Free Charlie Gard: President Trump Stands Up To Save Critically Ill British Baby From Murderous Cuck Islanders

When it comes to the whole idea of “death panels” and euthanasia, I’m almost entirely opposed at the moment due to the sheer levels of hypocrisy and sadism that currently lies within literally every single Western government.

First off, from my understanding of British law, the whole decision-making process of letting someone who is terminal “die with dignity” does not lie exclusively with an individual or with family members, but rests in the hands of special panels of doctors/specialists who essentially base rulings on shekels and on whether continued care would burden a healthcare system already collapsing due to immigration.

And secondly, while some nations willfully put down little White children and sickly individuals, nothing is said about the financial aid and sustenance given to Third-World hovels in Africa, Asia, and other centers of heavy humanoid activity (the food, medicine, and technology given is essentially life support, for without it, The Reaper would arrive to claim millions).

For those reasons alone (emotion as a father is also a factor), I stand with little Charlie Gard against the twisted hate of the decadent and godless British authorities.

The Hill:

President Trump on Monday offered to help a critically ill British child who has become a flashpoint in the United Kingdom debate over whether the government should have a say in individual matters pertaining to life and death.

Trump tweeted his support for Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old infant on life support due to complications from a mitochondrial disease. The controversy around Gard has engulfed the Vatican, which infuriated some on the right by not immediately siding entirely with the parents, who want to seek experimental medication in the U.S. or bring their child home to die.

“If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” Trump tweeted.

Gard’s case has created an international uproar and sparked debate over whether the government should be able to mandate “death with dignity” over a family’s wishes to seek out experimental medication for their sick child.

Gard was born with a rare genetic condition and cannot move or breathe on his own.

His parents want to bring him to the U.S. to seek experimental medication or take him home so they can spend their final hours together.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital where he is staying has argued the child would suffer harm because there is no prospect he will recover. The British Supreme Court is backing the hospital, opening the door for doctors there to withdraw life support for the child.

Gard’s parents will also not be allowed to take him home to die.

I have a four-month-old baby boy that represents the innocence, beauty, and pure happiness that has almost been extinguished from this world, and if I were in the position of little Charlie’s dad, I can’t say that I would be as calm and composed as he has been through this ordeal.

I would almost certainly snap – the issue would trigger the primeval rage that in this modern age has largely been relegated to the bond between child and loving parent.

And before anyone gets into a sperg rage over the idea of eugenics and defects, we’re not even talking about that issue – as far as I can tell, nobody with such an acute version of Charlie’s illness has ever survived into adulthood, and if there are some out there (less severe cases have a better prognosis), they are likely not in any shape or mindset to reproduce.

What we’re dealing with here is a deranged government (really qualifying as evil according to most definitions of the word) refusing to allow parents with money raised outside of the NHS to take their child to the United States for treatment already offered by those seeking to maybe buy Charlie a few more years of existence.

Even if the treatment fails to achieve a breakthrough, the most honorable thing (we know Jewed Cuck Island is anything but) would be for the State to back down, allow the Gard family peace, and let Charlie pass on AT HOME while being wrapped in his favorite blanket, surrounded by his favorite toys, and with his mother and father at his side.

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  1. Thank you for this. THANK you. I am in tears as I write this comment. I di understand what this issue means to you, Marcus. Poor little Charlie’s plight breaks my heart. His parents – I can’t imagine being in their position. GOD bless them; they are pulling out all the stops. I don’t know if any treatments can help this poor child at all – but why not TRY? Why not? There is no reason to NOT try. Even if beautiful little Charlie cannot be helped, then perhaps others can be, via what may be learned.

    God BLESS Donald Trump. God bless him for taking a stand. He can be totally frustrating, but he certainly has the right instincts, in the fundamentals.

    Bless you and your BEAUTIFUL family, Marcus. Thank you.


  2. How anyone could allow such an adorable little White baby like Charlie to die is incomprehensible. Maybe if he and his parents receive enough thoughts and prayers from well-wishers around the world he will pull through. I certainly hope so!

  3. I normally post under a username but will remain anonymous due to protecting my identity. My 6 year old son has the same Mitochondrial disease, without going into great detail, the severity of symptoms varies. My son was never supposed to walk or talk, yet he’s doing great although he still has a feeding tube and tracheotomy tube. We’ve accumulated over $1 million in medical bills even though he’s insured through my employer. I’ve spent countless hours in numerous hospitals, ERs, Doctors offices, Therapists, etc.
    Somehow there’s money for every negress to have 8 chilluns and collect every benefit under the sun, yet this child can’t get help? By the way we collect zero benefits such as Welfare, Medicaid, Disability etc. I work my ass off. I stand with Charlie.

    • @Anonymous

      I’m sorry you and your son have to deal with such a terrible thing, but thank God he’s doing great.

      And you’re right – it’s sick.

      We have Niggers, Hispanics, and pure White junkie trash (Brits got slightly different critters) getting life handed to them on a silver platter, and poor White children have to suffer.

    • @ Anonymous- bless you and bless your family. I will pray for you and them, for what it’s worth. Your little child is still very young; who knows what advances my liberate the dear little boy. I’m sure he’s a joy to you and your wife and the rest of your family, and the money being spent is NOTHING compared to his life. Our families are the only REAL treasure on Earth, and as racial kin – we are all family. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful day. One day we will be able to know each other in person. One day I’d love to see pics of your wonderful boy. One day we won’t have to hide.

      Til that Day,

  4. Bless you and family, Anonymous. If some nigglet gang-banger or Mohammedan baby terrorist was stricken with this disease ( I would never wish such a misfortune on anyone) you can be sure every cucked politician and every shitlib in the jewsmedia would be demanding that the picaninny be saved at all costs.

  5. It’s a heartbreaking story with a heartbreaking prognosis. The government and big business have no universal right to determine any individual’s destiny. I’ve never in my life heard of his condition and wonder if it isn’t something “The System” itself caused. John Rappaport came out with a report on vaccines that actually change the DNA. And, they been in trials for years! Obviously death panels do not just reside within the United States. It is a global mutation. On another note, I can’t believe the commie Pope took the side of a white family.

    Wait til your parents get to “that age”. You will be shocked at how many people appear to facilitate their demise and when you want to extend their lives they will treat you with pure disdain. I experienced it first hand. Since when is a life, any life, n ot worth saving? We are dealing with demons. I’ll say it again. We are dealing with demons.

  6. @Miss Denise…

    Truly lovely and heartrendingly touching comments. Thank you and God bless you!

  7. If Charlie were a minority or his parents Muslim, I wonder if the hospital/government would be so quick to give up, and effectively give this innocent child a death sentence.
    If they would use the same method of decision against the Islamic refugees flooding into their country, it would definitely solve their current issues with terrorism.

  8. We can send billions in foreign aid to Africa and The Middle East every year, along with medical teams to cure their diseases and have special programs for them teaching them how to plant a crop, and sent in peace keepers to stop them annihilating eachother, helping their populations explode into the gazillions… taxpayers expense, yet we somehow can’t help a little white baby in a dire predicament. Its a shameful situation for whites in 2017 when government funding and priority is never directed towards their own people anymore.
    Little things like this, bit by bit , are helping to advance white genocide.

    • The vast majority of Whites will do anything for non-Whites – yet stab each other in the neck ASAP.

      Maybe we do deserve to die out, as a Race, after all.

      • I would estimate that upwards of 40% of our Race is not worthy of survival, either because of their extreme cowardice, depravity, selfishness or indifference. But the remaining 60% is more valuable than gold or any other metal and stone that the jews consider to be “precious”.

  9. Okay, I’ll put on my ‘kook’ hat.

    After repressing the urge to give into various emotions, I stepped back and thought…

    What kind of business is there in infant/baby organs? What direct, concrete interest does Big Brother have in this case, since the indirect ones are many?

    Why can’t they let this family come to a dignified, humane balance in such a painful, personal struggle on various levels?


    • You know who. The Jew. They are sadistic, evil demons from Hell, who delight and glory in the misery and agony they create.

    • @Onceler

      I’m not sure about babies, but there is a thriving black market for human organs in general, and I’m sure you can guess (((who))) plays a huge part in the business…

  10. I know *who* wants total power over us and our bodies, I was just asking exactly how that pans out here. What if they want to prolong this poor child’s life (and his and his parents’ suffering) just long enough to start harvesting organs upon declaring him non-viable or something?

    I’d think most people would sympathize with the parents, and want to give them either the chance for real life or control over the final phase and dimension of it.

    People think the jews are prone towards careers in medicine because they’re science-oriented, even as many recognize their preference for the most lucrative and high status roles in the overall field.

    But the proclivity is more a compulsion to control the gentiles’ bodies, as to do so is to achieve total control over the body politic.

    This gets back to the faux field of psychiatry where psychopathy and affluence form a potent combination. Its upper/upper middle class purveyors seek to hide behind what is for most, even higher IQ types, an inaccessible and opaque facade of ‘biological science’ as they justify their spiritual usury.

    Truly evil and sadistic!

  11. @ Snowhitey

    There is increasing scientific evidence to support your own personal ‘kook’ theory.

    Like, there are these little bits of genes called single nucleo-peptide whatevers…their acronym is SNP’s and are called ‘snips.’ They represent variations that are not whole mutations in their size or frequency, as most occur in high numbers and can vary depending on the population.

    White/european people, for instance, have methylation SNP’s at significantly higher rates than other races, including even asians apparently. The methylation cycle is central to our bodies in that it governs digestion and basic detoxing. Going up it builds RNA and DNA, going down rids our system of toxins. One of the main ramifications for a compromised methylator is mitochondrial dysfunction and.or failure. This happens especially when folic acid, a synthetic form of the folate found in leafy greens, for example, blocks the cycle along with some toxins like mold spores which produce mycotoxins.

    A lot of evidence exists which links the epidemic of autism to these minor variations in MTHFR SNP’s and methylation issues, yet the forcing of folic acid into our flours and foodstuffs goes on unchallenged by the FDA, Pharma’s gatekeeper.

    And, MTHFR SNP’s supposedly have some correlation with higher IQ as well as european-ness.

    It becomes more and more possible to shepherd fairly specified birth defects in gestating fetuses via controlling/sabotaging the mother’s food supply and environment.

    Guess which SNP’s are being implicated in ‘mental illness?’ You got it – those european MTHFR ones, along with a few other groups. MTHFR has such a community and following at this point the hijackers of the genomic field have pivoted onto these other, less studied groupings like COMT and MAO. I believe variations on them might also occur in higher frequencies in europeans. One group I can’t recall is being directly linked to ‘PTSD’ in european women specifically.

    I take the time to harangue people with this because it’s important to pay attention. There is zero real science substantiating the ‘white genes’ with ‘bipolar’ and schizophrenia. Besides that there is no biological ‘bipolar’ (manic depression is genetically-based but wholly different from the mere complex of supposed ‘bipolar’), all (((they))) have at this point are supposed studies proving that sufferers of ‘bipolar’ and schizophrenia (also a real genetic disease) often carry these SNP’s and simultaneous biomarkers.

    A few problems trip up their scheme; the biomarkers are nothing but signs of vague stress, as opposed to anything conclusively diagnostic, and the criteria for having ‘bipolar’ or even schizophrenia assigned to someone are even shadier. It’s a self referential scientific solipsism, basically. Some shrink calls someone bipolar without any science, then claims the existence of SNP’s in them and, say, some common sign of stress proves ‘disease.’ It’s a great way to distort the political oppression of europeans into some alleged biological defect in us.

    That’s all assuming the ‘bipolar’ person a. exists in some dharma-funded ‘study’ and b. exhibits signs of extreme stress to begin with.

    There’s much much more to say here. The evidence for mitochondrial dysfunction and autism and MTHFR is considerable and for the former, irrefutable.

  12. …The burgeoning field of genomics and nutrigenomics has some real merit to it, but it’s become a magnet for both charlatans and schlock artists as well as globalist controllers, who see the potential to harness the energy and redirected hypochondria into support for their political agenda.

    The science is very nascent and the systems it seeks to examine and treat are complex. Much of what is bandied about is junk.

    Its supporters are generally anti-Pharma and anti-Food Lobby, but they are extremely vulnerable to some of the same compulsive pill-popping and pseudo-organicizing that characterizes Pharma and psychiatry, which desperately requires justification of its fiscal and political predations with some sort of science.

  13. …Trying to ‘prove organic disease’ in european women in the guise of PTSD represents an attempt to discredit our reports of attacks from non-whites. This as the definition of PTSD has changed similarly to the evolution of the real manic depression into ‘bipolar.’

    Most important is that PTSD was once a contemporaneous stress reaction to past trauma. It’s now said to feature psychosis (which was never true even in Viet Nam vets who sort of pioneered its diagnosis) and violence.

    We’re just imagining black men, et al, raping us, you see. And who knows, maybe we fucking imagined the ‘real’ attack to begin with!

  14. Harvesting the organs of aborted fetuses, sick children and condemned prisoners for profit – that is EXACTLY the kind of behavior one would expect from a Semite or some other type of Asiatic, because they are not fully human and therefore have no real sense of human pity, empathy or decency.

    There is something the (((medical establishment))) isn’t telling us about the rise in autism, especially among White children. All I know is that when a documentary about the suspected link between autism and vaccines was going to be shown at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival last year the jews howled and howled about it until the film was yanked from the line-up. And when the actress Jenny McCarthy, the mother of an autistic child, publicly speculated on that link she was viciously ridiculed and even threatened by the jewsmedia and jewish pediatric “experts”.

    I used to ask myself if maybe sometimes I was being too hard on the jews. But now I ask myself: I am hating them as much as they deserve to be hated? Am I even capable of mustering the immense amount of hatred needed to combat them?

    • @Spahnranch

      To truly understand – and subsequently hate – the Jews, one must be around them and learn of their nature.

      That’s why it’s sometimes hard for people who are not from an area with a serious Jew infestation to ever fully grasp the Jewish Problem, as it’s one thing to learn second-hand about them, and quite another to see in person over a lengthy period of time how an average Joe Cohen has essentially the same mindset, mores, and drives as a George Soros, James Deen, MILO, or Jared Kushner (just on a micro level).

      And no, you can never hate them too much…

      • incorrect. Hatred clouds clear thought. Re the Jews, we need to liquidate the “hot” SA (brownshirt) mentality, and cultivate a cold, clear-eyed SS mentality.

        • Point taken, although I meant a hatred like the kind I have for cancer or something equally destructive.

  15. Also at the very bottom some inmate addict in NJ reportedly claims ‘it doesn’t come from a 12 step program,’ meaning the self help networks like Narcotics Anonymous, etc. How would she know since most of these organizations were disbanded as the jews reconfigured every social-emotional malady some ‘organic mental illness?’

    The 21st Century Cures Act also attacked SAMSHA which is the federal substance abuse treatment agency, for emphasizing self help and for treating addiction as a choice instead of some ‘serious mental illness.’ Most of SAMSHA’s monies are being redirected into Pharma and Co.’s inpatient ‘cures.’

    Last for now, it is incredibly easy for the government to shepherd mass overdoses that result in death. When Janis Joplin overdosed in California, at least six other addicts in the vicinity died over a two week span from what is believed to have been a particularly potent batch of heroine.

    Injecting very potent batches of the drug into any given locale could easily bring about a rash of fatal overdoses, so the government could and probably does/will lobby for its Nannystan laws through staging not just media psy ops, but real crises.

  16. I am not a heroine addict or alcohol addict, for the record, or any type of drug addict. I just study the jew-created crisis.

    I don’t drink or do drugs. I do refined carbs more than I should 😉

  17. Janis Joplin died of a drug overdose just a few weeks after her friend Jimi Hendrix did. And their mutual friend Jim Morrison knew he would be next. The same goes for Brian Jones, who discovered and promoted Hendrix. All dead at 27 and all within two years of each other…..

    Elvis, FBI Director Hoover and Vice President Agnew were somehow involved. G. Gordon Liddy knows but he ain’t talkin…..

    • All I said was that a particularly potent batch of heroine is believed by Joplin’s friends and biographers to have caused her lethal overdose. No one that I know of thinks it was some conspiracy.

      I absolutely know that it is well within the purview of TPTB to purposely inject the supply of heroine with lethally potent batches of it so as to convince local people and americans at large to funnel more money into the Stasi psych apparatus. I’m referring to today, not to Joplin’s era. Never waste a crisis, nor the opportunity to create one. If Rahm Emmanuel had been honest when he said the first phrase, he would have finished with the second.

      A free people don’t just give up their guns and rights because someone tells them to. In our case, we are, for the most part, being tricked and manipulated into both buying our own enslavement and granting it legal validity.

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