Pennsylvania: Romanian Gypsy “Refugees” Struggle With The Illegality Of Defecating In Public

As we all know, Romania is the hotbed of ISIS activity at the moment, and because of this, the United States has been forced (by a dedicated Jewish scolding effort) to accept a significant number of poor and oppressed Gypsy migrants.

However, there’s just one teeny tiny problem – these New Americans have issues with using the toilet (I think they believe evil spirits hide inside the pipes or something).

Fox News:

Some residents of a Pennsylvania town are upset by Romanian immigrants who they have accused of defecating in public and beheading chickens.

Residents in California, Pennsylvania – about 35 miles south of Pittsburgh – are angered by the alleged actions of the Romanian immigrants, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Residents have accused the immigrants of throwing around trash, disobeying traffic laws, defecating in public, being disruptive in markets and killing chickens, according to the Post-Gazette.

“What I’ve seen is men and children – never usually the women – the men and the children dropping their pants in the middle of the street, defecating, pulling their pants up and going on their way,” Dawne Roberts told WTAE-TV.

That’s because, unlike many of those in the West, these women have an understanding of modesty, you heartless racist.

Gypsy women will show their traditional nature by hiding behind a bush to go, or by using a neighbors trashcan to do their business, and that is just something we here in America are going to have to learn to accept.

But be of good cheer, for they’ll eventually transform into dedicated Conservative Republicans if given enough time.

The Romanian refugees moved to the area through a federal program that finds temporary houses for immigrants, according to the Post-Gazette. The Romanians fled their homes in the Bucharest area where they faced persecution as a minority group.

This is the new face of ISIS, White American.

And when our government tells us that all our refugees are fleeing the terror of the Middle East (Romania is now being lumped in, apparently), they are speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

After all, considering the fact that so many involved in the refugee resettlement program are of the Jewish Chosen People, the idea that lies would be forthcoming shouldn’t even be considered.

More than 150 people attended the California borough council’s municipal meeting Thursday night as several residents complained about the immigrants.

“We’re a very diverse town, we’re very open, but they aren’t assimilating to our laws,” Pam Duricic, a lifelong resident of California, said, according to the Post-Gazette. “We are understanding that these are immigrants. But this is not the same scenario as our grandparents. They didn’t come here to raise havoc.”

That’s because they weren’t fleeing the homosexual roof squads of ISIS, you prejudiced Nativist.

Vito Dentino, a real estate agent who rents apartments to the majority of the immigrants, said that he has spoken to his tenants about not throwing trash in the yard.

“I think people around here are just overreacting,” he said.

Dentino said the immigrants were pleasant, according to the Post-Gazette, but unaware of American customs. 

Just take the plunge and trust in the judgement of the nice Italian man who is making money from both the government and the “refugees” by housing all of them in his apartments.

I’ve personally turned over a new leaf after hearing what Mr. Dentino had to say, and I promise you that no bribes were taken into account as part of my decision-making process.

“I have not had one problem with them,” lifelong resident Lisa Buday told the Post-Gazette. “I say hi to them. This is a community. Let’s be human. This is not a fast process.”

That’s right.

And just think about the natural Conservatives thing – it should be enough to get folks like (((Ben Shapiro))) and his ilk to just jump from pure joy.

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  1. send the crows back on romania. those of this rubbish guys make us to look bad as romanians outside. but, it’s your fault because you’ve let them in…

    • Remember Italy and Frence!! They talked and talked about human rights, they let gypsies in and after that they did not now how to get rid of them. The french gave them money to leave…They are bad in every country. Don t let them live on your back. They are parasites.

  2. and btw, they are not romanians and not even oppressed in our country. they are a bunch of losers (except 10 gypsies on the entire gypsy community all time :)). of course it’s a joke because they have ”honey” words and act for mercy and they’ll use every chance to fuck everyone for them purpose. even if they act like real humans with high education lvl. it’s a fact! )who don’t wanna work, don’t send the kids at school, they wait free money from the governments etc… u’ll see in the future what i’m talkin’ about… they felt are oppressed in romania?:)))))) of course if all romanians send them to work, ask them to stop stealing, start to wash them self properly and many other NORMAL things which NORMAL people do…

    • I hear you – I work with a Romanian guy, and he’s one of the most anti-Jew people I know (he finds it shocking that most Americans consider Jews as White).

      But yeah, it sucks when these Gypsy animals make your country look bad – even when they have no connection to actual Romanians at all…

    • Sniper you are 100% right!!! I am from Romania and we are affraid of them. Never argue with a gypsy and they know that. They are not oppressed! They never go to work, they don’ t care about education or healt, they want easy money! They steal everything they can put their hands on.

  3. String Dentino up by his ankles and treat him as a pinyata. Don’t use the customary stick but a spiked bat. That will permanently take care of neighborhood traitors. Film it and send a copy to your local officials. Give the gypsies all his worldly possessions, wife included.

    Would I make a great Attorney General or what?

  4. Vito, you greasy slumlord guinea, don’t trash your community because you need those Section 8 shekels in order to afford your Ft Myers condo

  5. It must be noted the Gypsies are the decendants of drifters from the Indian subcontinent and are NOT of European stock.
    In Europe they’re seen as a nuisance and blight wherever they are.

  6. Most Wops aren’t much better than gypsies. Too much Nigger/Arab blood. Why is he still walking around?

  7. Notice a resident doesn’t have a problem with Diversity. “We’re very open”. She has a problem with stepping in sub human shit. Gee, Diversity will be great when these 3rd world savages get “assimilated”.
    Fatal error.

  8. Trump wasted valuable time by not taking care of these people. We should have been building public housing for all the :diversity” and the refugees but only in Liberal voting counties. We should then move all of them there where they say they like this stuff.

  9. Hotbed?? ISIS!! Cooome on!! They came there to beg and steal because this is their nature. They do not have respect for any laws, they lie, their children are bearly vaccinated so beware, they don’ t go to school they are a plague all the time!! There are romanian beggers all around the world!! We are not like them! If you can’t get them out, keep your eyes on them!! They are all thieves!

  10. For an interesting look at anti-social Gypsy behavior, read Peter Mass’s King Of The Gypsies. It’s about the notorious Tene Bimbo crime clan, a group that still gives law enforcement headaches to this very day.

  11. I see a lot of similarities between jews and gypsies, except that the latter are a bit more colorful.

    • Not really. Jews are smart. Gypsies are not. Think of the difference between an armed robber and a Bernie Madoff style Ponzi scheme.

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