Belgium: Peace-Loving Moslem Suicide Bomber Shot Inside Brussels Central Station

UPDATE: I didn’t even realize that today is World Refugee Day – happy celebrations, everyone.

These attacks aren’t even newsworthy subjects at this point – unless of course the death toll gets into at least double digits.

All that really needs to be emphasized is the fact that it’s only going to get worse, many more will lose life and limb, and all other policies except mass arrests, expulsions, and race-based isolationism have been tried to no avail.

But look on the bright side – nobody died as of yet, including the bomber, so you can save the time that would otherwise be focused on phony prayers and hashtags.

Always think positive.

From Daily Mail:

There has been an explosion at Brussels central station, where military have shot a suspect who was allegedly wearing an explosive belt. 

The suspect was allegedly carrying a backpack and a belt of explosives and was ‘seriously injured’ after being ‘neutralized’ by the military. There are no other casualties.  

The Belgian capital’s Grand Place, a major tourist site, was evacuated along with the station about 650 feet away.

Belgian Rail says traffic has been halted at the station with local media reporting that there was a small blast there.

Belgian Police have said an incident with a person in Brussels central station is under control.

Soldiers, firefighters, armoured trucks and police were pictured outside the station after it was evacuated.

Federal police have confirmed the blasts and say soldiers opened fire on man.

One witness said he was ‘lucky to be alive’ after something that sounded like a ‘bomb’ allegedly went off just 30 metres away from him.

Ludoivic Hampton wrote: ‘When you’re walking through central station and something that looked and sounded like a bomb goes off 30 metres away from you.

‘I’m lucky to be alive.’

Don’t worry, Ludoivic, next time the Moslem Reaper may not be as careless and amateur as what you saw today.

This one might have just been either drunk, stoned, or driven by an especially acute case of retardation – especially when you take into account the fact that he’s still clinging to life by some comical twist of fate.

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  1. Geez, how can we fight this mysterious surge in terrorism? Maybe we need to ban all back-packs, trucks and outdoor pop music concerts? Require young blonde women to dye their hair black and dress in burqas? More crackdowns on internet hate speech? Would lighting up public buildings in different colors or shutting off the lights on the Eiffel Tower for a few minutes every evening help? I know! We need to welcome more moslem immigrants. That will tell the terrorists that they cannot defeat us – we will not give in to hate!

  2. Many of these peace lovers who carry out these attacks actually wanted to go to Syria and Iraq to fight there. At least in the case of Australia and possibly most Western nations where they are, when they try to leave the country, they’re stopped and prevented from going. Why? Let them fuckin go!!! As they can’t leave and get their combat fix there, sure enough they’ll endanger people here. This further highlights how our governments just don’t get it and expose us to added danger.
    The number one job of these retards is to keep their citizens safe. What a great job they’re doing!

  3. “Karen Handle won, in GA! She beat the JEW!”

    Denise- would that be on the order of ‘that’s one small step for man, etc.’?

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