Charlottesville: Feminists And Beta Cucks Assemble To Demand Revocation Of Unite The Right’s Protest Permit

When it comes down to it, the Left rarely has any physical specimens that would be classified as “normal” in the eyes of the average individual.

From morbidly obese Feminists who likely spend their lonely nights crying into tubs of Haagen Dazs, to strung-out junkies, to weakling “men,” our enemies are in reality pathetic mockeries of what a proper human being is supposed to look like.

Gather a couple hundred of them together, and aside from the stench of unwashed bodies, you have the recipe for a visual nightmare that will likely haunt more than a few for years to come.


Hundreds of people are calling for Charlottesville City Council to revoke the permit of a controversial rally set for August. Monday night, a robust crowd took their passionate message directly to City Councilors.

More than 200 people packed Charlottesville City Hall with signs in hand.

“I can very easily see this just eroding and erupting throughout the streets of Charlottesville and putting our citizens in danger,” Don Gathers, who wants the permit revoked, said.   

Speaker after speaker asked City Council to revoke the permit for a “Unite the Right” rally planned for Aug. 12 in Emancipation Park.

“If there is a reasonable assumption or appearance of public safety threats, that it is grounds for to revoke the permit. So we are asking on those grounds,” Emily Grocenski, who wants the permit revoked, said.

“A five-hour block with over 400 angry folks coming in spewing just hatred and vitriol can truly be a problem and I don’t know how you can control that,” Gathers said.

Don’t you worry, Donnie Boy, there are going to be a lot more than just 400 people gathered less than a month from now, and I assure you wholeheartedly that it won’t be any of us that lash out like rabid dogs.

In fact, I would take a quick look at some of the universities in the area, and note just who is exactly involved with the Antifa terrorist organizations that long have made looting, rioting, and chaos their holy trinity.

But to be honest, I don’t believe that any of these brats will dare to stand against us when the time comes – they’re cowards, they’re weak when confronted, and they will be outnumbered at least two to one.

The Unite The Right rally will be a time of happiness and networking for our side, and I highly encourage anyone and everyone who is still on the fence about going to make the commitment and attend.

You have nothing to fear from the other side – they are broken and discredited in the eyes of the people who matter most.

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  1. They look terrible. We generally, but not always look good.

    Please try to enforce League of the South type standards for dress and good conduct. Don’t encourage anyone and anyone to just show up, dress and act the way they want, brandish guns and other weapons that while technically “legal” they just look bad.

    Lood good, look strong try to engage the normies a bit.

    I wish you my very best my great Southern brothers and Sisters… (Southern sisters are most definitely better than White women from here in Chicago)

    • Not coming down, Jack?

      And I think the whole bad aesthetic you’re alluding to is on its way out – it was a staple of WN 1.0, but now we’re entering a period where theatrics and weirdness are no longer dominant forces.

  2. I wish I could make it to Charlottesville VA. I applied only to 3 colleges and was accepted at all 3:

    University of Wisconsin Madison
    Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN
    University of Virginia in Charlottesville

    I wanted to leave this Lib Left (very Jewish) area – where most all my fellow students went to Ivy League schools or Big Ten schools and they considered the South to be backwards, racist etc.

    It was a good move and I loved the South (had some problems with Southern Cops)

    My ties to the South are a bit dated. I don’t think Vanderbilt is very Southern anymore – lots of rich kids from all over the country, kind of like Duke University.

    The Vanderbilt Chancellor is a Jewish guy, formerly Lib Law Professor from University of Wisconsin Madison. The Vanderbilt Alumni magazine is unreadable – feminist, BlackLiesMatter, Diversity Diversity etc.

    Not sure what I should do – there’s a small Alt Right group here in Chicago – we have meetings and socials. I’d sort of like to move to none Milwaukee, non capital Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a good state and they went surprisingly or Trump.

  3. Be ready to go to Federal court as was done in Auburn Alabama when the LIBS tried to shut that one down. It will probably take a federal court order for these people to recognize that WHITES are entitled to the protection of the law and the exercise of 1st Amendment Rights.

  4. Please note the FAKE NEWS nature of this press release. 200 is not ‘hundreds’- it is ONE hundred more than 1 hundred. Technically, it’s hundreds (as in the plural of one) but that’s stretching their viability.

    Secondly, Here’s the answer to this statement:

    “I can very easily see this just eroding and erupting throughout the streets of Charlottesville and putting our citizens in danger,” Don Gathers… said. ”

    Well, DONNY BOY, you shouldn’t have let all these fags, feminazis, and cuckbaits congregate in the first place!

    It seems so patently obvious, that this is the last gasp of the Left- would these fat, gross, obese whores have welcomed (read, spread their …….) for a Moslem/Refugee parade?

    One has to ask the question, as tasteless as it appears. Duplicity, thy name is Talmudism/Bolshevism/Jewish cocked-ness.

    cf. Michael Hoffman’s new book, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.”
    cf. ALSO E. Michael Jones’ book, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.”

  5. Make sure I got this straight. The Mayor of Charlottesville had a plaque removed from the Lee Statue honoring the Confederate dead? I don’t want to broadcast misinformation.

  6. If those childless, middle-aged cat ladies and pudgy, low testosterone 60 year old “males” are any indication of what can be expected in the form of opposition at the rally then I daresay there shall be nothing to worry about – except to restrain oneself from laughing out loud.

    • Look at good as you can, smile at al the women, or “wymmin” and give them you best “Aren’t I a handsome devil” looks, and tell them “You want me. You know you do”.

      It will drive them insane. Cuz it’s true….and they can’t stand it…..

  7. New Orleans took the Lee monument down earlier this year…
    Maybe Hurricane Lee will take New Orleans down later this year…
    We’ll see…
    Maybe even some of these other anti-South places as well…

  8. They’ll probably put on their pussy ears, grab a barrel of KFC and come anyway. If the ‘revoke the permit’ rally is anything to go by, I don’t think this inert blob would miss a little live action for anything. That obese correctoid in the foreground doesn’t look to me like she even has a pulse. It’ll take at least four of those nongenderspecifics to carry in her in on an air mattress.

    I am not sure ‘Unite the Right’ is prepared, especially if one of them does something gooey or loud and emotional and gooey. Better take a can of ghostbuster spray. One of those brands, dakaras, I think, even advertises that it helps ‘stuck energies back to the light’. Be prepared.

  9. Our biggest obstacle isn’t the “anfifa” and feminist freaks. It’s the cucks and betas who respect them.

  10. If truth has any relevance here, as opposed to male projection, the fact is many ‘fat feminists’ are so because they’re trying to repel male sexual interest, not make up for lacking it.

    There is no one avenue to fat, or any addiction which fat is often a result of.

    How psycho men convince themselves otherwise is a mystery. Fat men aren’t seen as mourning female companionship, yet fat women are.


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