Allah The Merciful Visits Finland: One Dead, At Least Five Injured In Stabbing Rampage

Moslems are as a collective much like Santa Claus – travelling across the world bringing joy to millions via gifts that are normally denied to the masses thanks to White Supremacy and Xenophobia.

The only difference really is that while Santa drops off toy trucks and video games, Moslems drop nail bombs, drive vehicles through crowds, and rampage through the streets stabbing all who stand in their way.

It’s tough sometimes, but whenever I get a bit agitated, I think of the tasty kebabs and pita breads that come as part of the overall package.

Do I go outside each and every day with the chance of getting slaughtered?


But what’s more important is that I’m not perceived to be an isolationist monster who would deny poor Habib and Muhammad a chance at a better life.

And the food. Always remember the yummy ethnic treats we can now experience on a daily basis.


Armed police have opened fire on a knife-wielding attacker ‘screaming Allahu Akbar’ who has gone on a rampage ‘randomly stabbing people’ in Finland.

Police have confirmed “several people have been knifed” in the centre of Turku this afternoon – including ‘a woman and a baby’.

Video footage shot from an upper floor of a nearby building shows people fleeing in terror as cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ could be heard in the background.

Photographs show several people covered in blood – and at least one woman lying dead on the floor.

The police are urging people to avoid the centre of town – and a body has reportedly been spotted covered up.

According to information police have opened fire – and witnesses report seeing a pool of blood.

Early reports say one assailant was shot in the leg – and this person was arrested.

Among the injured is an elderly mother with a young boy nearby – both of whom were spotted covered in blood.

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  1. The coordination of these attacks on individual countries is the handiwork of monarchy. Now, who visited Elizabeth last?

    • Maybe Trump thinks if offers up a big “racist” like Bannon they’ll back off on him. They won’t.

  2. Nothing like a stabby moslem to brighten up and enrich the populous.
    Clean up the mess and start over again and again and again….

    Nothing new to see here, folks.

  3. Whites in Charlottesville march for white rights=smash their heads in, make them blind and shut down their free speech.

    A koranimal kills people in an act of terror=’we stand united and can’t let this divide us’.

    Oh, and a candlelight vigil for good measure.

  4. Is this why the Finns wanted their independence from Russia, so they could be ruled over by Mohammedan savages instead?

    • Finland has so called “swedish nationalism” . It is based on geography. Sweden must be independent and who lives there, is irrelevant. In Sweden they are happy with mohammedism because when every city is worse than Falluja and islamic swedes screaming allahu akbar, then Russia dares not to attack, Sweden remains independent and that is good thing.

      So yes, they want Mohammedan savages because in the Winter War , Finland lost 30 % of their territory. Afganistan did not lost territory and thatswhy Finland must be populated with people from Afganistan. In the next war with the Russia finnish army don,t retreat anymore. Every soldier will stay in the position and is ready to bow himself up in the name of Allah.

      This is not joke. There are beefs between finns and russians in the internet and typcal finnish threat is, that very soon Finland will be islamic and then our muslim finnish soldiers show russians and Putin how the real war looks like.

      • Juri, thank you for your response. I must say it is a very strange argument – “We shall maintain our independence from a neighboring hostile country by importing foreigners from another hostile country instead”. How do the Pollacks feel about their Russian and (formerly) Prussian nerighbors?

  5. As a person who had a Finnish mother’ and a father who’s DNA results showed a surprising amount of Finnish genes for a Scotch-Irishman, this latest news from Finland angers me. I hope this outrage will stir up the sisu in the Finns, and cause them to go on a massive warpath against these sand snorters!

    • Stephen, are the Finns of partial Asiatic ancestry, like my beloved Hungarians? I understand their language has little in common with other European tongues.

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