France’s Turn: Hammer-Wielding Moslem Attacks Police Outside Notre Dame Cathedral

So, Macron, how are you and your possible future wife Theresa May (he’s known to like the grannies) going to handle this specific terrorist attack successfully?

Because I’m not seeing an elaborate Al Qaeda-style conspiracy here.

In fact, all I see is an ordinary Moslem freeloader acting like Moslems typically do when they sense weakness among the hated infidels.

From Telegraph:

French police shot a man outside Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on Tuesday after he tried to attack them with a hammer and shouted “This is for Syria” in a terror incident just two days after the London attacks.

French media said the man, who claimed to be an Algerian “student”, was also in possession of two kitchen knives and other unsophisticated weapons. One policeman, aged 22, was lightly injured in the neck.

Paris prosecutors have opened a counterterrorism inquiry.

French media cited a source close to the inquiry as saying the injured assailant claimed to be a “soldier of the Caliphate”, presumed to be a reference to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the weekend attack in London, where extremists used a van and knives to crush to death and kill seven people, one of them French.

Gérard Collomb, the interior minister, said: “We have gone from sophisticated terrorism to a terrorism where any tool can be used to carry out attacks.”

You address one-half of the equation, but yet you still welcome in millions of these feral swine due to some bizarre feeling of guilt, altruism, or self-hatred.

The weaponry is random, but so are the attackers themselves.

All Moslems – Sunnis especially – are the enemy.

There were scenes of panic when two gunshots rang out at Notre-Dame, among the most visited landmarks of Paris, itself the most visited capital in the world, as hundreds of tourists were amassed outside its front entrance at around 4.30pm.

Seconds earlier, the unnamed attacker had swung his hammer at a police officer guarding the top tourist site, landing a blow. But before he could do any more damage, his colleague opened fire, hitting the assailant in the legs.

Dead Kebab is best Kebab.

No arguments there.

Visiting the scene shortly afterwards, Mr Collomb said: “Three police officers were patrolling the site. A person came up behind the officers armed with a hammer and started hitting one of them.” 

Keeping a cool head, his colleague stepped back and opened fire “ensuring the attacked officer didn’t suffer any more serious harm.”

He added that during the attack the man shouted: “This is for Syria.”

He claimed to be an Algerian student and was “carrying a a card whose authenticity needs to be verified”.

According to France Info, he was born in 1977 and lived in the Val-d’Oise area North of Paris.

Whether you’re a Catholic or not, the fact remains that Notre Dame is one of the most sacred pieces of architecture and spirituality in the White Western World.

Things must be taken seriously now, or we’ll all live to see the day when this very same structure will be converted, or “re-purposed,” into a mosque – my guess is that the Moslems will refrain from burning it down out of a sense to inflict the max psychological damage possible.

However, this guess does not take into account the possibility that a bombing attack may damage or destroy the cathedral before the final takeover occurs.

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  1. Student (snort)…with an IQ of 80 I would think studying of any sort would be nigh impossible. In other words he was a parasite living on the dole.

  2. ”Algerian student” yeah I really believe that. Not dismissing the threat but what a joke, assaulting armed LEO with a hammer. Sadly, the kebab survived.

  3. nothing of substance will be done about the Muslim invasion – or any other of the ongoing ethnic invasions of the White nations – until the Jewpower has been irrevocably broken….and the Jew-owned political class liquidated.

  4. Sad to mark the passing of Bob Whitaker; his Mantra Against White Genocide set the stage for Pepe, Trump, MAGA, and the Alt Right and at a time when the Enemy seemed to be transcendent.

    Has anyone else in recent times had so much of an impact on the course of history with so little public recognition? Ever?

    • My thoughts are with his family, and I hope he’s in a happier place right now.

      May he be able to look down from above one day and see that his work was not in vain…

  5. Funny how those Mohammedan mongoloids never attack any jews or synogogues, only “crusaders” and their churches. That should tell everyone which tribe controls those stinking animals.

  6. At least it attacked those who could fight back, unlike the filth in the British attacks.
    My sympathy is quickly eroding for the victims, however. By voting in leftard traitors, what do they think will happen? They need to foresee what is going to unfold down the track.
    If its not obvious by now, they truly deserve eachother.

  7. The white French came out 45% for Le Pen. Every other white in France is an FN voter. I see white people attending mass. I’d guess 60% are Ultra Conservative Nationalists.

  8. @Captain,

    With every third world arrival, another vote for the Left, then another wave of muds and Mohs, etc and on it goes.
    We all know what this lot think of democracy, so when they finally reach a critical percentage, they’ll want things run their way. The constitution is just a piece of paper.
    We’ve all seen how they carry on in their own countries, and in other Western nations, but yet our politicians bring them to a neighborhood near you…..and they’ll somehow become these productive, model citizens…..
    The horror and conflicts they cause overseas hasn’t taught our elites a thing.

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