Surprise, Goyim, Surprise: Analysts Now Expect American Soldiers To Spend Generations In Afghanistan

Didn’t Donald Trump promise us a total withdrawal of American military forces from foolish bases around the globe- or at least a large reduction in the number of soldiers wasting time and resources on a daily basis?

Like, I even recall him briefly mentioning a departure from South Korea, Japan, and the possibility of granting Germany back their sovereignty – he alluded to seventy years of occupation as being long enough.

As for Afghanistan, it should be plainly evident that the only contributions Americans have given the area involve horrid corruption within the puppet regimes, a massive increase in opium production (the Taliban actually stopped the drug trade on many levels), and easy tickets to the United States for hordes of barbarian Moslem “refugees.”

But perhaps if we fight for another thirty years or so, we’ll at last obtain victory – just keep hoping and keep dying, White Man.

From RT:

Americans may stay on Afghan soil for a “long-haul” mission that could evolve into several decades of “generational struggle,” General David Petraeus, ex-commander of US troops in Afghanistan, admitted.

The current war in Afghanistan is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future, David Petraeus, who led the US military campaign there back in the 2000s, told PBS News Hour. 

Though the retired General argued that “we went there for a reason and we stayed for a reason,” to defeat Al-Qaeda following the 9/11 attacks, he hinted that “a generational struggle” may unfold in the war-ravaged country.

“This is not something that is going to be won in a few years. We’re not going to take a hill, plant a flag, go home to a victory parade,” he said. “And we need to be there for the long haul, but in a way, that is, again, sustainable,” he added.

To back his remarkable statement, he cited other examples of US deployments in other parts of the world that have lasted decades.

“We have been in Korea for 65-plus years because there is an important national interest for that,” Petraeus said.

However, Petraeus “doesn’t think the US involvement will last that long” in Afghanistan.

The general argued “I think we should not approach this as a year-on-year mission,” noting that this kind of tentativeness gives Afghan leaders “the jitters.”

Embrace the feelings of primitive goat herders, Goyim.

Embrace their worries and their sorrows the come from the thought that White Americans will no longer stay in their country to have their legs blown off and their intestines strewn all over the ground.

The interview was released as media reports have emerged indicating that the Trump administration is preparing to deploy an additional 4,000 troops in Afghanistan to train the nation’s army and battle the resurging Taliban. The figure, though sizeable, nonetheless pales compared to the previous number of troops stationed in Afghanistan, which reached 100,000 at peak times.

Petraeus, who commanded the US troops and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from 2010 to 2011, insisted “it did actually turn back the Taliban.”

However, he then took a more measured tone, saying, “as I said, we are not going to permanently win this.”

Wait, what?

If there is no conceivable chance to win the war (and the Taliban is in fact stronger than ever before thanks to American involvement), why would a nation wish to keep troops fighting into the middle of the century?


One of the great unanswered questions of our time, that’s for sure.

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  1. That the coincidence of the heroin epidemic in the US and our invasion/occupation of Afghanistan isn’t mentioned every time the problem is discussed tells you all you need to know about the veracity of the US media. We’re only told the cover story for every event of consequence, while those who orchestrate and profit remain safely hidden from public scrutiny.

    Posted by: SlapHappy | Jun 14, 2017 2:49:49 PM | 4

  2. In the end, I’m wondering if there is something novel here.

    I mean, I served, decades back, and much of it was taking up by either guarding foreign lands, and or preparing and training to do so.

    This will continue until secession.

    This is not just about The International Jew, but about international corporations, Yankee Empire commercial alliances, and, perhaps most importantly, about the ego of the White Gentile American Peoples, many having grown so used to the vanities of empire, any attempt to discontinue that they immediately take for a betrayal.

    Ever since I have been alive, I have been aware of how dear Uncle Sam ‘kickin’ a li’l bit of ass’, is to far too many.

    • @Junius

      All the groups you mentioned are now intertwined beyond the point of no return.

      Their goals are actually pretty much the same as well – remember that even under a near-total genocide scenario, some high echelon Whites (or Mischlings) would survive to keep things from absolutely collapsing.

  3. Its never been properly explained to the average voter and taxpayer how these silly wars actually benefit them directly.
    If it to make the region more stable, we’ve failed- and why can’t they just do it themselves anyway?
    If its to crush extremism, well short of totally changing their core beliefs-and the Koran- this is not achievable in a war context.
    If its to train them…..well for how long have they been in training now? Its time for them to take responsibility.
    Why force any Islamic dustbowl to be stable, productive and tolerant when they don’t want it for themselves?
    What a complete waste of money, time and lives. And….we’ve also got to endure THEIR refugees, exposing us to the threat of terror attacks, Sharia and demographic change on home soil.
    After 16 years, we cannot do anything more for these people. They’re who they are. We cannot change them.

    • Why would anyone ever think that Democracy, which has proven to be a total cluster-f#ck failure even in the most advanced nations ever to exist, would work among a bunch of tribal savages with an average IQ roughly the same as “American” Blacks?

      That right there should be enough to get people wondering about the true motives of foreign intervention.

  4. No, Donald Trump didn’t promise a total withdrawal of American forces around the globe. That’s not going to happen until US geopolitical power diminishes sufficiently. It would have been better to be realistic in your assessment of Trump.

    • Well, he did promise a massive pullout from the Middle East, South Korea, and potentially Germany as well.

      But now we’re looking at Neo-Con 2.0.

  5. Petraeus is pushing his leash holders’ opinion, that is no surprise.

    What I am watching Trump on is immigration ONLY. It would be wise for Trump to limit the waves he makes elsewhere to make room for the only thing that matters. All those blue collar voters everyone keeps talking about? They would get an instant income and status boost from kicking out millions of competitors. That boost would ripple up the labor chain raising wages for many others.

    Better than any tax cut or minimum wage hike!

    And that isn’t even bringing in any Darwinian fitness arguments, which are far more potent than money arguments.

    July 21st marks Trump’s 6th month in office, he will have had time to prepare his forces in order to make tough moves. Sadly, I don’t think he was very effective on this count to date, but he can remedy that at any time by recalling his base to the political arena. He foolishly sent every one home after the election, the equivalent of Bush’s “go shopping” after 9/11.

  6. Every war we’ve been in since 1945 has been intentionally no win. “The war on poverty”, “War on drugs”, “War on terror” are no different. The big question: Cui bono?

  7. Diminishing global reach would be something like a Dunkirk, Singapore moment. Sudden catastrophe.

  8. How the hell would anyone even know what “victory” in Afghanistan looked like? At this point all ZOG is doing in that country is bombing piles of rubble into piles of smaller bits of rubble. Of course it should go without saying that the war in Afghanistan is a part of ZOG’s plan to keep the entire middle east in a state of permanent chaos and violence for the benefit of the Zionist mafia.

  9. 21st century war in central Asia against Islam and China. Pakistan a proxy of against India. Increasing U.S. troops to break up Pakistan into tribals lands.India can then mount pressure on China border.Long emergence U.S. imperial global trade protection rackets .

  10. At least part of this ongoing problem is a result of the USA’s “democracy” fetish.

    They should have allowed the Tajiks of the Northern Alliance to rule Afghanistan as a dictatorship and moved out immediately. Instead they demanded “democracy” and wasted time, money and blood on “nation-building.”

    Speaking of “nation-building,” Afghanistan is also an example of the dangers of multiculturalism. It is a country with at least 4 major and distinct ethnic groups– the majority Pashtuns (who spawned the Taliban), Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazzara. Some are Sunni, others are Shiite. Their project is doomed.

  11. Good point. What is missing is a deeper and more considered view and concept of Democracy. Universal Suffrage is modern construct, where “one man, one vote” is the norm. This has never existed. Demo in Democracy means lowering as in Demote. It is operative at the base of the cone or pyramid.

    In the past, only a selected few would be able to vote. This would be the Acropolis in Greece, the Elders in Tribes, Landowners in early America, or other chosen groups that had special status, either through hereditary or accomplishment.

    What we need is WEIGHTED VOTING, where votes are given to the individual based on contributions, knowledge, and patriotism. Such an individual might be allotted three or four votes. A middling, confused, and relatively ignorant person might be allotted 2 votes, if they are product, working citizens. A welfare, totally ignorant, slothful slob would get 1 vote. The very wealthy, living off of interest of their wealth get only 1 vote, as their influence through position and power far exceeds singular person.

    I believe such advanced and forward thinking is beyond people like Marcus Cicero, who mottles his writings with cheap expletives and reflexive, non-reflective thinking. As just another crowd pleaser go-along, shallow noise machine, he should NOT be given any special status on Occidental Dissent.

    • @Poupon

      Aren’t you the guy who constantly praises Asians, says their females are better in all conceivable ways than White women, and says that their immigration into the West is a net positive (you also praised Street-Pooping Ganges monkeys)?

  12. @Mr. Cicero…

    As you said – ‘All the groups you mentioned are now intertwined beyond the point of no return. Their goals are actually pretty much the same as well – remember that even under a near-total genocide scenario, some high echelon Whites (or Mischlings) would survive to keep things from absolutely collapsing.’


    I agree. It’s become nigh on impossible to criticize New England political culture without criticizing Jews, without criticizing urban culture in the South, without criticizing Saudi Arabia, England, France or Germany.

    It’s like one great big nasty pus of a pox.

    I reckon, for lack of a better term, I’ll refer to it as ‘the Anti-Chryst’.

  13. Most people don’t bother to vote, it’s mostly well organized people with an investment in the future.

  14. I think that I probably cast my last vote in November, 2016. The (((real US government))) and its secret police apparatus/”Deep State” will have toppled the elected govt by the time of the next general election making the whole thing a waste of time.

  15. Marcus Cicero: Voted most likely to Try and Fail To Succeed in high school. To answer you sub-literate, drunken slur, let me set you straight. Presuming you can read without moving your lips and underlying each word with your forefinger, do add to your knowledge on the genetic and linguistic basis of the Proto Indo-European Ayans. There is a reason that certain ethnics (not races) have similar IQs to us Euro-Caucasians, and have created very advanced societies even before Christ.

    Furthermore, my association with the US Military overseas has resulted in friends and acquaintances who married Asian women and live in the South, where their beautiful children usually achieve better than average results in life. One such offspring of a Deep Southern military man and Japanese bride returned to Georgia and married a blond blue eyed Southern Belle. The bride’s family was all too happy to have their daughter marry a boy of honor, intelligence and integrity.

    Dullards and bottom tongue scrapers like you are outside the real world of facts, data, real feedback, and even results. You sound like a loser, a churl, projecting outward your obvious lack of self-worth.

    White women?

    Asian women?

    Try talking some of your shit with Asian American military men listening or some red-blooded White men with Asian descended brides.

    • @Poupon

      I approved this comment just so the readership could see just what exactly you believe deep down.

      You’re filth, scum that deserves to be shoved down into a dark prison cell until you starve to death.

      And people like you and the American soldier cucks infected with Yellow Fever are largely the reason why our society fell under Jew influence, lost its moral compass, and now welcomes the dregs of the Third World en masse.

      Your precious soldiers that you keep bringing up in a weird obsessive way are just as low as niggers – thinking only with muh dik rather than with the brain that was handed down to them after hundreds of generations of racial purity.

  16. This is what the Trumpster promised the voters, but when he actually became President, he decided to put war mongers General Nuisance and Admiral Flapdoodle in change of the military. When you let the army brass run things, there will always be a war, that’s their business. That’s why the founding fathers wisely put the military under civilian control. And we didn’t have what Eisenhower called The military Industrial Complex for a long time.

  17. It is just as Barnes’ book of the 1950s said it would be: “Perpetual war for perpetual peace.”

    In other words it’s “more of the same.” Bullshit

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