Breaking: Manila’s Largest Hotel/Resort Slammed By Explosions And Gunfire, Dozens Reported Injured

It’s obviously too early to report exactly who may be responsible for this latest terrorist attack, but let’s just go ahead and call out Moslems thanks to the laws of probability.

From RT:

SWAT teams and fire brigades have surrounded the large Resorts World Manila complex, located next to the Philippine capital’s international airport, after reports of gunfire and explosions inside.

Eyewitnesses posted videos on Twitter in which apparent gunshots could be heard emanating from the country’s biggest leisure center, which includes a mall, cinema and casino, while photos were uploaded of a panicky crowd gathered outside.

The US State Department has acknowledged the attack and warned citizens to stay away from the vicinity of the mall, including the country’s main Ninoy Aquino Airport, which is responsible for handling over 100,000 passengers daily.

Casualties were seen being carried out on stretchers and loaded up onto ambulances, or helped to make their own way out of the center in the aftermath of the incident, which occurred at about 1:30am local time on Friday morning.

Apparently certain elements in the Philippines think they can intimidate the government into abandoning their pledge to utterly annihilate native followers of Allah, but they’ve thought wrong – dead wrong.

As the next few days progress, I want everyone here in the West to study the reactions of Rody Duterte as he moves to retaliate against the savages who struck his nation in the midst of healthy and civil reforms.

I may be speaking on a whim, but my guess is that we won’t be seeing any #PrayForManila nonsense from his regime, or calls to accompany Moslems on public transportation to prevent a racist backlash.

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  1. Sorry, Marcus. I disagree. It may be Muslim fronts, but it is (((them))) and their shabbez goi. The Philippines’ supreme leader is attacking their modus operandi.

  2. Many of the CIA Mossad Wahaabi rats are leaving the Middle east, perhaps they are being sent to other battlefronts, maybe Duterte has really pissed off ZOG.

  3. Red China, the USSA, drug lords, Mohammedan terrorists – Rowdy Roddy Duterte is up against very powerful enemies, but he is fearless and has the People on his side. If only we were allowed to have such a strong leader in this country!

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