#UniteTheRight: A Time Of Solidification, Camaraderie, New Friendships, And A Glorious Triggering

To everybody reading this article, I want you to close your eyes for a second and think back to the days when you were in middle school, high school, and possibly college.

Remember the divisions that reigned in every setting from the classroom, to the hallways, to the locker rooms, and to gatherings after the final bell rang?

Whether you had “ethnic enrichment” or not is irrelevant – the only thing that matters for this thought exercise is whether you can remember how Whites were disunited and against each other.

Whether you were a nerd, a jock, a preppy, a cheerleader, a snob (similar to preppy), a goth, an emo, or any other type of kid, the fact remained that you were essentially relegated to your specific group, were not socially encouraged to seek out new friends, and accepted this in most cases without all that much protest.

Sadly, this arrangement usually proceeds into adulthood, with the workforce, neighborhood, and even the military guided by these flawed and somewhat-sick divisions.

But in Charlottesville, this will end.

I want everyone who attends to cast aside old modes of thinking, abandon the paranoia that has often characterized the internet Nationalist community, and create new bonds of friendship among men who are your comrades in this struggle against those seeking to destroy our race.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter right now if you’re a hardcore Jew-hating, Neo-Nazi, Fascist extremist like myself, or if you’re a former Leftist or moderate Conservative that is just finding your way in the Alt-Right.

What matters, and this is really the only prerequisite aside from being White, is if you have at last realized that this society is demented and degenerate, and that you’re willing to abandon all kowtowing and polite respectability towards your enemies in order to bring your land and people back from the abyss.

Cucking is not allowed, obviously, but if you understand this, then you are my brother.

You are guided by the same unseen force that is bringing us from the internet tubes into the real-world, and I will be honored to stand at your side to fight back the (((darkness))) that is trying ever so hard to annihilate us.

And just think of the triggering that’s going to occur this weekend – look at the signs being posted by the businesses in Charlottesville as we speak.

You remember morbidly-obese Jewess Trigglypuff, right?


Well, we’re going to witness this on a scale never before seen in American history come Saturday.

I’ll be there, that’s for sure (leaving tonight).

Hope to see you there, my White Brothers In Arms.

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  1. Yeah OK. But please be on guard for all kinds of bad things going down by agent provocateurs dressed up like NAZIS saying sh** like “Kill the N******” “Gas the Jews” – “He’s Got a Gun”.

    I recommend letting open National Socialists in NAZI costumes have their own space, don’t fight them or insult them, but have their own space – that’s their thing, not yours/ours.

    Don’t talk to the press. Lots of Antif disguise themselves as members of the press to get personal info on Nationalist activists then they dox you. Plus the Mainstream media – fake news is almost as bad as the Antifa.

    If you do choose to do some media, only do live interviews – when you let them tape and edit, it’s their story.

    Please have a consistent policy regarding guns and other weapons. DS veterans of many Alt Right street demos, brawls are strongly advising not to bring or use any guns. Our own HW has a different policy and thinks letting everyone know that yes the nationalists are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights prevented violence at protects in Kentucky and at Auburn University.

    My own advice is to only have a few very reputable leaders do concealed carry, but let Antifa folks know that our side is legally armed and if Antifa uses certain types of violence our side will shoot them dead in legitimate acts of self defense.

    I advise using self defense weapons that have other purposes – like hard wood flag polls. Shields and Motorcycle half helmets are also a good idea.

    Try to look like some of the good guys or at least a tough biker. Try not to look like a RACIST, NAZI Bad guy who’s been sent out of some Jew Hollywood central casting.

    • Jack, the real WILD CARD is how many people from the Charlottesville area will show up to save the Lee Memorial? A lot of people in that area have Confederate ancestors who fought, and many died in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

      The Japanese believe that the souls of their ancestors reside in parks like the Lee Memorial, and the Japanese even ritually wash themselves before entering such a shrine. The bastards who want to tear the Lee Memorial down, should consider that there might be higher powers involved in the destruction of the Lee Memorial. Powers that are beyond their Semitic or African understanding.

      • Agreed and very well said. Have we made efforts to contact, and recruit regular, normal Southerners in and around Charolottesville VA?

        I tried to make contacts with University of Virginian White fraternities but after the chaos and negativity of the Rolling Stone Magazine hoax about UVA raping co-eds, it seems the UVA Fraternities have taken down their contact information. I had some success contacting Vanderbilt Fraternities (I’m a Vandy alum) and educating them about the Rolling Stone Magazine rape hoax.

        • Well, Jack. I won’t be there to recruit anyone, if I make an appearance, and that’s a big if. Ask me if I would I rather be playing 9 on a beautiful Virginia golf course? Or relaxing in George Washington’s bathtub, if any of you know where that’s located. Or maybe a nice meal in Strasburg. Or visiting the grave of one of my now distant, or not so distant Confederate ancestors.

          As the Magic 8 Ball says, the future is cloudy, ask again later.

          Our gracious host Brad, seems to think that everyone carries a cel phone, and is on Twitter. Wrong on two counts.

    • While I generally don’t agree with this Bonaccorsi fellow very much, he’s got a point here. That misspelling (‘solidification?”) really looks awful and should be corrected.

  2. An author at Vdare.com, suggests for defensive safety making the reactionary style choice of carrying a cane and makes other suggestions: (http://www.vdare.com/articles/when-the-left-resorts-to-violence-be-prepared-to-defend-yourself ). In one of his novels, Mickey Spillane has Mike Hammer says something along the lines of “The government hasn’t outlawed a roll of quarters yet.” Perhaps the best thing to do though is stay together and not allow yourself to be isolated and thus limit the chances of being a victim of Antifa violence.

  3. Solification is all fine and dandy, but trying to appeal to normies is a friggin’ waste of time. Normies, like domesticated livestock, will indifferently accept whichever Party is in power.

    And does anyone really expect a bunch of “nazis” to show up at this event, dressed in their “NAZI costumes” shouting “gas the kikes” and “lynch the niggers”? That only happens on TV shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Full House.

  4. Its important to present a united image and keep a lid on the issues we differ on. Remember, we’re aiming to be seen as an alternative to what’s now considered ‘mainstream’.
    Talk about your differences, yes, but at an appropriate time and place. In the context of a public gathering with the media circling, act like adults! If you get this one wrong, you could set the cause back twenty years.

  5. ‘Murka cannot be “brought back from the abyss”. The Jews and their owned political class have broken the economy beyond repair and corrupted the culture beyond redemption. There will have to be a purge and a cleansing. 100 million “removals”. Minimum. We are fortunate in that the Jews and their hirelings – white cosmics, niggers, spics, pervs, feminists – don’t like each other much and, post-Dollar, will be at each others’ throats.

    and if I am at Charlottesville, it will be armed. As is my Natural Right.

  6. The SPLC is triggered AF and even insulting Wife with a Purpose, calling her “Mormon Mommy.” Like being a Mormon mom of six is an insult.

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