St. Petersburg Mayoral Candidate To Reparations-Seeking Blacks: “Go Back To Africa”

Not too long in the future, I envision an American electoral landscape that will witness not just one or two, but hundreds of candidates shattering the religion of political correctness each and every year.

The main idea behind such an effort would not necessarily be to secure victory in important races (the system is so corrupted at this point that nothing would be accomplished anyway at this time), but to bring the revolt against the established order into the real world – think of a counter culture that would seek to destroy all that has been pushed upon us over the last few generations.

Just remember that we can never lose humor as part of our uprising – it’s one of the things that best distinguishes us from the period of eternally black-pilling White Nationalism 1.0.


A Republican long-shot candidate in Florida’s St. Petersburg mayoral race told those calling for reparations for African-Americans who endured slavery and oppression to “go back to Africa” if they don’t like it in America.

Paul Congemi, 60, was at a forum in the Florida city when he addressed his campaign opponent Jesse Nevel, a white activist heading a group that calls for reparations for African-Americans.

“The reparations that you talk about, Mr. Nevel, your people already got your reparations. Your reparations came in the form of a man named Barack Obama,” Congemi said.

“My advice to you, if you don’t like it here in America, planes leave every hour from Tampa airport. Go back to Africa. Go back to Africa. Go back!”

Congemi later told the Washington Post that he doesn’t want all black people to go back to Africa; just the specific group of black people who have been trying to make reparations a political issue in St. Petersburg.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, which backs his opponent, believes that reparations would help rectify racial and class inequality in the United States.

Nevel’s campaign slogan is “Unity Through Reparations,” and he has called on the white community to back the cause.

Like many of you, I would like to know more about this Jesse Nevel character, especially because he’s reviving the good old “My Fellow White People” schtick.

From the outset, I’m noticing the weak and bony frame, beady dark eyes hidden by glasses, a type of hair that reminds me of (((Moe))) from The Three Stooges, and an aura that seems rather ominous.

Another picture shows that some of us may have crossed paths with this guy in the past – especially if he was engaged in the desecration of hallowed symbols of the Confederacy.

And now I’m seeing something with the nose – could it possibly be that we’ve come across someone far more sinister than the usual White Leftist?

I think one more image is necessary to answer that vitally-important question.


We’ve got ourselves a live one here, Gentlemen – a Jew that has made it his life’s mission to incite the Blacks against the White Man in a way that has seemingly become tradition in his family.

Just like those who helped incite the “Civil Rights” disturbances, just like those who turned Whiteness from a source of pride into a “privilege” that must be squashed, and just like those who helped to open our borders to the foreign hordes.

Always a Jew(s) somewhere in the mix.


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    • Also, Trump cut off CIA funding to terrorists in Syria and McCain has a brain tumor!

      Best news day in a while!!!!!

      • McFilth’s brain cancer sounds bad, which is really really good!!!I HATE that monster. It’s a real sicko. It should be returning to Satan’s bowels, it’s source of origin, very soon.

        • Every time I look at my POW MIA flag, I curse that rotten scumbag.
          He’s the reason the POWs never came home.
          May he find himself next to the rich man in Luke 16…

  1. He’s following the pattern of his degenerate, miserable and narcissistic forefathers from the Frankfurt School. As I’ve said before, Jewish culture is completely warped. Something is terribly wrong with a people who exist to make the lives of their neighbors miserable. Before I knew better I always wondered why the Poles, Ukrainians etc turned on their Jewish neighbors so quickly under the Nazis. Now I understand.

    • Oh, it goes back a long way before the Frankfurt School. A really long way. At the risk of being a bore, may I recommend the best book I have read on this, or any other subject: The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed.

      Seriously, this is the book that answers all your questions. If you read only one book in the rest of your life, this is the one you should read. It costs you nothing to download it, and you can quit reading anytime you get bored. What do you have to lose?

  2. It seems that they exist to create a world of sociopaths just like themselves. Their rejection of Christ has completely warped them. Call it racial memory if you will.

      • You don’t know the scriptures. Matthew 27:25 the Jews’ self condemnation: “His blood be on us, and on our children.”

        • As a matter of fact, I’m reading Acts right now. The militancy, clever, duplicitous argumentation and the murderous intent are all there. Astounding reading for anyone who wants to see something that hasn’t changed in 2000 years.

  3. Some dox:

    Overview of Jesse A Nevel
    Lives in: St Petersburg, Florida
    Address: 2163 Burlington Ave N #2 St Petersburg, FL
    Phone: (305) 725-1955
    Email: [email protected]
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: White, Non Hispanic

  4. St. Petersburg used to be known as a rather quiet town full of retired White people. I guess now it’s just another violent, crime-infested black ghetto?

    2017 – Best damn current year ever.

  5. Send all the coloreds to Liberia. After all, it was set up expressly for the purpose of repatriating them with Mutha Africa. But the jews should NOT be sent to their putative homeland in Palestine. No, they need to be sent on one-way trips to permanent resettlement and forced labor camps in eastern Siberia, preferably in unheated railroad cattle cars during the middle of winter.

  6. Jesse should ping the J-dar. He is a Jew posing as a White. ‘White reparations for Blacks because of slavery’ is a Jew cause if ever there was one.

    So let’s start with those who owned the Triangle Trade, those who owned the slave boats and paid up-front for the chiefs and the mercenaries to go into the interior of the Dark continent and capture them and march them to the Barbary Coast, let’s talk about those who paid the black tribes in fire-water, white slave women, White technology (weapons) etc.

    The Jews, of course, were responsible for the Triangle Trade (the Jews and their slave industry) should be the first ones to start paying reparations.

  7. Why can’t all these future black ‘scientists’, ‘researchers’, ‘engineers’, ‘inventers’ and ‘rocket scientists’ return to/ stay in Africa and do those things there?
    The reality is, they end up on welfare in every white nation they invade and drive up our cost of living as the money must come from somewhere. They also drive up crime, medical insurance, and put downward pressure on wages and real estate values and our standard of living. Yes……cultural diversity enriches us all…..
    Slack lives matter.

  8. No matter how much they trash America or whatever Western country they are living in, they NEVER move back to their third-world crapholes. I don’t think they are even smart enough to realize how hypocritical they look. Why do their “bruthas and sistahs” in Africa keep on wanting to come over here? Their actions speak louder than their words.

  9. No matter how much afro-americans piss and moan about White oppression, institutional racism, White privilege, blah, blah, blah, you never see them getting on the next plane to Africa.

  10. I live in the Atlanta area. I have had to move several times as blacks have taken over Atlanta and surrounding counties.
    I have noticed that when blacks take over an area taxes on the ballots for years disapproved by Whites get approved as the blacks vote for every tax increase as they know they won’t be paying the taxes, Whites will. Blacks have long ago received “reparations”, and much more. I have never seen so many blacks with seemingly no jobs driving Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and other high price cars and SUVs Cadillac s,

  11. If this white candidate stands a chance at all, shouldn’t every Alt- right be funding his campaign?

    If the Jews do it to every other Jew, why can’t wait to do it for OUR own people?

    We need to fund this outspoken white nationalist candidate for mayor of St. Petersburg Florida.

  12. Sadly, it appears as though he’s (Congemi) an utter and complete fool, has done this mayoral bid bit twice before, and was charged with felony elder abuse in early January -against his own mother!

    The man is not a good candidate. How sad.
    Still, the narrative gains news media coverage.
    “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    • Like I said in the article, right now it’s about changing the popular culture into one where these sorts of comments are normal parts of everyday life.

      And showing that a Communist Jew is leading the Black reparations movement in the region is also beneficial.

  13. The Negroes wouldn’t be thinking about more than stealing chickens and watermelons without the Jew boys feeding them mischief and giving them privileges. The Negro problem is a JEWISH PROBLEM!

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