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2 Comments on "Response To Joseph Offutt"

  1. Ohmigod the lip sync part is funny. Gum makes a nice prop. I wanna make half drunk youtube videos.

    Seriously, it’s the whites who proactively or even passively enable that actually matter.

    It’d be great to have them reminded and/or educated about how things shifted so quickly in the South from ‘colorblind’ to all black colleges, etc. The jews moved a lot faster down there…

    It would also help explain the seeming militance of Southerners to Northerners who might learn something.

  2. Snowhitey | June 2, 2017 at 12:21 am |

    Hunter, you should have donned blackface and turned it into a little minstrel show. Boy, would it have gone viral.

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