Battle Of Charlottesville: President Trump Finally Addresses Leftist Terrorists In Decent Press Conference

In my opinion, white pills are not going to be coming all that easily from President Trump anymore – his tendency to bounce all over the ideological spectrum makes one wonder just what exactly exists within his mind.

Whether it’s something sentimental towards Whites (maybe but almost certainly nothing more than a brief twinkle), whether it’s a desire to retain the archaic idea that unity can somehow still exist in this dying country (probable), or whether it’s just pure politics looking forward to 2018 and 2020 (likely), we’ll probably never know.

What we do know is that we’ve reached a point in this country in which even the President cannot hold together a society that is fracturing more and more with each passing day.

The Left is going to attack and attack no matter what is said or given as appeasement, and the Alt-Right is going to continue to thankfully grow into a force that will become a mainstream cultural (and eventually political) alternative to the cucks who have failed to do anything but cower like broken dogs whenever the Jews, Blacks, other assorted Coloreds, homosexuals, and other critters raise their voices.

And we also know that Trump almost certainly understands that pissing off the bulk of the South is not exactly the best idea if reelection is to be considered.

Wall Street Journal:

President Donald Trump, in a combative news conference Tuesday, said “both sides” were to blame in violent weekend clashes in Charlottesville, Va., a day after putting the responsibility squarely on white nationalists.

“I think there is blame on both sides,” said Mr. Trump, referring to the white nationalist protesters holding a demonstration in the city and the counterprotesters facing off against them.

“You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that but I’ll say it right now,” the president said.

He added: “You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit. They were very violent.”

Mr. Trump said some protesters Saturday weren’t white supremacists but people there to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

“I’ve condemned neo-Nazis,” he said. “I’ve condemned many different groups. But not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch. Those people were there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E. Lee.”

He questioned whether attempts to remove statues of Confederate leaders like Lee could lead to calls to remove statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they were slave owners.

Mr. Trump referred to the counterprotesters as the “alt-left,” a play on the term “alt-right” that is a catchall phrase for a nationalist movement wary of immigration and multiculturalism.

“What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?” he said. “What about the fact that they came charging with their clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do.”

You know, I would have been jumping from joy had this been the only release provided by the President, with Monday’s nightmare relegated to nonexistence.

However, this was not the reality of the situation, but at least we’re looking at the beginnings of what will hopefully turn out to be a narrative collapse that will echo throughout the ages.

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  1. Hmmm…I think we gotta figure out the best way we can get him to do the right thing by us. This goy knows. He’s also in a tough damned spot. Perhaps we gotta just make it fun for him to take his own side which deep down appears to be our side.

    • I just wish he had avoided all the other crap, and just waited to give this exact press conference.

      Because of all the cucking that occurred in between Saturday and today, trust is questionable…

        • Infostormer is down permanently – Bluehost shut it down claiming a “terms of service violation.”

          Not sure about Daily Stormer, although I do know that Google is messing with the domain name.

          Many other sites are under massive ddos attacks that are bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

          I guess I’ll close this comment with a nice “REFUGEES WELCOME!”

          • hehe good one Marcus. I do come here a lot when I can’t get on the Stormer.

            I guess that makes a political refugee.

          • We here at OD welcome all Stormer Refugees, although they will be denied welfare, denied the chance to “muh dik” good Southern women, and will be subjected to EXTREME VETTING to weed out autists, cucks, and divisive Kikes.

      • Trump had to have been bitched at by his stupid daughter.

        Reports are Trump told NO ONE and his remarks defending Lee and in a way, us, were off the cuff and not cleared with anyone.

        When Trump does things on his own, he’s great. When he listens to advisors, he’s another Milquetoast Cuck.

        • I would love to believe that, but logic and my gut are telling me that we’d be retarded to depend on someone like Trump.

          Remember that Donald was opposed to the Confederate flag way back in 2015.

          • Trump may oppose waving and displaying the Flag, but not tearing down statues of Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

          • Again, one would hope this is true, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in him at the moment.

            Like I’ve said 6 million times already, I hope I’m wrong, really I do.

  2. That was fucking beautiful! We have to figure out a way to make it easier for him to do the right thing.

  3. What’s odd to me is that the reporters who are aghast that Trump’s not putting all the blame, so to speak, on “Unite the Right,” seem to be making no distinction between the political views that the rally involved and the violence that broke out at it. The right-wing views of the “Unite the Right” attendees are what, in the reporters’ minds, make “Unite the Right” the party responsible for the violence. Even if the “Unite the Right” attendees had all fallen asleep and been clubbed to death, in their sleep, by antifa, “Unite the Right” would have been, in these reporters’ minds, responsible for the violence.

    Not having really watched or listened to any of the coverage, I don’t know whether any pundit has remarked on this.

      • We had a bottle of feces fly over our heads and smash into the area right at the top of the stairs.

        One guy got it splashed all over his face.

        • Sam Hyde is putting up $5K to whoever has info that leads to the arrest of the person that sprayed acid into Baked Alaska’s face

          • Herr Wolfe, I think you and I should rebuild infostormer, even if we have to do it in the murky nether regions of the Dark Web.

          • @spahnranch I can’t even access the Stormer on the dark web. And the .ru site got shut down fast.

            This is unprecedented in the history of the internet. Anyone still calling Anglin a shill… ’nuff said.

          • Everybody’s getting shut down.

            We’re going to get through this, however, and then the next phase of the war will commence.

  4. Killing Fascists is a moral override of every other moral restraint. Gianni you know this.

  5. You want to help Trump?

    Instead of setting him up for failure with YOUR mistakes?

    1) no more torches

    2) no more Nazi anything

    3) just be simply pro-white, in a way that the average person can digest

    If you can’t sell whitopia to whites, it’s you, not them.

    • Yo dingus. We’re not selling it to them, the swarms of violent freaks and niggers are. All we need to do is keep triggering them. Make any sense yet?

    • Afterthought, you’re a cuck. You have NO CLUE what just happened! The Whites were INNOCENT, the LEFT IS GUILTY, and the C’ville War II has ALREADY STARTED.

      And the Damn Yankees are guilty, all over again. Shit, and I was born a Yankee, but I can see that!

    • The torchlight procession was a huge success, even Trump said that. It struck FEAR into the hearts of many of our enemies.

      I agree with the Klan and Nazi costumes. But 99% of those guys have to be Feds anyway.

    • The torchlight procession was a huge success. It struck FEAR into the hearts of our enemies and showed our side we’re in the right. Even Trump spoke of it positively.

      Agree 100% on the Nazi and ghost costumes, but 99% of them are Feds so what can you do about them.

      And that’s why the torchlight procession went off so well. Participation was highly restricted to only well-vetted folk and there were no Nazi/ghost costumes.

      • I said before that out of all those gathered, I spotted ONE swastika flag, and nobody (even the NSM guys) knew where it came from.

        • Gov. McAuliffe did say in his press conference of Aug. 12 ” We planned for a long time for today’s incidents.”

          It may be the only thing he said that I believe.

    • Tiki torches are a problem? Ridiculous. Tiki torches are not Nazi.

      I agree the Nazi flags/costumes/identification doesn’t help. And how national socialism is supposed to be efficient when socialism is not is a curiosity to me.

      I want a large middle class, which I acknowledge brings unity. But I don’t see socialism as necessary or good. I’m no capitalist; I’m no socialist.

      Likewise, Marxists are stupid for rallying under Communist flags after all that was done in the name of Communism. They should get a new flag.

  6. That’s probably true, Captain, but what’s odd is that the reporters aren’t saying that. If they were saying–with their minds clear– something like, “Being a fascist is ipso facto being violent, so the Charlottesville violence was caused by ‘Unite the Right,’ even if not a single ‘Unite the Right’ attendee committed a physical act of violence,” well, then, they’d be saying something intelligible, if not something with which I agree; but that’s not what they’re saying. They seem really to think it obvious that the ‘Unite the Right’ attendees went on some kind of violent rampage–but they seem to think that for no reason other than that the ‘Unite the Right’ attendees are right-wing. What you’ve said to me leads me to think you don’t grasp how strange is their thinking re the subject.

  7. The one thing the moneyed people don’t appear to realize and appreciate is that whites of our stripe, white nationalists and white identitarians, have never really begrudged other whites with wealth and privilege. Although earlier generations of wealthy whites connected with us and saw us as an extension of the tribe, the current generations are truly despicable when it comes to taking care of “their own.” Yes, things changed decades ago but we never turned their betrayal into class warfare even though, in all reality, it is their class who is at the center of our predicament. There is no loyalty, no altruism, no benefits of any kind. When was the last time a wealthy white set up a scholarship fund for underprivileged whites? That extra money now goes to the United Negro College Fund. Perhaps a change is needed. Perhaps we should redirect our anger and – even more so – the anger of minorities the world over toward this class who is, in all likelihood, the true beneficiaries of their conditions, past and present. This is a war and we need to start thinking like military strategists. Many whites are our foes and they should be treated as such… with extreme prejudice.

    • Well said. Our number one enemy is white anti-White traitors. Jews and “minorities” are the henchmen they use to betray us with.

    • Snowhitey,

      I agree. If we wealth taxed all personal wealth above, say, $5m; then you’d have no more war, no more corruption scandals, no more antifa death squads, no more mass immigration and bad trade.

      Our economy would also collapse, but it’d recover. Why do we defend Wall Street? Wall Street funded the Bolsheviks, also invested in NS Germany. It’s in Ukraine now, etc. Wall Street is at the centre.

      And I’m not saying I want such a wealth tax. What I’m saying is we should highlight this and stop defending them. If Americans want a high minimum wage, let them have it. If Americans want higher taxes, let them have it. This sort of thing can actually lead to positive results. A minimum wage creates unemployment leading to a reduction in immigration.

      For years, conservatives rallied under defending capitalism, defending wealth gaps. Why? Wealth gaps empower Marxists to overthrow us. It was stupid. And whenever someone brought up economic issues, he’d be shouted down as a, “Marxist”, leading people to move towards that camp, to be captured by their propaganda.

    • Big Gates once said that he was not going to give any of his money to Whites. He was going to give it all to Africa and places like that. Tax free foundations due to White Americans paying more taxes while he can spend foundation money however he wants. I’ve hated him every since.

      Wealthy people pay 15%, or less, taxes while the average American pays 33%. We should at least have parity. I would have never said so earlier in my life but now I would not necessarily be against wealth taxes. They have placed a mighty burden on the poor and middle class with mass immigration.

  8. Well they are used to lying about reality. The reality you can see in footage. They lie like a nigger lies. Stone cold in your face Din C Nuffin.

    • I wish I believed they were lying. Liars are sometimes manageable; the crazy almost never are.

      Look–the home page on my internet browser is the Windows default: msn news. When I just now opened my browser, one of the headlines on display was as follows:

      “Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost”

      The first paragraph was the following:

      “President Trump buoyed the white nationalist movement on Tuesday as no president has done in generations — equating activists protesting racism with the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who rampaged in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.”

      That’s not a lie. That’s crazy.

        • By saying “rampage,” they’re suggesting that the “Unite the Right” attendees did exactly that: went on a rampage. There seems to be no understanding on their part that it wasn’t a rampage, it was a clash (regardless of which side started it). They seem to think, in other words–on the basis of nothing other than the political views involved–that the “Unite the Right” attendees descended on Charlottesville in the manner of a pack of Vikings.

          If you were to ask those reporters why they say the right-wingers rampaged, the answer would be, “Well–because they’re right-wingers. Are you going to deny that?”

          That’s a non-sequitur so striking that it seems to me evidence of mental impairment. That’s why they strike me as crazy.

      • It’s a lie. You’re just an honest person. Honest people are easily tricked.

        You should befriend a pathological liar to see how they work.

        Have you ever asked a Jew a difficult question? It seems cultural for them to play dumb or ignore you.

        People association propaganda with fascism, but what they don’t realise is fascists are only part-left-wing. It’s the Marxists who use nationalism, religion, etc. to seize power. Marxists attack minorities, majorities, ethnically cleanse, liquidate elites, etc. They do anything and everything: For power. Marxists don’t care about equality. They want to destroy, and they want power.

        That’s what I never understood about US conservatives. They tended to believe Marxists actually want equality. They don’t. Equality isn’t what Marxism is about. Marxism is about power. They lie, kill, frame, etc. Anything and everything for power. No god, no morals, no boundaries for them. It’s like a movement for serial killers.

        And then some Marxists are actually nice people who are just tricked like cultists are tricked.

  9. Geez, folks, you’re as wishy-washy as Trump is. He lumps white nationalists with neo-Nazis and hasn’t even taken the time to determine what all these labels are? He claims he’s a loyalist but remember he never, ever focuses on the beatings of whites. He’s a groveler, just more subtle than the others. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. If he goes after McAuliffe and Signer, then perhaps I may change my mind but I’m betting their roles will be washed over. Just like Hillary. I was expecting much more strength from him. He’s got too many soft spots.

    • I wonder how many reporters will object to Trump’s having called Fields a murderer. Fewer, I’ll guess, than objected when Richard Nixon called Charles Manson, during his murder trial, guilty.

    • I don’t think Trump intended to discuss the Charlottesville debacle at that press conference, because he had his jew Treasury Secretary and his chink Secretary of Transportation standing at the podium with him. But he did the right thing by condemning the actions of the “alt left”. He knew that would upset the jews, cucks and shitlibs.

  10. What really gets me in any of these interviews and discourses is the assumption that if you really ARE a neo-Nazi or member of an explicitly pro-White group, a self-identified White Nationalist, say, the assumption is that you, as a neo-Nazi or White Nationalist, shouldn’t be allowed to assemble or exorcise your freedom of speech. Just listen to some of the Alt-Lite “patriot” types, saying things like “…well, not all of us at the Unite The Right rally were neo-Nazis…”, implicitly agreeing that actual “racists” DON’T deserve to assemble and have their voices heard! But, on the other hand, no one raises the same objections when The New Black Panthers come together publicly and/or show up at the voting booths WITH GUNS shouting “We need to start killing White babies!” Members of the group don’t meet ANY hostility from the majority of normal people, they aren’t stigmatized by the media as “black supremacists” or “racists”, no one throws bottles and swings sticks at their heads, etc. And NO ONE, politician or regular Joe Public, even suggests that they be shut-down and not allowed to speak!!! The hypocrisy is so over-the-top, it’s maddening.
    EVERYONE has the right to free speech. EVERYONE has the right to assemble as a political group. YES, EVEN NEO-NAZIS, THE KKK, AND ANY OTHER “WHITE SUPREMACIST” GROUP!!!!! If black-supremacists can assemble, shouting “we need to kill White babies!”, toting fucking GUNS even, showing up at voting booths to intimidate people(!), if Latino/Mestizo supremacists can assemble, shouting “Fuck America! Make America Mexico Again!”, if Antifa can assemble, waving COMMUNIST flags (the communists have been responsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of deaths), if BlackLivesMatter can assemble, calling for the deaths of our policemen, etc., etc., etc., then goddammit neo-Nazis and White Nationalist in general ALSO get to assemble!!!
    Communist fuckers, black and other non-white racist haters, understand these words: THOSE WHO MAKE PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IMPOSSIBLE WILL MAKE VIOLENT REVOLUTION INEVITABLE. JFK said that. Let it sink in!!!?

    • Explain how this is “a program of Christian Whites”, please. I went to the link you provided. Do you mean that this is a program AGAINST Christian Whites?

      Either way… this is a program against Whites, period, Christian or not. I for one see plenty!

  11. I thought President Trump’s press conference on Charlottesville was very good. He handles the fake news, lying press very well and repeatedly insults them for getting everything wrong.

  12. Even Hitler countersignalled against Anton Graf Arco Auf Valley. Even Hitler thought assassinating Kurt Eisner was a mistake. And Hitler then evicted Arco from his cell as the clink.

  13. I honestly didn’t care that he condemned our side. I expected he would, even if this side wasn’t to blame for the cause of violence. We’re the scapegoat for a lot of people, and politicians in particular are going to be the first to condemn us because they’re politicians and will always think about their “voters” listen to the media’s take on events.

    I am however glad to see, that he also took the time to blame the real perpetrators of the violence. Put it this way. We were going to be blasted either way, regardless of whether 1 of ours got killed or 1 of theirs got killed. If one of ours had been killed, they would have probably been celebrating it. So you can’t really judge based upon what someone says about us, since we dehumanized to begin with and the negative comments and messages always flows our way. The only way to judge in this incident whether or not someone understood who was behind the violence is to see what they also say about the antifa. If they had of not shown up to “counter protest” with baseball bats, blocking roads, interfering with a planned rally and just protested from the side or nearby area, than no violence would have happened.

    • They are pissed about the body count. Deep down they know they were on the receiving end of a lethal dose.

  14. I think you were expecting way too much out of Trump. I’ve learned to turn down the volume on all the people who get disappointed every time Trump doesn’t wave to Kyle.


    See the Naturalization Act of 1790


    This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Upon receiving the courts approval they took an oath of allegiance which was recorded. The individual’s citizenship was also extended to any children under the age of 21, regardless of their birthplace. If the applicant had never been a U.S. resident the application was disregarded.

    President Trump, in condemning White Nationalism, was condemning the Founding Fathers!

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