Our Land Of Liberty: Texas Mother Arrested After Leaving Her Babies To Die In Hot Car

Hunter and Cushman were talking about being black-pilled from the recent series of events both here and in Europe – my point was just reached after reading of this latest tragedy.

Look closely, White Man, for this is the world you now live in, and this is what you get when you allow the lunacy of “freedom” to be taken to its logical conclusion – useless piles of waste letting their innocent toddlers die in the most gruesome of ways so that they can go off and party through the night (men have done this too).

From Raw Story:

19-year-old Amanda Hawkins, a mother of two, was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, on Thursday and faces two counts of child endangerment, according to the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities said Friday Amanda’s toddlers died Thursday after their mother intentionally left them in a hot car for more than 15 hours.

Amanda’s bond has been set at $35,000 for each count she has been charged with, officers said. Hawkins is now being held at the Bexar County Adult Detention Center in San Antonio, and is expected to be transferred to Kerr County, the sheriff’s office said.

“This is by far the most horrific case of child endangerment that I have seen in the 37 years I have been in law enforcement,” Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer said in a news release Friday.

On Thursday, Hawkins and her unidentified 16-year-old male friend took the children to Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville. However, the toddlers were found to be in “grave condition” and were immediately transferred to the University Hospital in San Antonio, a news release from the Sheriff’s office said. Hawkins told the doctors her children had been smelling flowers and thus might have come in contact with some poisonous object.

On Friday, the Sheriff’s office said Hawkins’ was lying and she had left the girls in her car for over 15 hours while she was at a friend’s place.

“She left them in the car, intentionally in the car, while her and the 16-year-old male friend were in the house,” the sheriff said. “They were in the house all night. The male friend for a little bit went to sleep in the car a little while but then went back to the house.”

The sheriff also said that people inside the house reported hearing the children crying, however, nobody went to check on them.

This society is a sick mess that has fallen so far in so little time, and if this were what we were fighting to preserve, I would say let it burn.

Let the hordes run wild, let the economy crash, let borders and maps be redrawn, and let the masses be sorted and cleansed by fire – note that if you trust in the “Conservative” mindset, you will be forced into making this decision every single time.

Because you see, the Conservative is nothing more than a worthless cuck who thinks winding back the clock a few years will save civilization from degeneracy and ruin – despite having a current belief system more akin to the Leftist of the last generation, and a religion resembling the Cultural Marxism of a few decades ago (sprinkle references to Jesus in there to make it perfect).

Their dilemma is why you can never just transplant a carbon copy of the past (however nice those times may have been) into the present and expect a paradise on Earth.

Do not identically recreate, or try to recreate, something that failed to maintain itself, but take the best from the past, study and identify exactly what it was that caused decline, synthesize it with the best of the present (some things in this modern age are most certainly wonderful and beautiful), and produce a new and better future.

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Michael Cushman

So awful. Two beautiful little kids made to suffer until death like this. I don’t know what to say except that it is almost too heart-breaking to even think about. You are correct that this society is a sick mess.

Wind River Ranger

Two precious little white children. How sad.


So where was the father of this child?

This sort of thing goes on continuously. It is just an extension of the mindset of most whites today, that’s all. The young woman is far too cool and all to not be at a party with other happening people. Most whites cannot possibly stand up with WN’s or take on any of the people or groups responsible for our zeitgeist. They are too important and their social lives are too important. They cannot keep up with news or inform themselves of anything, either, being, as the old saying, too cool for school and can’t be associated with anything nerdy.… Read more »

Marcus – don’t be upset. I think those kids are lovely, and this is sickening. True, genuine EVIL. The real think.

The Wheat is separating from the Chaff. You are the Wheat. Focus on taking care of your own. That’s all we can do now.


Cheer up!


This sort of thing is tolerated in professional career women.



We are not trying to save the United States or even a majority of our race. Concentrate only on that red pilled minority-those who are still racially conscious and politically sane- for they will be your template on which to refashion our future. All else is wasted energy. To the incurable one should not try to be a physician.


What the hell is a nineteen year old doing with two toddlers??? Even one??? And, out of wedlock!!! And, while bedding a 16-year old!!!

The trollop needs a harsh punishment. Fifty years, at least, with no conjugal visits!

The boy needs a good long flogging followed by twenty. The flogging is for being with the whore.

Am I being too soft?


BTW, Marcus, nice summary of the mess we are in and what we need to do.

Let it burn indeed.


She needs the Witch punishment because this was a blood sacrifice. Life For Life

more of the same

To many White Gen X’ers and Millenials children are considered an unwanted burden. Part of the reason is anti-White political, social and economic policies. Part of it is just plain selfishness, probably learned from their Boomer parents.

Goyim Goddess

As a Millennial, I can say with TOTAL confidence that when you’ve been raised from birth on Jewish degeneracy, MTV and the mudsharking Kardashians, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.


Sadly, there are a lot of shitty White people like this slut who LITERALLY deserve to be sent to the gas chamber. But our society has lost its balls.

Debbie Johnson

If she is 19, then her Mom is probably in her 40’s I would guess. Sadly, many women from about 14-45 are simply useless. I see them where I live. Dumber than a box of rocks, worship celebrities and think niggers are cool. It’s quite sick.

Snowwhitey – there’s nothing wrong with a white woman at 19 having 2 kids. The right kind of white woman. My grandma got married when she was 16 and all of her kids turned out just fine.

Truth Corps
I have reluctantly come to the conclusion n the last two years that indeed, we cannot save the Past, the Confederacy, the CONstitooshun, the South etc. We are all on a sinking ship and need to ABANDON it. After the collapse, I’m all for bringing back the death penalty for miscegenation, but I’d rather not need it living in a White only Nation. Whites like this excrement must be culled from the herd. Only when times get seriously hard, will our White men become strong again and rise up. We are in the transitional time from good times to hard… Read more »
@ Debbie Johnson “Snowwhitey – there’s nothing wrong with a white woman at 19 having 2 kids. The right kind of white woman. My grandma got married when she was 16 and all of her kids turned out just fine.” That was a different time. Society was largely intact. Your grandmother got married. The subject of this article is a degenerate whore in a degenerate world. I bet those poor babies were half-sisters, too. But, personally, I still believe 2 babies are a bit much at only 19. And, they better have a strong family bond and the support of… Read more »

The article doesn’t say that this ‘woman’ was a drug addict but that’s what it sounds like, so stoned you don’t even care about your own life or kids.

Haxo Angmark

remember the White bim in Florida who murdered her daughter so she could partay? she went to trial…and walked free. This c**t will walk too. She did exactly what the kosher culture of death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – primed her to do. Kill her White children. One of the commentors @ WRS thinks ‘Murka’s got about 200,000,000 too many Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Spics, Slants…and Jew-ruined Whites. Sounds about right. It’s going to be a target-rich environment.

Sterilize this degenerate female. I won’t speak the method that comes to mind. Reminds me of the case in the Bay Area some years ago where two “parents” in Antioch left their 7-month-old infant in the back seat of the car overnight after returning from friends house and “gaming” till the wee hours. That was in the original reports–later it was changed to “doing laundry.” (They apparently went to friends’ house to use the washer/dryer, and spent the night playing like children.) They went home after midnight, unloaded the laundry and personal effects and other kid–toddler–from the car but not… Read more »

Precisely @ SnowWhitey. Where is the girls husband, where are her parents, where are the grand parents. Why is a 19 year old woman unmarried with children desperately looking for love from a boyfriend that is not likely to adopt or care for the child. The breakdown of marriage has unending consequences and repercussions.