#CNNBlackmail: Lugenpresse Terrorists Launch Mafia-Style Intimidation Attack On Trump Wrestling GIF Creator

Try as I might, I cannot seem to discover any differences – aside from technology- between what CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski has done to a random Reddit poster, and the actions of famous mobster (((Mayer Lansky))) back in the first half or so of the 20th Century.

Hell, even on the biological field we’re dealing with essentially the same character, as some of our more astute allies have pointed out during the last twenty-four hours.

At the end of the day, this just helps reinforce my hypothesis that basically states that one could switch and swap powerful and influential Jews with each other without any real change in direction aside from perhaps some slight variations that come from regional cultures and life experiences.

But back to the main topic of this article, which is supposed to address the fact that we’ve now apparently reached a point where the media is now allowed to openly break the law, intimidate their enemies, and threaten them in arrogant press releases that have no real precedent in history.

Thankfully, there has been some backlash to this egregious violation of the First Amendment (one could argue that threatening to dox someone in a way that would harm their life is an attack on freedom of speech), and I would encourage everyone on Twitter, /pol/, and other important forums to keep up the pressure.

Doxing and trolling (no illegality, of course) can go both ways, Jews, and I suggest y’all retreat now before you unleash a storm that truly has no vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses.

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  1. I tried to get my expensive athletic club from stop running CNN on all the big screen TVs. the members don’t like CNN, but the top (Jewish) guy has some deal with CNN.

    I recommend getting the device “TV B GONE” it zaps off TVs everywhere.

    • @Jack Ryan

      The Jews try to claim that Anti-Semitism is something rooted in illogical hate, where in fact it is based off of historical understanding, sociology, biological drives, and a study of behavioral patterns.

      I don’t hate them for their Bronze Age religion – I just feel the same way about them as I do about tapeworms, roaches, HIV/GRIDS, and other parasites and viruses.

      The thing is, though, my feelings are all based off of science and study…

  2. Are any of our Southern readers having any success spreading the truth that CNN is overwhelmingly Jewish? The South voted overwhelmingly for Trump and CNN is non stop Trump bashing. So our folks should just recognize who is doing this.

  3. @Jack Ryan…

    ‘Are any of our Southern readers having any success spreading the truth that CNN is overwhelmingly Jewish? The South voted overwhelmingly for Trump and CNN is non stop Trump bashing. So our folks should just recognize who is doing this.’


    In recent years I have explained and demonstrated to my Sunday School class and Wednesday Night bible class about not just CNN, but, about all the major networks.

    It very clearly has made an effect, as people have said so to me.

    To be clear, Mr. Ryan, quite a few were already suspicious about networks other than Fox, though, when I connected the dots for them, politically, financially, historically, etc, etc … they began to see it more clearly – and that included Fox News Network, as well.

    Those few left in our church who still watch CNN are a kindly Yankee Wasp feller, his lovely scalawag wife, and a very few others who cannot be convincet that the Democrat Party of 2017 is not the Democrat Party of 1917.

    That said, these are very few in number.

    The church, by the way, has begun to contemplate withdrawing from the Southern Baptist Denomination.

    So, yes, things are being done, and people are realizing.

    • Here’s what you need to tell your fellow Christians.

      JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

      The Jew run TV preachers would have you believe the Jews are to be worshiped. Jesus didn’t say that. The Jews worship Satan in my estimation.

      There was a group called the Cathars in Southern France that believed the “so called” god of the old testament was actually a demon Satanic run operation and that only the the New Testament and the word of Jesus was relevant to being saved. I believe that also. Of course a “converted” Jew talked the Pope in killing every last one of them. It’s where the phrase,”Kill them all, God will know his own” came from. The Cathars were all killed and disappeared into history.

  4. Yes, seems to be backfiring. This is a great development. Keep trolling and triggering these anti-White bastards over the edge. They can’t help themselves.

  5. Apparently there’s a conflict afoot between the Likudniks (Trump, Kushner, “Bibi” etc) and the more westernized, liberal jews. But why in the world would any normal American want to take sides in this mess? Both parties are equally foreign and obsessed with robbing us of our Liberty.

    Part of the problem is reducing the American identity to “white”. Yes, we’re White, but there’s much more to the true American identity. It’s a question of blood, genealogy and our unique collection of inborn characteristics, esp. our love of freedom. Jews are White but they’re not American. Notice Kaczynski’s bio: his NATIONALITY is jewish. Obviously he is White, but his nationality is not American.

    When altrighters rally around their Whiteness only, follow leaders with unpronounceable foreign names, and foolishly denounce our true national ideals and characteristics, they show themselves to be rubes and cucks who actually oppose real nationalism. This is CNN vs. the National Enquirer, both sides are bad for America.

      • “White” is a New World classification that means not Negro or Indian. Jews, even swarthy Spanish types like Judah Benjamin, have always been called “White” in America. If “looks huwhite to me” is your raison d’etre, then you’ll end up serving Jews every time.

        But let’s probe this a little: so that goofy-looking Tatar, Peinovich, is White, but this Kazcynscki person, whose features are far more western, is not? Drumpf’s paternal ancestry is Jewish, is he White? Y’all haven’t thought this thing through all the way.

        • trickster presbyterianrevival seeks to revive the (((neo-con))) Proposition Nation horseshit. A scam to begin with, and now a complete failure. 90% of the Jews are Ashkenaz: out of Asia, with murderous Asiatic-collectivist instincts. The other 10% are Semites (north African Sephards, middle eastern Mizrahics). THEY ARE NOT WHITE no matter how much external genetic camouflage they’ve taken on. Cf. the Type IV specimens @ http://seductivejewess4.net

          Slavs, Nordics, Anglo-Saxons, Greco-Romans, and Iberians are White.

          those weeds you’re seeing? It’s you and yours, scammer.

          • LOL, stay salty Haxo. First of all, there is no such thing as a proposition nation as the word nation means a people related by birth. The American nation ONLY includes those of you who are blood relatives of the pilgrims and the pioneers. We know if you’re a member of our nation by consulting the primary source documents that detail our genealogies. Jews are not real Americans, neither are Slavs, Greco-Romans and so on.

            We had the neocons on the run until you retards ushered them back in via Kushner.

          • Haxo are you a Southerner?

            Jews aren’t europeans, so they aren’t white.

            I agree with presbyterian revival on most points, except I don’t think we can rally the entire country directly. But by championing Southern independence as a homeland for our people/tribe, we’d profoundly influence the northwestern europeans in the rest of the country, along with whoever else can be rallied.

      • Correct. Jews are not White. If you say so you are anti-Semitic. They have told us time and time again they are not White.

  6. On the one hand, CNN’s threats and gloating will chill Millennial mojo. On the other, it drives the truth of (((their))) tyranny over the press home in the minds of Boomers and X’ers

    • @AC

      Oh, they haven’t seen anything yet – they want a doxxing war, they’ll sure as hell get one.

      On another note, looks like Kikebart stole my Mafia reference for one of their clickbait articles.

  7. This is typical Jewish behavior. Threaten their business model, their flow of cash and they will do anything…..anything.

  8. Julian Assange is an Albino Warrior for Truth. I’m not a lawyer but I think Han Asshole Solo has a very good legal case against the Kike News Network.

    None of this madness would be happening if Ted Turner was still in charge of CNN. After all, it is based in Atlanta! But everything the covetous, scheming JEW touches turns into shit.

    • They ripped Ted off big time. He should have known not to deal with the Jews or trust them in any way. They took his company, eased him out and then looted the companies wealth right out from under him. Ted was a Leftist but not the crazy kind. I don’t think he would have let 9-11 slide. They would not have been able to pull it off with him in charge.

  9. @Sam J.

    ‘There was a group called the Cathars in Southern France that believed the “so called” god of the old testament was actually a demon Satanic run operation and that only the the New Testament and the word of Jesus was relevant to being saved. I believe that also. ‘

    I believe that,too. The olde testament is Judaism and mixing that with the new testament, Christianity (a refutation of Judaism) is like trying to blow out the very flame you are attempting to ignite.

    As to John 8:44, it is one of the things I use when dealing with Zio-Christians, if only to keep them from infecting others with the same virus.

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