Newsflash: Even A GOD EMPEROR Needs A (((Divinity))) To Bow Down To

Throughout history, White Men who held themselves to be somehow above the common rabble in mind, body, and soul still sought other divine figures for advice, consolation, and repentance.

The great Greeks/Macedonians like Alexander the Great held Apollo, Zeus, and Achilles to be their direct inspirations, Roman Emperors attended to their cult gods and their myriad of superstitions, and Medieval European monarchs could, and sometimes were, broken and humbled by mortal men immersed within the Catholic Church.

Therefore, I was not all that surprised to learn that our illustrious and esteemed “GOD EMPEROR,” Donald Trump, also grovels before someone he thinks is greater in all aspects – but I sure as hell didn’t think it would be this…

I’ve already heard it said that this particular Jew sounds something like a version of Mitt Romney that went through the castration process and had his T levels reduced to those of a three year old boy – honestly, young Master Barron could probably slap this guy up and down the corridors of the White House if he so chose.

Shame be upon you, Donald, for caving to such a creature.

And if Kushner is the Antichrist figure as some have suggested in various forums, I would like to criticize Satan himself for sending such a weak member of his extended family to destroy us all.

You could at least have given us something like the less snake-like Romanian guy Carpathia in the heretically-Zionist Left Behind series – I did read the books at one point in the past.

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  1. Trump apparently thought all the Ritual Submissions to Zion he performed when visiting Yizroel would suffice. As events in Syria make clear, the Jews demand more. Much. More.

  2. I saw a video of Kushner and wife walking to a helicopter at the White House. From the back Kushner looked like a lesbian in a suit.

  3. Cap’n, a man’s words are not the most important thing, it’s his actions that count. Jefferson did not have a great speaking voice either. Great orators are usually great windbags.

  4. You poke around long enough into a leader’s circle of advisors and sooner or later you’ll find some effete little jew like Miss Kushner.

  5. I had never heard Miss Jared speak until last night. Kushner is highly effeminate. Highly. It is disgusting that any white man, let alone the president of (decaying Imperial) America, would have Kushner as an adviser -or son-in-law. Like Marcus stated in this piece, Baron could probably put the smack down on Jared; I suspect Ivanka could also. I do not think Kushner is the antichrist, but my thoughts on prophecy far predate the Scofield Bible notes. As a society collapses, this is what we see…

  6. Why did it happen? Decades of anti-White psychological warfare and propaganda. Easy to do when you control all the Institutions. However, they don’t control the internet which is doing a job on them. Therefore, shut it down!

  7. Kushner is a pretty typical Jew. That whiney falsetto voice is common among Jews, if not the most common Jewish voice.

    I bet Kushner lies like a rug, LOL. With Jews, if you like a Jew you excuse the lying, and may even find the string of little white lies and exaggerations amusing. But, are you doing yourself, or the Jew any favors by over looking the Jews lies?

  8. Exactly Spahn, Kushner is the devil himself. Hopefully Patton realized what he’d done by 1945.

  9. This reminds me of my disappointment when I, being used only to dubbed films as a teenager, eventually heard Woody Allen’s actual, real voice for the very first time.

  10. Btw: the Antichrist poses as the true representative of Christ, NOT as Christ’s enemy. Atheists, communists, Muslims, Jews and many others do not claim to be Christ’s representative, they more or less openly declare their opposition to the Gospel and the fact that ONLY Christ can save you from eternal hell. I generally do not suggest using Holy Scripture like some gypsy’s crystal ball and believing that dabbling with obscure prophecies can be a substitute for serious political analysis based on sound Christian doctrine. But we must still maintain that Antichrist is never described as someone who is openly NON-Christian.

    (Besides, as much as I dislike Kushner and Soros et al.: many right-wing Americans talk about Jews like a stereotypical nigger talks about white people. USA dindu nuffin, they good people, they just tried to turn da life around and went to church to worship the constitution, and whenever something goes wrong it’s da fault of raciss Jews!)

    • @Smultron

      There’s a big difference between the two.

      With Niggers, most are too damned stupid to realize that without the White Man, they would likely not even exist because their ancestors would have likely been cannibalized or killed by disease back in Africa.

      With us, the Jews have been, and still obviously are, planning to annihilate us and our civilization – this is just plain fact that cannot be disputed by someone who understands history, geopolitics, sociology, etc…

  11. @smultronstallet.

    You’re right, whites have no legitimate beef with Jews, at least not anymore than blacks have with white. Except whites are bending over backwards every day to help blacks and avoid offending them. In the other hand, Jews are genociding whites and great u.s. with disdain. Your argument is made very often, by Jews themselves.

  12. If a black man believes that he just has to remove white men from the equation, he’s just as foolish as a white man believing that he just has to remove Jews from the equation to make capitalism and constitutionalism work. That’s a general problem with the “alt”-Right: many of them aren’t really that ALTERNATIVE:.If you scratch them, you’ll find that many of them are still the same old libertarian/ish Capitalist constitutionalists etc.

    • @Smultron

      I can’t speak for everyone on the Alt-Right, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want anything to do with either corrupt, unbridled Capitalism or the Constitution once the Jews were no longer an issue.

      Both have proven fallible, weak, and open to manipulation.

      And you are correct in that much needs to be done in regards to ourselves as a people – we have significant housecleaning to do.

  13. I didn’t realize so many alt-righters were disillusioned libertarians. But isn’t it a rather huge leap from libertarianism to national socialism?

    That “Tyrone” caricature of Trump at the top of the page looks more like Jimmy Carter!

  14. @ Captain John

    “Hopefully Patton realized what he’d done by 1945.”

    Oh, he knew. He knew before 1945. If you can find his diaries or letters to his wife, he reveals in them that he realized we were fighting the wrong side. That’s why they killed him. He knew they were going to kill him, too, which is why he told his wife to get him out of the hospital in Germany as quickly as possible. If he was able to return to the U.S., the war may have taken a different direction. I believe in one of those letters he stated that what he was being told by his commanding officers was not what he was seeing. He also understood the Jew very well. I believe he secretly commandeered German prisoners and organized them as a battle unit. So, while Eisenhower was starving the German prisoners of war, Patton was organizing them. Patton was a tremendous threat to the NWO. I get very emotional when I think about him. I doubt we will see another Patton in our lifetimes.

  15. I read somewhere that Patton was interested in rebuilding the Waffen SS for a US-German attack on Soviet occupied eastern Europe. Patton was extremely reluctant to pull his 3rd Army out of Czechoslovakia. Imagine if either him or MacArthur had run for President instead of Eisenhower?

  16. Lincoln had a very shrill, feminine voice too. People who had never heard him before often laughed when he started speaking. Not the way the media, theatres and movies present him now, is it?

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