is a Phyrric victory

    • So much for the prohibition against shitposting.

      I think basic decency says do not pass judgement in the absence of any definitive proof.

  8. These days most police are paycheck clerk and will not corral the raving mob from pro white protesters against the swamp.

  9. They constantly target Christopher Columbus statues and the holiday too. This is a nationwide racist assault on our heritage. We need to link all of this together to give those not that interested in Southern heritage other examples as to what this is really all about, from Rizzo statues, to Lincoln bust, to Columbus statues, etc.

    If you get people from different perspectives interested, than that is the best way to not just protect Southern heritage and statues, but also all of our nation’s white history.

    • Mole – I don’t know.

      Liability – after that video, hell yes. What the hell was that guy thinking putting out a video like that.

      Thanks for posting that Cpn John.

  10. Everyone should use Hide Me or Tor. This way you come in through Europe (not sure location of Tor’s servers). Is there a Gofundme yet?

  11. Tonight on ABC’s 20/20 (actual blurb)

    Fractured America – Extremism in the Streets:

    The increased activity of white nationalist and white supremacist groups, and the anarchism and anti-fascist groups that have formed on the far left to combat them.

  12. Who the fuck is in tears over some charges?
    This bitch needs to gtfo of our deal, this is for real men

    • This guy is a plant. Pro-white men are violently mentally ill while anti-communists are just criminally violent, in the Jew World Order.

      He’s probably crying to further demoralize the defiant.

      Total plant.

  13. Why do people on our side say these stupid things in public or to journalists? I am sure the quote is out-of-context – I know how deceitful journalists are and I am aware of their practices – but why give them the rope to hang you? Don’t people on our side receive media training? I’m not being priggish about this, but you can have an imposing and masculine way about you without hanging yourself.

    There’s a way of putting things. If you must speak to journalists, and if you must raise the issue of violence, then one important caveat you should always begin with that you’re not actually condoning political violence and we are a peaceful and legal movement. You can then go on with the “But….” and in this case, say: “…we will always act in self-defence, using reasonable and proportionate force, which, after all, is the American way…”, etc., etc. blah…blah…and Uncle John likes apple pie…..Yes?

    I do think this sort of thing needs to be filed under ‘Unforced Errors’. We can all do it in posts here and there when we get angry, but why go out of your way and talk to journalists in that manner?

    Does the Alt Right in America organise media training? I would respectfully suggest that somebody should give that focus before any more of these ‘marches’.

    Also, I think a question has to be asked about the efficacy of these tactics. If pulling down monuments is so important, then why not run in the local elections in Charlottesville? If it’s not important enough to stand in an election, then why march and protest about it? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

    And whose bright idea was it to let people bring sectarian flags to the event? Does anybody involved know how the media really works..??? Personally I have no problem with the swastika – I’d be happy to see an ocean of them – but you must realise that the swastika is part of American mainstream demonology. So why bring them and the other sectarian flags? Why didn’t you insist that everybody in attendance bring the Stars and Stripes? Imagine a march of two thousand Stars Stripes-carrying patriots being attacked by the police and anti-fa. The propaganda value of that would have been immense and it would have interfered with the media filtering. You can imagine the conversations in the editorial meetings and newsrooms: “My god Mosche, how are we going to put across police and antifa attacking a peaceful patriotic march?” and “Izzy, we have a problem: here we have a photo of some antifa thug attacking a marcher carrying the national flag. How are we going to put that across?”

  14. I was there, and every time I saw can’t sell he was being nursed by a crowd of people due to catching pepper spray in the face. Seemed like a real rowdy dude with poor judgement in chaotic situations. Also seemed to revel in it. Chaos for chaos’ sale kinds guy.

  15. We do need national socialism. It is the only political system that destroys such communist depravity. You will never go from communism to constitutionalism of any type, to a republic, or to a Confederacy. Communism is the perfect destroyer of those institutions. I actually believe its specialty is isolating individuals. Well in the scriptures it talks about the last days men will be “lovers of themselves.” Communism is the political system for those people.

    On a side note, a lot of our guys websites and facebooks are getting removed….I call you all to old fashioned getting into people’s faces and talking about it. Even to the point of making people “uncomfortable” in their cozy bubble gated community world.

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