Ohio Sheriff Stands Against Degeneracy By Refusing To Administer Narcan To Dying Heroin Addicts

Here is the official question of the day – should chronic junkies be allowed to live to spread their poisoned blood and death cult mentality (I’m stealing the phrase, Alex Jones) to the healthier segments of the population?

Now, I know that this is a touchy subject for many, but there are certainly valid arguments for letting the majority of them drop dead when, as the result of their own actions, they collapse with enough of a substance in them to kill ten full-grown men.

And this is exactly what we’re now seeing made policy in one of the areas of America suffering the worst from rampant heroin abuse.

Washington Post:

No one has come up with a solution to the opioid epidemic that has decimated Rust Belt states, but for people who overdose, Naloxone is about as effective an antidote as there is. The results of the opioid antagonist, which is sprayed up a person’s nose and reverses the effect of opioid overdoses, have been likened to resurrecting someone from the dead.

Paramedics and firefighters routinely carry the easy-to-administer medication in their vehicles. For police officers in the nation’s hardest hit areas, like southwest Ohio, the Food and Drug Administration-approved nasal spray, known by the brand name Narcan, can be as common as handcuffs. Even some librarians have learned to use the drug to revive people who overdose in their stacks.

But Richard K. Jones, the sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, raised eyebrows recently when he said that his deputies will never carry the medication.

“We don’t do the shots for bee stings, we don’t inject diabetic people with insulin. When does it stop?” he told The Washington Post.

“I’m not the one that decides if people live or die. They decide that when they stick that needle in their arm.”

Of course, the whole concept of personal responsibility for one’s actions – a past pillar of the White Race until the Boomers (their parents also played a part) abandoned the idea in favor of virtue signalling and pleasure seeking.

Jones said his deputies have never carried Narcan and that has been his stance since he was first elected in 2004, although his words gained traction after he repeated his viewpoint to Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Keith BieryGolick.

Jones said Narcan is the wrong approach for a war on opioids that “we’re not winning,” and said he favored stronger prevention efforts to prevent people from first using the drug.

He told The Post that drug addiction has ravaged this country and his county, and he’s seen the worst of it. He said deputies encountered a man in the jail parking who had just been bailed out by his mother. Both were shooting up heroin in her car. In his time as sheriff, three babies had been born in the jail addicted to drugs, including one in a toilet, Jones said.

Butler County is the same place were a Middletown city councilman floated a three-strikes-style policy for people who repeatedly overdose: Too many and authorities wouldn’t send an ambulance to resuscitate them.

So, before I get into my little spiel, I would like to add a personal story to the equation – of the ten guys I considered my closest friends through high school and beyond, six died from heroin overdoses (one death was from a “speedball,” but whatever), one died in a car crash (drunk driver), one is a broken shell of a man that has somehow survived to the age of 30 despite his addictions, and two are normal and healthy White contributors to society.

Because of all this, I have an understanding of the effects of drug use, and the pathetic effects that modern “treatments” have on individual addicts – the deck is essentially stacked against them from even before they touch their first drug (if they are White).

Rehabs are more often than not mockeries of hospitals that are gated communities for the wealthy, and roach-infested cesspits for the poor and working classes.

Government-sponsored methadone and Suboxone treatments are merely rackets meant to keep addicts hooked on devastating synthetic substances for the shekels.

And religion-based programs like AA and NA have become parodies of what they were in past times due to the same meddling that turned a huge chunk of Christianity from a proper worship of the Creator into a nauseating cringe-fest (the Anonymous programs now have dances, music festivals, and fuzzy hugging nonsense that is supposed to stop someone from shoving a needle into their arm).

I therefore cannot help but have some sympathies for SOME addicts (if I had to deal with these charlatans, I’d probably want to shoot up a bag or six), although the whole willpower and community health thing still echoes far louder than the fates of mere individuals.

In the future, perhaps a system of hard labor for first time offenders could be instituted, with habitual cretins dealt with far more harshly – further genetic studies will also determine once and for all if addiction is definitively a multi-generational problem that could be solved with sterilization.

But for now, I’m going to have to stand by the proud Sheriff and his agenda – it’s really a system of “tough love” when you break it all down.

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  1. @Mr. Cicero…

    I have seen plenty of death by degeneracy, too; though, not to the extent you have, even though I am much older than you.

    You have suffered a lot of loss and my heart goes out to you.

  2. A drunkard in the gutter is just where he ought to be, according to the fitness and tendency of things. Nature has set upon him the process of decline and dissolution by which she removes things which have survived their usefulness. (William Graham Summer “The Forgotten Man”)

  3. It’s hard to feel sorry for trashy people who want to destroy themselves by shooting junk into their veins. Those with weak, dissolute constitutions need to be weeded out of the gene pool.

  4. Good piece. Let the worthless pieces of trash die.

    I’m one of those Boomers who understood damn clearly what the hell “personal responsibilty” was and is, evidenced by 37 years of continuing marriage that produced four righteous children, all economically successful and biologically reproducing above replacement level via wedlock offspring whose spouses are “perfect in their generations.”

    And they’re all good shots too, with one of them being “scary good.”

  5. This is such a jew-inspired article…spinning complexity into radical extremes. Reactionary is jewy.

    • @Onceler

      I see you may have some ideas on how to combat the heroin epidemic that are potentially better than those proposed by the esteemed Sheriff.

      Therefore, I expect you’ll be the first to volunteer to move into the shooting gallery/crack den nearest to your home, and provide the aid that you feel would help.

      However, if you do so, no 911 calls or police reports will be allowed if and when you’re robbed, beaten, raped, tortured for 20 bucks, etc…

        • @Onceler

          So have I, and I’ve seen and heard things that aren’t fit for describing on a family friendly site like this…

          So at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself just what exactly can be done for some of these addicts that don’t get their act together after years of abuse and multiple attempts at getting healthy?

          My opinion, and I’m taking the overall well-being of the nation and race into account here, is to let those who have shown no desire at recovery to be given away to let nature take its course – I would much rather try and help someone like little Charlie Gard than provide care, aid, and (((therapy))) to a junkie who’s smuggling heroin up his orifices to use inside rehab.

          • I don’t know if I’d put drug addicts into such starkly divided categories. Some do present as moral reprobates who were just spoiled weaklings. Some evoke sympathy for seemingly impossible life and socioeconomic circumstances.

            I do know that the road to addiction is often more complex than just a simple fork that comes along.

            I guess you’re making the issue how to deal with the hardest core repeat near-suicides. Even that group I suspect includes a spectrum of moral fitness…

            But let’s take the so-called Redeemables. How do we help to steer them onto a better path? What path is that?

          • Like I said earlier, I’m more at home with the three strikes idea with narcan, and with the first offenders, prescribe a year of hard labor instead of coddling them with nonsense programs that have a 1-3 percent success rate.

  6. Is the fundamental irony of featuring an article on Trump’s candidacy alongside of one condemning white working class youth lost on everyone but me?

      • Who voted for droves for Trump? Was it the upper middle/middle upper class of whites?

        Nah, it was the same demographic most blighted by the opiate epidemic.

  7. The opioid epidemic is a deliberately engineered part of the genocide being waged against whites by the leftist/non-white coalition. (Read “Dreamland” by Sam Quinones.) Opioid production has increased 39 times since the 1990s. Abandoning these people to their fate is aiding that genocide. It’s also typical of the right/whites to find some “principle” to allow them not to confront the left as it savages their people.

    No one has come up with a solution to the opioid epidemic . .

    How about publicly acknowledging its root in left-winged genocidal politics? How the 24-hour a day hate-spew against whites from on high contributes to the despair that leads to the epidemic. How about building the fence and enforcing immigration to cut off the #1 source of heroin and meth? How about President Trump forming a medical task force to look into why the U.S. has a much worse problem with synthetic opioids than France or Britain? Why production has increased 39 times since the 90s when pain presumably hasn’t? How about tough probation laws that mandate years long twice a week drug testing and instant incarceration in carefully controlled jails for those found dirty? Just a few suggestions, and until such are tried we can’t just abandoned people who are victims of the same holocaust we are victims of. This is an excellent weapon to use against our enemies, don’t throw it away.

    • Ok, so in my experience there are two different kinds of addict (geography plays no part in where they can be found):

      The first is truly a project of the terrible world we now live in, and is a type of person that never truly loses their soul to the drugs they consume – they’re the kind that usually gets hooked due to (((pharmaceuticals))).

      The second is a walking waste of oxygen; a monster that would sell or kill their children for their next fix. These are the people that would cut your throat for ten bucks, shoot up while pregnant, and enjoy the prison life (they still do drugs there too).

      If you want my honest opinion, I agree more with the three strikes resuscitation idea (give them a chance to improve, and if they choose not to, then let the reaper take them)…

      For first and maybe second offenders, however, I would prescribe a year or so of hard labor in an isolated area instead of coddling them at NA/AA meetings featuring music, clapping, and candlelight hug-fests.

    • Pharma forced prescription opiates into some of the whitest poorest states, like West Virginia. It’s not a ‘leftist’ issue, really, although you’re at least asking important questions, JohnTheSecond.

      • The (((pharmaceutical))) destruction of rural White areas is a proven fact, and they should of course be regulated, broken up, and have many of their patents revoked.

        But at a certain point, blame has to fall on the individual for their own actions.

        Otherwise, couldn’t a rapist blame the internet for turning him into a predator, and couldn’t a Nigger blame “racism” for his crack addiction?

      • @Onceler: I’m startin’ to suspect that you ain’t nothin’ but another one o’ Mr. Giovanni Bianchini’s sock – accounts, Mr. Onsular, what with your peevishness an’ all. Care to deny the charge?

    • If not for the Opiad Epidemic, the White Death rate would be stable and wouldn’t have increased to the point where the average white person is only living to 50 years old.

      • I meant to write our life span has decreased at least by 25-30 years for Whites, not for any other race. Particularly Poor whites, wealthy ones are making it to at least 80-82

  8. Americans can only thrive with an old-time libertarian government. This Oriental despotism where every aspect of human endeavor is micro-managed but the subject is given three hots and a cot, this regime causes the freedom-loving soul to wither away. We need the rigors of Liberty, we need the old rules: root, hog, or die! That’s the way we like it, and if our Ellis Island folks can’t hack it, they can go home.

    America gave the ethnics a chance to show their stuff, and guess what? They ruined everything. Think of all the Daniel Boones, Davy Crocketts or Kit Carsons who are being born in this troubled era: they’re not allowed to lead and to explore. Think of all the modern-day Wright brothers and Thomas Edison types whose inventive genius is crushed under the tyranny of lesser beings. How many bright, creative souls are we losing to despair and hopelessness?

    True Americans dream of one thing only: FREEDOM. Commies, go home!

    • Libertarianism is what gave us the Jews in the first place. Individualism is poison UNLESS it has some strict rules to govern it. The original Constitution called Negroes people and did not proclaim Christ. Therefore we were doomed from day 1

  9. The only thing that works for Heroin addicts is locking them up and pee/blood testing them for months. Sink or swim folks. Unfortunately its the only way. They must also learn to get new friends and have a new life. get some religion as well. Unfortunately this is too hard so most will call me a bigot for saying it!

  10. OK – who DOESN’T know that taking heroin, or any other type of drug in this class, is a bad idea? Junkies are among the most selfish, self-indulgent monsters yes MONSTERS on Earth. They will say and do anything to get this high. They mouth pieties about knowing that “…it’s bad, but but but…”. They will lie, cheat, steal, prostitute themselves and others, and kill to get their fix. I’ve seen the havoc they wreak.

    I have very little sympathy for them.

    I have a degree of sympathy for pharmaceutical addicts – because trusted doctor (authority figures)pushers got them hooked. But that needs to END. The fewer (((drugs))) one takes – the better. The street users? LET THEM DIE. And I mean embers of any Race, including Whites. They will drag every-one around them under. And rarely will they stop. We don’t need them. They are a danger to OUR lives and well being. I’ve suggested, to local representatives struggling with the havoc addicts wreak, to do what the Chinese authorities did when they solved the (((Opium))) issue. My Reps were horrified, the pussies. Do we all know what happened?

      • The Chinese authorities rounded up junkies, told them to quit, or they’d be shot dead. The junkies were released. The authorities kept an eye on the prominent ones, and when they were caught using again, they were taken to public squares, and shot dead, in broad daylight. The heroin abuse epidemic pretty much ended overnight.

  11. There is only one effective way to end any addiction, and that is to no longer smoke, drink, inject, or snort whatever it is you are addicted to. It will be extremely hard to do, but a strong will can overcome any habit, if one truly wishes to end it.

    I smoked cigarettes for 30 years, and finally quit cold turkey after having failed at so many attempts I lost count. What finally worked was the thought of how weak of will I must appear to my young daughter. The smoking habit was bad enough of an example, but the lack of strength to end it was even worse. That was my motivation to quit and ultimately stay away from cigarettes altogether. It took about two weeks to kick the nicotine addiction, and a year to finally overcome the mental aspect of smoking. However, it was well worth every withdrawal symptom, when my daughter told me how proud she was of my effort.

    If you want to end something destructive, then do so. If you do not, then suffer the consequences accordingly. Either way, take responsibility for your own choice of action.

  12. I live in Dayton, my own cousin died due to heroin, so i think i am qualified to speak here. Fuck Junkies. Not only are they a waste, they are all leftist commie crust-punks too. yes they are the victims of Jewish brainwashing making drugs seem cool. Yes they have been lured by low prices ever since the war of terror began. I guarantee you everyone within 50 miles of this town knows someone who has been touched by this. Stop the wars, close the borders, problem solved. Also this sheriff is a badass, he used to crack down on all businesses that hired illegal immigrants in butler county. montgomery county is full of mexicans now, butler county is still pretty white except for middletown.

    • @Bannon

      Seeing people close to you destroy themselves just plainly sucks, and it sucks even more when you think about how established addicts are usually the ones who turn regular people (usually friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc…) into new addicts.

      And yeah, I figured this Sheriff was a shitlord – wish we had 10,000 more like him to run this country.

      • We will have Shitlords appear, as things worsen. Cometh the Hour, cometh the man. We are entering the Age of the Warlord. The faggots and faker will fall away…

    • Right, if it wasn’t for heroin these people would be sniffing glue or drinking sterno—just a slower death.

      • I’m waiting for Rob Portman to announce that his homosexual son is a heroin addict. If he does I won’t be shocked.

  13. ” How about tough probation laws that mandate years long twice a week drug testing and instant incarceration in carefully controlled jails for those found dirty? ”

    In many, or even most, rural counties this is exactly what is and has been done for at least 20 years. Hasn’t done a thing to abate the problem. Just last summer, the county I live in in Southeast Indiana was the subject of a New York Times piece lamenting its incarcerating rate.


    • @Brutus

      Yep, they tried that in parts of the Northeast, and the addiction rates have only skyrocketed…

      You’re talking about addicts that can lie as good as a TurboKike, can steal better than the most cunning Blacks in existence, and have no problem with jamming bag after bag of party favors up their azz right before they go to jail.

  14. Years ago, being a drug addict was a crime in itself. You didn’t have to be in possession of contraband, if you were high or had visible signs of drug abuse, like needle tracks, you were arrested. You were then forced to go cold turkey, and if it was a federal case, you were sent to a federal hospital in Lexington. Maybe, we need to go back to that approach. BTW, 12 Step programs have no proven scientific proof that they work. Most people who successfully quit, simply stopped on their own, without treatment or a 12 Step group like AA or NA.

    • Yeah, but the old 12 Step groups were just basically meetings that had men threaten to slap the crap out of any newcomers who relapsed.

      Now it’s just another feel-good waste of space – everybody’s a victim, God loves all the poor little junkies, and relapsing is just another step towards recovery…

        • 12 Step Programs – from what I’ve observed – have a foundation that’s sound due to Christian roots and a Confessional basis for the fifth step, but their modern form is a literal joke.

          The old-style meetings did far better at helping junkies and drunks, but their methods would now be condemned by this ridiculous society.

  15. I see the destruction and enormous cost to white taxpayers that addicts cause. I am a first responder. Most people have no idea. A sane culture culls its own herd.

  16. The Sheriff is just a stingy bastard, and the companies selling the drugs are greedy bastards. They take scum of the earth criminals into custody all of the time, take them to the hospital when they are injured, keep them alive in prison. The cops should attempt to resuscitate dying people, if the Sheriff doesn’t like it, he’s a scumbag.

    • Point being, it’s not up to the police who lives and dies. It’s not always “junkies” who OD. It could be an old man on pain meds, or a teenager stealing pills. Or any other number of scenarios. Carry the fucking medication, it’s not the call of the police who they’re going to protect and serve. That’s right, they are “public servants” not authorities who get to decide who lives and dies. We’ve forgotten the latter in this country, and we think these mercenary martinet bastard cops wouldn’t kill us in a heartbeat for being thought criminals if they were given the go-ahead?

      • As a big city police lieutenant told me, “I’m like a city garbage truck driver. The only difference the garbage truck driver gets paid more than me”.

      • Yes, they would kill you and me, but would let some Antifa heroin addict have a second, or sixteenth, chance at life, which at that point is just preying on the community to satisfy their animal-like urges…

    • Ok, then as soon as they’re resuscitated, they should be sent ID’d, DNA sampled, and sent to work for a year at hard labor with the understanding that mercy will only come once.

      If caught again, let the bastards die.

      • Endowing the state with total power over our bodies is so Jew Agenda. What legal basis is there for criminalizing taking drugs?

        Maybe a weak one from the illegalizing the substance itself angle.

        But your solution is legally and pragmatically problematic.

    • JPS I have studied the opiate epidemic problem in a fair amount of depth.

      I think there is a good chance that this is another zionist cop posturing that’s designed to continue the campaign being waged by the jew governmedia to establish a Stasi State. By saying it’s not his responsibility, it’s a way of getting the public to feel like then, we have to intern the junkies.

      Most americans do not think like the people on this page. There’s a semi-sociopathic heartlessness that exhibits here. The average joe taxpayers is more in the middle. He and she would prefer some practical sensible plan.

      That’s not what they’re going to get by sending addicts into hospitals.

      What we should be doing is strengthening the departments that treat drug addiction, and getting these people rehabilitated. That requires economic and political change.

      So I’d be careful what you wish for, here. I’m somewhere between you and everyone else.

  17. Should we criminalize alcohol? Fattening food? Sugar is pretty harmful junk to take.

    Should we put all the fatties to work?

    How about the drunks?

    Sex addicts, annorexics…what about all these addictive personalities? How about sexual harassers? The attention they are dependent on getting motivates their aggressions, which often lead to more serious crimes.


    • I would endorse the death penalty for sex offenders/rapists – some Southern states still actually have execution on the books for certain rape offenses…

      • Yes and they are unconstitutional via the case COKER v GEORGIA 1977 which ruled that the Death Penalty could strictly be used only for Capital Murder. That case the Court declared that the Eighth Amendments forbids taking life except when life itself is taken. In 2008 the Court struck down Louisiana’s law about executing pedophiles, finding that as the pedophile didn’t officially take a life, he was not eligible to die. Kennedy v Louisiana was that case

        • And those cases are just more nails in the coffin of White Western Civilization.

          I would personally advocate for crucifixion or some equally-vicious method of death for pedophiles.

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