Charlottesville 2.0: Marcus Cicero’s Firsthand Experiences

Every single one of you has already seen enough images, videos, and soundbites to last a lifetime I’m assuming, but I think it needs to be addressed once again in order to dispel some of the blatant lies that have been forthcoming from the ENTIRE Lugenpresse, as well as from the worthless cucks hiding in our midst.

Now, to begin Saturday’s rally, the League of the South assembled at an area only a few blocks from Lee Park – I myself was one of the shield-men.

As we advanced down the street towards the park, I immediately noticed a horde of Antifa, BLM terrorists, and other assorted genetic refuse ready and willing to block the street leading up to our destination.

Just so you get the idea, this is what I and the other brave White men in our ranks had to deal with just to reach the area in which we were lawfully granted a permit to occupy.

The next length of time featured many of us, including men from groups like the TWP, holding the line against wave after wave of Antifa attacks.

Bottles, bricks, rocks, paint-bombs, and pepper spray/chemicals of all fun kinds were deployed against us throughout – urine bottles and feces also made appearances thanks to the wonderful tolerance of the Leftist enemies of everything we hold near and dear.

Someone in our ranks was also bombarded with a bouquet of flowers at one point – I guess love showed itself for a split second right there.

Near the end (somewhere around 11 AM apparently), word came via police bullhorn that we were declared an unlawful assembly, and were therefore ordered to immediately disperse before even a single speaker was allowed to exercise their rights of free speech.

A quick look over into the Park itself showed us all that the police in full gear were ready to sweep forward in a line that would eventually have pushed us all into a seething mass of feral Antifa ready to tear us limb from limb (several men had already been badly wounded by this time).

In the ensuing melee, we were scattered into several smaller groups that were then forced to battle through crowds of hostiles in order to reach safety – some of the footage is epic, by the way.

I myself joined up with a couple of other League men and other units belonging to Vanguard America, TWP, the NSM, Identity Europa, and a few Stormer Book Clubs to march towards McIntire Park where we had heard that a regrouping was underway.

However, by the time we reached McIntire, rumors were circulating that arrests of Alt-Right members were being made, and that Antifa was heading towards our positions for another attack (we never did get to hear the speeches from Duke, Enoch, and Spencer).

Extractions were eventually made, and all of us (some hurt, however) managed to relocate safely to areas away from roaming terrorists and treasonous police who had been against us from the beginning.

All in all, it was a day of vicious violence, savagery that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Left can never be reconciled with, but also brotherhood that was forged in the fires of battle.

I was, still am, and will always be, honored to have been given the chance to stand and fight with men who proved that they represent the best part of the White Race in the struggle against beasts that fill their unholy prayers with calls for our destruction.

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  1. Many of the “cucks” are coming around to the fact that you guys in Charlottesville were right to defend yourself. Over at Drudge, Breitbart, and TheGateWayPundit, the articles were at first all condemning you guys, but many comments were supportive. Now, the articles are more understandable, especially when many of these same cucks criticizing you guys have also had their own run ins with the antifa. The lady who was killed was an antifa blocking the public roads with a gang of other antifa wielding baseball bats. Just recently, many cucks were attacked at their own rallies in Portland, Boston, and California. These individuals were victims of the same kind of people who participated in the Charlottesville “counter protest”.

    The problem for them now, is that they’re being victimized continuously, as recently as this weekend. Condemning the nationalists who were holding a legal protest and who were attacked by uninvited antifa is just hypocritical. Do they not remember Berkeley? Huntington Beach? Portland? Boston? And many other places they were attacked and had to defend themselves from the same kind of uninvited thugs who appeared in Charlottesville?

    • The average people have been great in their support, but in the beginning, I was sickened by the stories that were being pushed from all sides of the media.

      Their narrative is collapsing at the moment, however, thanks to smartphones, social media, and networking between groups that emerged before, during, and after the Battle of Charlottesville.

      Now, if a guy in Group A has footage of something, all of us in Groups B, C, D, and X are going to also have it in the span of a few minutes.

      • Has anyone yet thought to contact the Rutherford Institute, to have them represent “US” in this travesty of American Justice? There were the ‘other’ group who filed that the AR were within their rights to engage in free speech- which did not happen.

        Jew know who the guilty parties are. Class-action lawsuits, City of C’ville, and McAulliffe.
        Kikes must pay!

  2. The average person is smart, even on CNN and NBC videos on Youtube, the like to dislike ratio and comments indicate a high level of awareness. Sites like Breitbart, the comment section was like 60% support for your actions, and 30% that were falling back on their old “nazis” and “racist” labeling, and another 10% who were just leftist trolls trying to convince the others to side with the antifa thugs. Now it’s closer to 80% of people support your actions.

    You guys didn’t do anything wrong. You did not encourage violence. That clearly wasn’t your message. The second part; You guys had a legal right to rally and it was the antifa who showed up uninvited.

    I think more and more people are showing their disgust for the msm and politician who tried to condemn the white people who had a legal permit to protest, but won’t condemn the mayor or antifa who tried to either ban your freedoms or attack you.

  3. There is one LS guy in the videos I’ve seen that remind me of Abraham Whistler from the movie Blade. In almost all videos I saw him at the front leading the pack of nats.

  4. According to the mainstein media, the Antifas dindo nuffin. The violence was all from our side. This further symbolizes how useless most media is when you want something remotely close to the facts. The Antifas showed up there chasing violence and trouble, and likely caused 99% of it.
    I’m guessing Virginias courts will be rather busy for a while…

  5. Were you outnumbered by antifa (as opposed to cat lady & manlet type protesters)? By outnumbered I mean both whatever you estimate were total UtR numbers and your own immediate groups.

  6. @Warspite2,
    You’ve made some good points there sir. Good on you. The good thing about these events is we learn from them, and know better for next time. Its all a big learning curve. However, we can NEVER let that be the end of it all. Too much is at stake.
    We crossed all the ‘t’s and dotted all the ‘I’s, and yet were still met with violence due to the thuggery of the left, and incompetence of the authorities. This just tells us that we have a long fight ahead-and must indeed continue it going forward.
    I also believe the public are smart enough to realize that the ramming incident was committed by one person, and shouldn’t be a stain on the wider movement.

  7. Looks like the Daily Stormer has been hacked. Less than a day before G Dadda gives them the boot, but all the same. The site is down.

  8. Interesting to note that in his press conference on August 12, Gov. McAuliffe stated “We have been planning for a long time today’s incidents.”

    If Sessions doesn’t have that man behind bars within the month, I’d say the fix is in.

    • Million WHITE Man March on Washington, firearms at the ready. Civil War II is imminent. AND IT IS ONLY THE FEDGOV under Trump who can stop it- because the “Xenos” and Traitors of the Left are all too happy to destroy that which they never loved, while we would rather die than live under their Jewish Gulag… again.

      • Agreed, the proper response to C-ville is an even bigger rally, soon.

        We learned a lot from this weekend let’s put it to good use.

  9. Bless you, Marcus, and every one else who attended! I was sitting in O’Hare airport for hours on Saturday. I wish I was at the rally. My heart and soul was there.

  10. Ex-CIA Robert Steele of Public Intelligence Blog has posted an article that Charlottesville may have been a false flag:

    Signer and McAuliffe are not just Lefties, they are hardcore communist thugs who are deeply embedded in the Democrat party. And, now Louisville, KY, mayor is starting on the bandwagon with their Confederate monuments.

    Personally, I strongly believe the Charleston shooting was a false flag. If you really look into the details, it is the only logical conclusion. This is Deep State stuff. Fighting to remain in power…..

  11. Denise makes the accurate point I am Jewish, and darn proud of it. I am also a proud Southerner. In addition, I have zero sympathy for WS and believe WN are generally perverting those aspects of the traditional South that were and are noble. None of this changes my analysis.

    I understand there exists a broad spectrum of ideology amongst what is generally called WN, WS, etc. My warning to you is unless you stand your ground on the beliefs and principles you have that actually are noble you will be radicalized by the actions of the MSM and Antifa types and pushed into the WS camp. In my opinion that is Conduct 201 in the Antifa school of learning (an upperclassmen course!)

    Let me give an example- Israel. Despite the broad antisemitism it is not uncommon amongst WN to be strong supporters of Israel. Why? Because you guys want all American Jews to emigrate there! This attitude is not exactly benign but it substantially differs from the neo Nazi views of WS. The goal of the Antifa types is to push you to make the same “there was no Holocaust; if there was a Holocaust, good; if there was a Holocaust we need another” statements and splash them all over the MSM.

    It’s not my job to help WN who want to deport me to Tel Aviv, but I am bristling at the MSM’s unfair treatment of people with a variety of beliefs. WN are not WS. I did not regard them as dangerous and during my trial on an exile there were a good number of WN who supported me. Not enough, of course, but it was not a neo Nazi hate-fest. If you don’t stand your ground you will wake up one day and find you’ve become hardcore neo Nazis.

    • Hitler supported the Haavara transfer so was he still a Nazi? Divide and conquer…same old trick. “You White Nationalist are really the good guys Not like those bad White Supremacist”. You need a different schitke Heb.

  12. Warspite realizes that the heavy hammer of the Heeb is radicalizing whites at a furious clip. Too late Warspite.

    • I want ALL zhids deported to the ovens, not Israel! I want the ovens to be REAL! Yes…Jewspite is trying to “bargain”. J’refuse.
      FYI…call all your reps on the state and federal level! Our civil and legal right are being trashed!!!!!

      • Jewspite has been gassed.

        I left one of its comments up just because I got some lulz from the replies.

          • Thank you for mentioning me, I am very flattered.

            What happened in Charlottesville reminds me of the November 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in Munich! We are going to need more and bigger rallies that are explicitly pro-White and have some kind of SA type security to deal with the Marxist riff-raff. I must say I’m disappointed (but not surprised) that Spencer was so willing to trust a kike mayor, his nigger derputy and a governor who is a notorious Clinton crony. If White America is going to be saved it’ll require a Leader, party or movement that is a lot more extreme.

  13. Great article, Marcus. I, too, have finally given up on the paid whore storm troopers for the globalists known as the police. Step aside and let the Left have them. Great videos. Everyone I know is calling it an attack against conservatives. Watch what sides the politicians take. Many will finally reveal themselves to be our enemies. They will side with the Lugenpresse.

    Let’s see what Sessions’ investigation uncovers. I bet all those Leftist savages were able to book rooms through Airbnb without any problems whatsoever.

  14. This guy Styxhexenhammer666 was on Jeff Rense. He is a very interesting guy and has a very good and honest summary on Charlottesville.

  15. WN and WS are virtually indistinguishable already. “Antifa” scum and their anti-White handlers have no character. They’re sociopaths and nihilists.

  16. My sympathy for the antifa racist is close to zero. They’re violent, regressive, and always seem to show up at places and dates which some establishment politician (mayor and governor) deems fit for them to make their appearance and do what the police can’t legally do. They’re the state’s militia and the militia of many top democrats, town mayors, corrupt politicians, and billionaire lobbyist (George Soros).

    • “They’re the state’s militia and the militia of many top democrats, town mayors, corrupt politicians, and billionaire lobbyist (George Soros).”

      Well said and true !

  17. You play by their rules and they still shut you down. I hope Jason Kessler, et al have some generous financial backers who will take this to court and sue the hell out of all those Charlottesville anti-White traitors.

    I commend you Mr. Cicero and all the other brave souls for facing the enemy head on in the war for White survival.

  18. More rallies need to be held and those rallies need to be EXPLICITLY pro-White. Some kind of Sturmabteilung will also need to be formed in order to keep the commie scum away.

  19. Vox Day, who’s pretty influential in the Alt-Right, is countersignalling the Charlottesville rally hard. Saying it’s counterproductive, retarded even, and that the display of Confederate and Nazi symbols was a disaster for our side.

    At this point, I’m not sure what to think.

    • Is he talking about the one swastika flag that was seen at the rally, and was used as stock footage by literally every single news outlet?

      I asked some NSM guys about that, and they said nobody knew who that was carrying it…

      • Reading over it again, in justice, he just calls out the “Alt-Reichtards” generally. It’s pretty much his readership who connects it to Charlottesville explicitly. He didn’t actually connect the Nazis and Charlottesville directly, though I can’t speak for what was in his “Darkstream.”

        So I may have misjudged him in the heat of the moment. MAY have.

  20. Thanks for all who went there. It would seem that to get out our narrative we have to make ourselves known but at the same time the commies are going to be violent. Violence seems unavoidable.

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