Forget The NFL And SEC, Goyim, For The “Gay Bowl” Is Now The New Trendy Sports Craze

Take a society, let Jews run amok for roughly a century (what they’re doing is just their usual genetic drives on steroids), let traditional Christianity be wrecked and warped into a pathetic shell of its former self, and only supply weak beta males and delusional Baby Boomer “Patriots” (story context pun not intended) to fight the mess, and you wind up with what we’re reporting on today.

And yes, it’s going to get far, far worse if measures aren’t taken to correct the decline of our civilization.

If nothing is done, our children are going to look back on things like the Butt Blasting Bowl (that’s what it’s called, right?) and marvel at how conservative things once were.

From Breitbart:

The Patriots are no stranger to making history in championship games. However, this October the defending Super Bowl champs will make history in an entirely different kind of bowl game.

According to Cyd Ziegler of Outsports, the New England Patriots will become the first NFL team ever to sponsor the Gay Bowl. That announcement made official by Boston’s Flag Football group at a recent awards banquet.

The Gay Bowl is an annual event for LGBT flag football teams who compete against each other in three different divisions. The event sponsored by the Patriots, Gay Bowl 17, will take place from October 5-8.

The Gay Bowl began in 2002, and the Patriots have a history of involvement with the event. In 2003, New England sent linebacker Andre Tippett to preside over the tournament’s ceremonial coin flip. Patriots owner Robert Kraft also attended a scholarship dinner for the Boston flag football league, which honored Chris Morse, a local LGBT athlete.

America Yes!

Boston Strong, Bro.

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  1. The Manchester bombing did not provoke introspection or cause a change of heart among the hostile elite. The mob is content with the distraction of Ariana Grande/ Perry/ Kardashian circus. The last thing the mob wants to do is to hold their elected leaders responsible for their catastrophic failure to perform the most vital task, protect the citizens who elected them from the barbarians within.

  2. Progress used to be going into outer space. Now it’s special rights and privileges for queers. Homosexuality, the new White Genocide alternative.

  3. I never thought that I would ever see in my lifetime (in no particular order of decline or depravity):

    – An open communist elected as President of the United States
    – Jews (fake Israelites at that) openly take over
    – Gays/Lesbians being the new “it” people
    – Alphabet freaks
    – Transgenderism go mainstream
    – Military men welcome gays and other freaks
    – Military men photographed wearing high heels in uniform
    – The rise of women in the military
    – Sexuality as a mindset
    – The Boy Scouts of America go gay/alphabet
    – Whites males, the creators and owners of Western Civilization, become whipping posts
    – Rapid decline of Western Civilization
    – Satanism seeping into mainstream society
    – Quality products replaced with cheap crap at premium prices glorified by all
    – White people become 5th class citizens worldwide (in proper order, behind Jews, blacks, alphabet freaks, browns/yellows)
    – Open borders in all white countries
    – The total destruction of our life source ignored by majority
    – The secret societies taking full control of the globe
    – Pedophilia rampant among the powerful
    – The destruction of honorable Western institutions
    – The destruction of The United States of America
    – Healthcare becoming an assembly line production
    – Doctors demoted to assembly line workers

    How many did I miss?

  4. All this incessant fag propaganda is being generated by the jewsmedia and aimed at White male sports fans with the purpose of turning them into… guessed it! FAGS..

  5. “That announcement made official by Boston’s Fag Football group…..”

    There- fixed it for ya.

  6. ” How many did I miss? ”

    How about, “God-damning the entire west to an Islamic caliphate captivity for 70 years? “

  7. You didn’t miss anything Snowhitey, unfortunately. That was a very complete listing of the terrible sins that western culture is committing.

  8. Much of western culture doesn’t deserve to survive, the way it;s behaved, the trouble is, many good people will be dragged down with it.

  9. The first team to sponsor the GAY BOWL is the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS??!?? What sadistic Jew is behind this???

  10. “making history

    Presidency changes nothing it’s still the same regime, but USA is no more the can’t stop terrorist attacks against civilians due to equality.

  11. I
    May 26, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    “Much of western culture doesn’t deserve to survive, the way it;s behaved, the trouble is, many good people will be dragged down with it.”

    f you are still consuming mass media culture at this late stage, you’ve failed a basic IQ test.

  12. @ Haxo Angmark

    The same (((Robert Kraft))) who had a private dinner with the President. I wonder if they discussed this?

  13. The Roman Emperor Decius (249-251 AD) was so concerned about the decline of character and morals of the Roman people that he re-instituted the office of Censor , a long abandoned office since Emperor Titus (79-81 AD). The Empire at the time of Decius rule was being ravaged by the Goths, very close to home (across the Adriatic). The Roman Legions had been routed and Decius humiliated by the being the first Roman Emperor to flee before the barbarians. In other words, the morals and morale of the Romans were so inferior by the second century AD their Legions were no longer the disciplined and near invincible armies of yore. Decius was KIA shortly thereafter when he and his son went after the Goths for a rematch and the office of Censor failed to achieve Decius’ noble goal. Conclusion: The USA is fucked beyond repair.

    • @countenance


      Go ahead, just no wide receiver or tight end jokes – they’re too cliche.

  14. Harmless Kek – the Boys will be hitting the bath house after the game – capisce ? Then come the parades.

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