Cuck Island: Eyewitnesses Report That Police Ran Away From Moslem Terrorists

First off, we need to clarify here that using the phase “large knife” to describe the weaponry of these Moslem swine is an act that enables the weaklings that are partially responsible for the situation much of the West is currently in.

You see, in the hierarchy of blades, once you go past the butcher knife, you reach the point of the MACHETE; a weapon that may soon be declared politically incorrect due to its popularity among the lesser races.

Sadly, the machete is actually a rather versatile weapon, and I do encourage Whites to own at least one if you live in areas where they are legal – they’re great for cutting down brush and other weed-like small trees.

I suppose the Moslems may have been parading around with gladius-style short swords or huge restaurant bread cutters, but whatever…

Back to the main point of this article, which is that if a civilization has men who are unable to fulfill their natural God-given duties as protectors of women and children, then eventually conquest by a foreign force becomes certain.

And in Britain, forever to be referred to by myself as Cuck Island, they’re well on their way to becoming yet another subjugated group.

I don’t even have to do much citation – all that needs to be done is to link a single tweet.

It’s that bad over across The Pond, folks.

And it’s going to get worse if you want my honest opinion.

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  1. That is bad, I don’t want to excuse it but it is not that simple. Community police in the UK are unarmed and a lot of them are women. They do not have a lot of authority, they cannot make arrests, etc.

  2. Women are made police and soldiers to demoralize and weaken the force. It’s a known communist tactic.

  3. What I don’t understand is our governments sending huge amounts of foreign aid and food to Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia along with do gooders going in there to find cures for their diseases and convert them to Presbyterianism! What bloody good will any of this fo for the wider world? As a result of these measures, their populations explode, and then……spill over into the West, meaning yet more incompatible, violent, welfare dependant misfits with nothing positive to offer. And thats before they even start breeding. Before I understood the role the Jews played in all this, I could never put my finger on the logic of any of it.
    I live in rural Australia where the chance of a terror attack is a million times less than zilch. But I’m of British and German ancestry and these attacks on the other side of the world feel like an attack on me personally- as a white European. On behalf of my race, I feel under threat from invaders, Jews and the Left.
    Everything that happens in America and Europe trickles down to Australia.
    We have a right to feel safe in the nations we built up.

  4. The Community Police are like affirmative action hires. Niggers and Pakis mostly. They are not really coppers and I’ve never seen a white male CPO. They are never armed.

    • @Captain John

      Edited the title of the article to take away the “armed” part.

      But yeah, if you have women on a police force, why would you be so retarded to send them unarmed through the multicultural cesspit that is modern London?

  5. And after 4 days, 8 of the june, millions of britons go to the election and vote for the open border, rape and terrorism again. Nobody will vote BNP . UKIP has pathetic 5 % Whole country want open borders.

  6. How many London cops are hajis? How can a haji cop give a damn about native Brits? That’s Diversity for you.

  7. Would never happen in a city with a strong white leader like NYC under Giuliani. I don’t like Giuliani, but he did empower the good on the streets and crime dropped.

  8. In fairness to the community police if they’re not armed they weren’t able to do much except call for more firepower. I read they had knives and fake suicide bomb vest.

    I have said that I thought Trump was abandoning us but he’s holding up quite well. A huge percentage better than anything Hillary would have done. With Hillary we mat have been in a war with Russia and Iran by now. It appears, but who knows, he may be moving away from his Son in law and daughters advice. He loves her but if he told it was necessary she would probably move out of the leading role she has had.

    My new slogan. “Diversity, the other red meat”.

  9. Giuliani took away everyone’s rights, though. Centralized unquestioned authority is integral to the fabric of italian culture and politics.

  10. Makng women police officers is stupid. So is allowing hordes of orcs, from all around the world in, and letting them gain a foothold and power. Not exterminating the kike vermin centuries ago has been SUPER STUPID.

    No kikes no problems.

  11. Who cares about “rights” when people were getting beaten and robbed in broad daylight. The only people who complained about what Giuliani did were blacks.

  12. PERDITA EST BRITANNIA [Britain is Lost]!

    Acknowledged without shame that I hate the administrative superstructure of Britain –Downing Street, Westminster, Whitehall, and most especially Scotland Yard — for one, only one, but a fully sufficient reason, namely the politial impact these institutions have exerted toward disarming the British public for more than a century.

    Britain is collecting karma. (Even Mohanas Gandhi called disarming the publi a crime against the People.)

  13. Great Britain has had GUN CONTROL laws ever since Queen Elizabeth I banned wheelock pistols near Royal palaces. James II briefly disarmed the largely Protestant English Population but with the 1688 Bill of Rights, possession of firearms was allowed again. Britain practiced gun control in Catholic Ireland and disarmed the Scottish Highlanders during the 1700’s but it wasnt until 1824 when under the Vagrancy Act it stated that police could disarm anyone carrying a firearm about they deemed to be dangerous. This was followed by various small laws and gun licensing. In 1903 the modern gun control laws came to be in Britain. The Pistol Act of 1903 was followed by firearms acts in 1920 1937 1968, 1988 1997 and the Violent Crime Act 2006.

    The British Aristocracy’s desire to keep the Peasants disarmed as a result of the French Revolution has now come full circle.

  14. the Brits aren’t, for the most part, voting for open-borders. They’re voting for the continuation of a (((debt-financed))) cradle-to-grave welfare state off which most live quite comfortably. It’s always “someone else” who gets killed by one of the Jews’ pet invasives. Until it isn’t.

  15. @ Haxo

    BNP, UKIP or any other patriotic party in Western Europe never stated to take away welfare state. Small goverment and low taxes are solely US issue.

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