Cuckservatives Fail On Healthcare Crusade, Bleed Themselves White In The Process

Have any of you ever read stories about ancient and/or modern armies that decided to essentially annihilate themselves by hurling men and material at fortresses that had no real strategic value?

I’m assuming you have, and at this point that is exactly what we’ve seen done (in the political arena) by the Republican Party – wasting everything in their arsenal to replace the absurd Obamacare laws.

Actually, let’s just be real here and admit that nothing was being replaced – all they were doing was attempting to rename the policy, mix in a bit of the “Conservative” private enterprise foolishness, and finish up the job of castrating the White working class through massive premiums, impossible to meet deductibles, and rising taxes needed to care for the degenerate, the self-inflicted unhealthy, and the Third-World conquerors of America.

New York Times:

Two more Republican senators declared on Monday night that they would oppose the Senate Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, killing, for now, a seven-year-old promise to overturn President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement.

The announcement by the senators, Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas, left their leaders at least two votes short of the number needed to begin debate on their bill to dismantle the health law. Two other Republican senators, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Susan Collins of Maine, had already said they would not support a procedural step to begin debate.

With four solid votes against the bill, Republican leaders now have two options.

They can try to rewrite it in a way that can secure 50 Republican votes, a seeming impossibility at this point, given the complaints by the defecting senators. Or they can work with Democrats on a narrower measure to fix the flaws in the Affordable Care Act that both parties acknowledge.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, conceded Monday night that “the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failure of Obamacare will not be successful.” He outlined plans to vote now on a measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with it taking effect later. That has almost no chance to pass, however, since it could leave millions without insurance and leave insurance markets in turmoil.

But President Trump was not ready to give up. He immediately took to Twitter to say: “Republicans should just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now & work on a new Healthcare Plan that will start from a clean slate. Dems will join in!”

No, Donald, they won’t.

Mitchie Boy (who is a textbook definition of a cuck due to his marriage to an Asiatic) is already going forward with a plan to push a straight up vote to repeal Osamacare, but has already hit a wall due to dissenters in his own party guaranteeing that further humiliation is just down the road.

And while we’re on this subject, Mr. President, why did the whole “remove state lines” thing with medical insurance essentially vanish from the discussion?

You do see that the GOP is going to get REKT next year because of this, right?

You do understand that the White working class was rather loudly hoping and praying that the big insurance companies would be chastised for their Jew-like practice of jacking up premiums and deductibles year in and year out, right?

And you do realize that most White Americans that aren’t trapped in a dementia dream about “Muh Reagan” (they’re covered by Medicare for the most part already) have no appetite for bizarre Republican schemes that benefit nobody but the top few percent, right?

Please tell me you’re not oblivious to these facts, Donald.

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  1. Republicans and Democrats are simply two sides of the same NWO coin. Turkey neck McConnell could care less about ordinary, white Americans, just as long as his taxpayer-funded paychecks keep rolling in.

  2. Gobble Gobble McConnell and his ilk have to go the way of the Dodo bird. The cucks are just foils for the Lefty order. Theresa May and Traitor Merkle are “conservatives” for God’s sake. The good news is the cucks will slowly but surely be taken over by the hard right. There’s very little worth conserving in the hellish current system. The new Right should be unapologetic that its ultimate goal is to overthrow the Left, not to appease it and coexist with it and be its bitch like the bought and sold cucks of the official “acceptable” right.

  3. You will never have affordable health care in a country flooded with 3rd worlders but Diversity is priority one for the likes of Paul Zion Ryan and Mitch McFuckell with his chink wife.

  4. At its core, Obamacare’s individual mandate was designed to make young people, particularly young male people not working for large employers, subsidize everyone else. The parts that went after the older middle class whites got watered down, and partially replaced by taxing the wealthy.

    Well, unsurprisingly, that hasn’t worked out, in large part because young males arnt getting jobs. And if they do, they are not too happy about paying what now amounts to a tax to pay for everyone else, particularly migrants from other countries, several of which have no functioning public health systems other than ripping off the US health care system.

  5. Do you guys see how badly you were fooled yet? Can you hear Kushner and Priebus and Adelson laughing at you? That’s who you were supporting all along. That’s who benefits from “looks huwhite to me” nationalism.

    The Liberty caucus is the only faction fighting these foreign crooks. We don’t care if they look “huwhite”. We know that they’re foreign tyrants, hellbent on destroying our ancestral rights and freedoms. We see that they are enemies of the historical American nation and the Anglo-Saxon law. So stop the pathetic cucking at once.

  6. Um, crazy question here – Are any doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals being consulted about creating a viable replacement for Obongocare? It seems like the subject is being discussed exclusively among politicians and insurance industry lobbyists, with no input whatsoever from the people who should be heard from the most.

  7. They’re so damn stupid it’s unbelievable. They could have just done away with Obamacare and done nothing. The people whose health care costs went sky high would know that voting for Democrats in the next election would mean massive taxes on themselves. Those that didn’t care were not going to vote for Trump anyways.

    They could be doing huge long term lasting stuff. Here’s a decent list.
    1. Make all affirmative action ONLY for Blacks born in the US before some date say 1965 or whatever. This would kill off an enormous amount of anti-White. No affirmative action for Mexicans, or Indians(dot) or Africans from Africa.
    2. Go line by line through the budget and either defund the left all together or if a bill slates money be spent take it away from the left and give it to our friends to do whatever the bill said, on our terms. Fund our buddies. We’re taking huge multi-billions funneled into pro-Whites.
    3. Attack the SJW schools by suing them for Civil rights violations over the mandatory anti-White classes and seminars to demoralize Whites. White privilege, natural racism if born White, you get the idea. Sue the fuck out of them and demand PAID slots for Whites and mandatory seminars and classes that explain how Whites built the Universities in the first place and how they built most of the modern world’s infrastructure. Do the exact same with large companies who have been demonizing Whites with “diversity” seminars. Demand large companies hire more Whites and give seminars extolling Whites vast contributions to the planet for compensation.
    4. Make ALL refugees Whites from Africa.(A strategic twist to this. Give them citizenship but leave them in Africa to work with our companies to extract resources. Why should China get them all?)
    5. Every where we can make a verified electronic voting system to stop voter fraud. This can be done.
    6. Impeach judges who say homosexual marriage is equal. There’s lots of judges that need impeached. As long as no one counters them they will keep going further and further off the deep end.
    7. Look at all the bills that have special rights that the government monitors and repeal them. The only ones I would keep were for Blacks verified to be discriminated against historically and American Indians. Everyone else can go pound sand. The more the Democrats howled about this the worse they would look. You could easily portray them as wanting advantage for everyone BUT Whites.
    8. And my favorite, most wanted item, makes me giddy with joy item. Cut the payments to section 8 landlords(say a hundred bucks on average) and use the money saved to to build super fast, high rise, public housing. There’s a group in China that builds 30 story buildings, (completely built…done), in 15 days or so(Broad Group). Move all the diversity to Democratic districts. Use federal eminent domain and rush in and start throwing these things up as fast as possible. The section 8 business was purposely designed to shaft middle class and poor whites. Give it to the fucking Jews up the ass. Every where they live put high rise pubic housing. These people on the coast that keep torturing us with diversity would get diversity up the ass. Everywhere they went would be diversity. We could actually empty out New York, San Fransisco and other SWJ cities just like Detroit. Let them DIRECTLY have what they ask for. I would also pile a bunch of these in the New England States and Wisconsin. Let the bastards have what they demand for us. This would be one of the most effective evil genius plans ever to make the SWJ finally pay for their lying virtue signaling.
    9. Attack the tax free foundations which are largely SJW. Try to take their funds and fire their workers. If we can somehow take over their foundations and use their money for our purposes even better.

    I could go on and on. Most of this would in no way be controversial to Trump voters or likely Trump voters. The press would have a major melt down but that’s good. It would show their anti-Whiteness. The more they bitched the less people would care for or see them as any kind of authority.

  8. I swear the Republics are as useless as tits on a boar hog. They are the majority in the Senate and Congress and yet cannot get anything done. Does the name Washington Generals ring a bell? I got caught up in all this mess. My insurance was canceled but nobody notified me so I have run up a very large doctors bill. I have tried to buy insurance through the market place but they are not selling it to November when the market reopens but any policy I buy I cannot use to January of 2018. I have tried private companies but they wont sale until they see how this is all going to play out.Its beyond me. I have never seen a situation in which an individual (me) wants to buy a product and pay premiums, even higher premiums than the policy I had, and the answer is no! And inevitably going through federal or state agencies- as I have tried to do-means your life is in the hands of black females.In my area all postal and government jobs on the state and federal level are majority black female

  9. You cucks are still stuck in your muh capitalism phase, I see.

    The reality is that the US government can afford to have single payer because it already pays almost all of the costs of medical care.

    The insurance companies are the scum of the earth. The only way to destroy them is single payer. We’re the only white country in the world that doesn’t have it and as a result, millions of people in rural America are not able to get surgeries unless they’re on Medicare or Medicaid.

    You think you’re helping whites by opposing Obamacare? You’re fucking retarded

    • @Anti-Cuck

      I tend to agree with the single-payer system, but the problem lies in the fact that our population is 40% or so non-White, and there are enough White degenerates, fatties, etc… to drain the system further.

      To make it work properly at the moment, you would either have to segregate (not going to happen under ZOG), or set up a bureaucracy the likes of which we’ve never seen before to make sure healthcare doesn’t get spent on morbidly obese slobs or heroin addicts with two dozen overdoses under their belt.

      But yes, the insurance companies are arguably some of the most sadistic organizations on Earth.

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