The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Queer: One Video Says It All

I want this sample of degeneracy spread around to all the “muh Reagan” cuckolds still sucking wind out there, and I want them to answer whether this is what they want their children and grandchildren exposed to.

Because however they believe, I’m thinking more and more that we would have been much better off had Warsaw Pact armor raced through Europe to the Atlantic coast, and if the Cold War had concluded with a hardcore Soviet victory – freedom is utter nonsense if this is the end result (it will always end this way).

I won’t even go into the World War Two references other than my thought that had American soldiers been given a glimpse into the distant future (with the below video emphasized), you would have likely seen many raised GI arms, white flags, and calls of “nicht schiessen” on the beaches of Normandy.

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    • @Yehudah

      I don’t even know…

      The only thing I’m sure of is the fact that we’re going to need a bigger bog.

  1. Marcus, When I was a teenager, I used to think the Religious Right were paranoid idiots for believing “The Gay Agenda was about brainwashing kids into homosexuality.” I was wrong, the fundamentalist Christians were right.

    • @Yehudah

      Yes. Yes they were.

      Although their issue was always a half-worldview that failed to take the entire forest into account (when it came to a few trees, they were right on the money). With that lack of understanding came an inability to fight back effectively against the (((forces))) that treats filth and smut among the Goyim as Gospel.

  2. They want to have sex with kids. It is sick. The woman that looks like a guy want to have sex with young girls.

  3. kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism.

    a full-frontal Jew attack on White family formation and birth rate.

    and so far, it’s working.

    other than the fact that she denies the JP, Ann Barnhardt (likely a half-Jew) is quite good on this and related subjects:

  4. I always had a problem with men wearing earrings – bikers included (sorry, it’s feminine to me, they just made it cool to hook you sucker), wearing anything pink (sucker again), too much jewelry, hair perms, hair bleaching, hair dyeing (I’ll let a magnificent job slide), and getting their eyebrows (that’s not to say I like unibrows), groins, & chests waxed. Forget about nail polish, long nails (I’d prefer dirt under them but I detest that as well), thongs, toe rings, heels on shoes/boots (like Bubble Boy), white pants, white shoes, nipple piercings, eyeliner, fake tans, clogs, crocs, man purses, and man buns. And, they should be driving a manly car, manly truck, or manly motorcycle!

  5. These perverts are begging to be sent to concentration camps and marched into huge, shallow pits filled with quick-lime. I would be more than happy to oblige them.

  6. freedom is utter nonsense if this is the end result (it will always end this way).

    End what way, with the rest of us powerless to speak out against these filthy faggots? That’s not freedom as I understand it.

    My tolerance of faggotry goes only so far as to say faggots should have a right to be faggots. That’s it. The rest of us should have every right to wall ourselves off from their filthy faggot influence; every right to say, no faggots allowed here; we hate faggots; etc.

    In a society like that the only way you’d get exposed to filthy faggotry promoters is finding youtubes, pretty much the way you just did now.

    So, no, I don’t the existence of disgusting faggots is any reason to pooh-pooh freedom.

  7. [I couldn’t bring myself to watch the vid, btw. The mere thought of faggotry to me is stomach-turning enough.]

  8. Tolerance. The kiss of death. To say faggot, queer degenerates have a right to existing is to admit defeat.

    A healthy culture isolates, then culls these abominations.

  9. Too bad, we INDIVIDUALS have no collective power act upon the problems as we see them. Do we just give up and let the world be the world, or do we separate ourselves from the perverse ways of the Left? I don’t think it can be stomped out of them. It is a clear sign of the twisted nature of humanity. I think polarizing the left and right to a world level, and then setting aside places or other Man-made nations for these people will in the future be a peaceful answer to this problem. At least I don’t feel so alone now. I am glad I came across this blog. from ky MAGA, polarize the world, not our Nation.

  10. “Freedom” is a word which can mean anything anyone wants it to mean. But it’s whoever is in power who decides what it means.

  11. @Silver

    The idea of allowing degenerates to be degenerates so long as they don’t interfere with things is a belief that doesn’t take into account the fact that the very nature of sodomites is to push their filth onto others as a means of survival – studies show this with molested boys, etc…

    The fact is that you CANNOT preserve a “live and let live” with homosexuals, Jews, and other undesirables, as they don’t play by your rules, and will keep poking, poking, and testing the waters until they find an opening to grow powerful again – societies naturally grow old and decay, so their next rising would just be a matter of time and endurance.

    “Freedom” needs to have established rules, regulations, and limits if it is to survive at all – this was the Achilles Heel of this country, and in the end it was exploited to the point where mostly-naked men ramming each other with giant dildos on parade floats became acceptable and protected expression.

  12. ” I was wrong, the fundamentalist Christians were right.”

    Yehudah, for the late Jerry Fallwell, I accept the apology. I had my doubts also, and thought they were sometimes a bit extreme.

    We had no idea….. because even Teletubbies should not have been carrying purses.

  13. “other than the fact that she denies the JP, Ann Barnhardt (likely a half-Jew)…”

    Haxo, what an asinine assumption! Because she has a German last name!? Have you seen a picture of her? Little tiny snubnose, Aryan- looking young woman.

    Juden? Das glaub ich schon nicht….

  14. @ kerdasi amaq

    Everyone should look at it at least once. That Emily Youcis is a real talent. Unfortunately, she’s actually living over in South Korea right now having been threatened off our glorious shores by Democracy itself. I would love for at least one of my sons to marry a young lady like Emily.

  15. @ Fr. John. Not an assumption: Barnhardt’s mother a White Christian, father likely a Jew. During one of her interviews on (((Andrea King)))’s neo-con ‘net radio show, King cracked a joke….Ann Elizabeth then laughed about “2 Jewesses cackling over….” (etc.).

    and “Barnhardt” (Bernhardt, Bernard, etc.) is a usually a German-JEWISH name. For someone as hardRight is she is on every other issue, her denial of the JP is highly suspect.

    and the “snubnose” is almost certainly a rhinoplasty.

  16. Leftism is a form of neo-Catharism. Much as the Cathars believed that matter was evil, leftists refuse to believe in the physical realities of race and gender. The problem with the Soviet commies was that they only believed in the physical, e.g., factory production and buckwheat harvests, and they threw the baby known as human nature out with the dialectical bath water. They did, however, take a hard line with the queer stuff.

  17. Domesticated animals do not kill their defective offspring. In the case of humans, we not only kill perfectly healthy offspring through abortion, our defective are now celebrated and promoted as the future ideal to be pursued.

    I’d like to see Hollywood produce a horror flick where a small Midwestern town is not terrorized by some blob or giant insect but something realistically worthy of our fear, one of these critters hell-bent on breeding with them.

  18. Is that the Babadook? -D

    Already as a “teen”, I already knew that political correctness would eventually “evolve” toward this and I was not surprised when learning of Social Justice.
    The political objective must be to shut this down.

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