America To Start Arresting Those Who Hire Smugglers To Import Illegal Alien Children

The last few days have been somewhat of a white pill reprieve from what has turned out to be a rather irritating Trump Administration, and I pray that we’ll continue to see developments like the below to help boost the morale of those who enjoy keeping themselves informed.

Wall Street Journal:

The Trump administration said Friday it will begin arresting parents and others who hire smugglers to bring children into the U.S., in an effort to break up human-trafficking operations.

The new “surge initiative” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement marks the latest get-tough approach to immigration by the federal government since President Donald Trump took office.

It is also a sharp departure from policies in place under President Barack Obama, during which tens of thousands of young people crossed the border illegally. The children were then placed with sponsors—typically parents, close relatives or family friends—who cared for the minors while their cases moved through the immigration court system.

The government said it plans to arrest the sponsors.

“ICE aims to disrupt and dismantle end-to-end the illicit pathways used by transnational criminal organizations and human-smuggling facilitators,” agency spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez said. “The sponsors who have placed children directly into harm’s way by entrusting them to violent criminal organizations will be held accountable.”

Children whose sponsors were arrested would be placed with another verified relative or guardian, or under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the federal agency that takes custody of unaccompanied minors, Ms. Rodriguez said.

A decent start, but I would personally expand upon the new laws to include deportation of both the parents/sponsors and the children (we’re not heartless and therefore believe in united families), a total shutdown of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (unless it involves White South Africans), and the inclusion of a subsection of the smuggler program to cover those who try to import foreign spouses of non-White descent (I would say that 5 years imprisonment would be fair).

Oh, and The Wall.

Please build said structure ASAP, Mr. President.

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    • Another good new is the fast decline of “teenage” pregnancies.

      That means a sharp decline in the beaner, dindu, wigger and mudshark birthrates.

  1. The next census data will be a rude awakening for most. With legal and illegal aliens (asians who overstay their visa and other browns) we will see mexicans making up almost a 1/3 of our population while the overall % of whites will be close to 50%. In 30 years? What will become

  2. “…would be placed with another verified relative or guardian…”.

    same old. Meanwhile, 6 months in,

    No wall.

    20,000,000 illegals still here.

    (((sanctuary city))) racket continues.

    State Dept. (((refugee resettlement))) Muslim-invasion racket more than doubled.

    (((Swamp))) deeper than ever.

    Obamacare, continued.

    heading for war with Russia in Syria on behalf of (((Israel))).

    but, yeah, Trumpenthal is just SAVAGELY TWEETING mika and Joe.

    • Yes, current events can be a bit of a black pill. I think Trump has betrayed his far right voters, but I have hopes that things will eventually improve -but perhaps not until the Jew England empire falls.

      • We don´t have an all-out fighting over Syria just yet.

        The latest “warning” forced the Russian gov to answer that there might be retaliations to US actions and look out for where a chemical false flag might come from. Also, it happened while Turkey was clearly considering an attack on the YPG.

        It is pretty clear that the Russian gov played a game of its own, no way suspicious Turkish flights pattern were not detected before the 2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown or that they were taken by surprise by the “accidental” attack on the Syrian army back in September 2016.

        Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey could have mounted a major attack on Syria but haven´t done that so far. They should have had the time to prepare by now.

  3. What’s amazing is that we aren’t already making these arrests. Insanity.

    It’s good to see Trump making a slow pivot back to what he was elected to do in the first place. Trump isn’t and never was the complete solution to the problems we face, but the more he can do to implement the program he actually ran on, the better off whites in the U.S. will be.

  4. I know the TRUMP administration is frustrating. This move, however, like all moves against immigration, helps legitimize nationalism and opposition to the 3’d world invasion.

  5. Deportation is so powerful that it can even make Obamacare and Big Government work.

    It will raise minimum wages to $15 per hour, cut taxes, balance budgets, improve education, reduce infectious disease, and strengthen families, churches, and the cultural fabric – EVEN IF TRUMP DOES NOTHING ELSE!

    That’s how powerful deportation is.

  6. Fellas – we have a lot of housecleaning to do. The Trump Admin is very quietly gutting the State Dept. The First Year will be ALL about fighting ZOG, and the Deep State .

  7. @Haxo Angmark
    July 1, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Add to your list:
    Universities, churches, temples, etc, that use public funds for blatantly political purposes, which is against the law. ILLEGAL. They push White Genocide using our money, and have not been de-funded, nor prosecuted by the IRS for tax fraud. All it would take from Chump is one phone call to the IRS to tell the people there to do their job.

    Pushing politics using public funds is illegal, but Conservatives don’t care about enforcing the law. Nationalists don’t care about it either, because not one article written about it here.

    “but, yeah, Trumpenthal is just SAVAGELY TWEETING mika and Joe.”

    Sometimes he talks rough to make the nationalists hearts go aflutter. Just one of many persuasion techniques he employs, and dopey nationalists lap it up every time.

    No. I don’t get excited when conservatives go after illegals. An illegal is just a brownie they haven’t given a ceremony to yet. Brownies With Ceremonies is the only thing conservatives differ with liberals on. White Genocide with ceremonies is the conservative wet dream. Conservatives just love their ceremonies.

  8. What I am interested in is how to seize power.

    How can the (((enemies))) and [[[traitors]]] authority and influence be undermined? How can activists judges be removed? How can cultural-marxism in education and academia be shut down? How can power be seized from them? Let duty guide you!

    • No, no, and NO you seize power by writing essays and more essays that quibble the abstract points of the political debate.

      Next thing you know you will be outright discrediting and delegitimizing the left and cuck right.

      No true conservative intellectual would ever do that.


    Russ Feingold claims that Trump is going after illegal voting!

    This is HUGE! This is a key plank of the movement’s platform: purging the voting rolls and forcing everyone to re-register. Get rid of the dead voters, get rid of the duplicate voters, get rid of the illegal voters, get rid of people voting where they are not supposed to.

    The alt right can, under the leadership of Fash the Nation, get back to politics rather than meta-politics (fist fighting in the street). Start pushing this at the local level, where the actual voting and verification always occurs.

  10. Let the government set up a reward of $1,000/head for bounty hunters to drag in dead or alive all illegal aliens in this country and in a short amount of time there would be no illegals left and those who didn’t escape across the border and were caught, the reward money would stimulate the local economy instead of still having illegals around to send their money out of the country.
    This solution would actually work so I know this crazy jew/lib controlled country would block it…

  11. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”.

    United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86, adopted on 16 December 1991, revoked the determination in Resolution 3379, which had called Zionism a form of racism.

    So therefore white “zionism” (nationalism) is okay. We are allowed to protect our nation and borders and go after the invaders and those who pay these smugglers.

  12. Give it time. Unlike some who think Trump should have just ignored the judges who stopped his EO’s on Muslims, I think he wanted the Supreme Court to decide because it will take another SC decision to overturn this one (should it side with Trump). Of course, we all know that a totally left leaning majority court is not too far away.

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