EU War on Homogeneous Poland

Poland is in a fight for its survival as a Polish ethno-state, Politico reports. Currently, the country is roughly 94% Polish and is united by its ethnicity and Catholic faith under a Right-wing nationalist government. But the European Union, led by EU President Donald Tusk, is trying to force thousands of African and Arab migrants upon the country to take some of the pressure off of other European countries which have accepted vast numbers of Third World immigrants. Tusk, the former Prime Minister of Poland for the liberal Civic Platform Party, has at times presented himself as a conservative on immigration while also pressing to break up the homogeneity of his native country. Politico reports:

The right-wing Polish government is under pressure from the EU to finally begin accepting asylum seekers.

… Opinion polls show that about three-quarters of Poles are against accepting refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

The EU president is even willing to impose economic sanctions upon his home country and other Eastern European nations to force them to open their borders.

Tusk has made it pretty clear he wants Poland to fall in line with the rest of the bloc and fulfill its obligations to accept asylum seekers. Even Austria has said it will start accepting refugees, leaving only Hungary and Poland resisting.

If the Polish government doesn’t take part, “it will come with inevitable consequences,” he warned in Polish last week.

The ruling Law and Justice Party, headed by
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is leading a determined fight against Tusk and the EU leaders.

The reason given is that Muslim migrants could be a problem for Poland’s homogenous society.

Kaczynski reiterated his antipathy toward refugees in an interview with the Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper published Monday, warning that Poland “would have to completely change our culture and radically lower the level of safety in our country.” He also said that Poland “would have to use some repression” to prevent “a wave of aggression, especially toward women” on the part of asylum seekers.

Kaczynski is being attacked in the media and by EU leaders for wanting to keep Poland a Polish state. It is currently a safe, Christian European country. The principle being contested here is whether Poland belongs exclusively to the Polish people or to Africans, Arabs and the entire world. As US General Wesley Clark once threatened, “There is no place in Europe for ethnically pure states.”

While Poland’s leaders seem ready for a fight, they are up against powerful enemies in the EU as well as the Catholic Church who feel it is their duty as Christians to welcome the world and be replaced. Ultimately, the globalists fighting against Poland want to make Warsaw a replica of Machester, England – where White children are now a small minority of the youth population and no one is safe from Islamic terrorism.

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  1. Couple of months ago Poland welcome several thousands U.S. troops supposedly against Russia etc.NATO an occupation force to maintain Euro puppets government.

  2. “Tusk, an ethnic Pole”

    Cushman, I like you, but you’re incorrect. Tusk is not ethnically Polish. He is Kashubian. It’s an ethnic group with it’s own language. His mother tongue was actually German, since his farmer was conscripted into the Wehrmacht. He has given interviews where he compared himself to Jews. He doesn’t have much solidarity towards Poland.

  3. “Couple of months ago Poland welcome several thousands U.S. troops supposedly against Russia”

    It’s very easy to be Muh Pro-Putin when you’re a shitposter in the West. Russia is still a revanchist power. You’re reading too much Putin bootlicking propaganda from Russian shills like Anatoly Karlin and the like.

    Ukraine were told by Russia to get rid of their nukes. They did. Now they got invaded. If they still had nukes, it wouldn’t have happened. The reason why NATO expanded is because the CEE states don’t trust Russia. They have 50+ years of experience with Russkie. Far more than a braindead shitposter like you.

    Go to the Baltics and ask them about Putin. Maybe you’ll be less of an idiot.

    P.S. I don’t know where this Putin fetish comes from. Putin has a free/open borders attitude towards moslems from Cental Asia. He has said that Orthodox Christianity has more in common with Islam than with Catholicism. The guy is a massive cuck for Islam. I find the puerile Putin-worship about the “alt right” to be hilarious idiotic.

  4. The government has already stated that it’s willing to bear sanctions than to take refugees. Even sanctions would take several years to start, at least 4-5 years since there are many hoops to jump through. You can also appeal decisions. Hungary would also act as a blocking back on behalf of Poland for some of the worst transgressions.

    Poland was insanely lucky in that PiS came to power in 2015, just as the asylum push started. The next election is in 2019 and the polls are pretty uniform over the fact that PiS will re-gain power. The question is what happens when the opposition, inevitably, will take the reins.

    Right now their attitude can be summed up as “we’re not enthusiastic about this, but we fear Brussels more”. If they get into power by November 2023, Poland could be forced to take more of these muslims since there will be massive pressure. I also expect there to be a liberal/democratic WH in the US. Trump may be useless, but he isn’t very keen on pushing sanctions on Poland/Hungary for not taking muslims(he’s much too busy sucking Schlomo’s dick).

    The pressure would then be unrelenting. The US underwrites all of Eastern Europe’s security. Brussels holds a lot of economic sway. And a liberal/leftist government could by then be in Poland.

    A lot would depend on what happens until then. Some of us hoped that “the West would wake up”. But if the reactions and resigned defeatism of the British after the Manchester attacks are any indication, then we can’t count on that. Ultimately, as more and more of the West degenerates, that in of itself will be a powerful argument. Right now, we probably need to make Poles accustomed to what the Hungarians already are: constant harassment from Brussels. Until recently, Poland was the star reformer. Whatever the EU asked, they did. That’s why Tusk, the former PM, is now one of the most important people in Brussels.

    While the people of Poland are against these things, the elite are not. And if we’ve learned ANYTHING, then it is that the elites matter. Polish elites are not as monolithically pro-Brussels as they are in many other countries, but it’s bad, especially among the younger ones. Ultimately, if the whole West collapses, it’s unreasonable to expect Poland or Hungary to single-handedly brace for the storm on their own.

    People who pin their hopes on either of those countries should instead ask themselves what, if anything, they are doing to move their own countries in a better direction. We’re fundamentally in this all together. Some may fall sooner than others, but if most of us fall, the rest will follow. Poland cannot do miracles against the whole world. It needs support against massive pressure, from the West(propaganda/economic sanctions), the south(muslims) and the east(Russia).

    Right now we’re staring at the wholesale collapse of the West. It’s silly to think that Poland will be unscatched from that event.

  5. “Why are they in the EU?”

    Contrary to what many think, it isn’t primarily because of EU funds. 70% of those are re-invested into Western companies. It’s because of the single market. The vast majority of Polish exports is to other European countries. You can leave the EU but still be in the single market but then you have to A) pay for access to it and B) still accept free movement. It’s no panacea. As the Brits are now starting to understand.

    Anyone who just says “leave the EU” blindly is an economic idiot. The result would be massive economic damage. Even sanctions would be preferable. The only way it would be viable is if a large group of countries left the single market. That ain’t gonna happen.

  6. @One who knows

    I’m just telling like it is and ain’t no pro Putin.NATO is run by the same allies defeated the Axis.

  7. “ain’t no pro Putin”

    Let me underline the point once again. Eastern Europeans had 50 years of very close and direct experience of Russkie. They know the Russians far more than you could ever hope to know. The romanticism that you, and other wannabe white nationalists have of Russia is deluded, borne out of complete ignorance. I’m not wildly pro-NATO. I prefer CEE countries to have their own defensive shield, but all of those countries are still recovering after 50 years of communism. It takes time to build up strength. They need their own nukes. Etc.

    But in the absence of that, NATO is the lesser evil. People who are in the region know what they want best. Not you or wannabe white nationalists like you. And as I already pointed out, Putin is a massive cuck for Islam. Russia has a higher percentage of muslims than even France.

    Most people don’t know how shit-tier he is. That’s because most people don’t know anything about Eastern Europe in general. Which is what I am finding, again and again.

  8. “Not you or wannabe white nationalists like you. ”

    Don’t you dare call us “white nationalists”! We vote Republican here, and we’re going to keep voting Republican until the day we die, because their boys have a chance of winning and our boys don’t.

  9. I think the Nazis and Soviets left some camps around after WW2 that could be reopened to house the ethno-refugees. I heard they had good showers.

  10. more of the same
    May 24, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    “Why is ANY European country expected to take 3rd world refugees?”

    Because White Genocide is Policy

  11. Jaroslaw Kaczynski (aka Kalkstein) is no more far-right than Donald Tusk, but the globalist game wouldn’t be successfully played without this at the age of forty baptized midget’s posing as Poland’s greatest nationalist (an easy task nowadays due to his special hatred to all Russian). It actually was his twin brother, president Lech Kaczynski who died in the Smolensk areoplane accident, that made the utmost (((tribal wishes))) to come true, by making the since almost 70 years forbidden lodge B’nai B’rith Polin legal again.

    Poland is since a while flooded with people from Ukraine, close to three million are they now (the official number of work permits is only1,2 million). Most of them probably are ordinary people who seek a better life for themselves; they work for low wages. As the “far-right” government is a big fan of the Ukrainian regime, the Polish authorities turn a blind eye to the fact that adherents of the anti-Polish movement (UPA- Bandera) are to be found amoung the migrants. There is no info on it in MSM, but those who bother themselves to visit alternative media cannot ignore that the leader of UPA, Stepan Bandera who was assasinated in Munich in 1959, has once again become the great hero of Ukraine. His “heroic warriors” were behind the Wolyn slaughter of Poles in 1943 – and the “smaller killing” in 1947. Not quite surprisingly, this movement has since Petro Poroshenko/Walzman was “put in power” become very popular. My sister, who visited Ukraine some months ago, was shocked by seeing monuments to Stepan Bandera in Lvov – and all the aggressive anti-Polish propaganda in the newspapers. Poor Ukrainians, they are once again fooled into hating their Russian brothers and into the delusion that the “freedom loving” Americans will give them their “to Poland lost territories” back.

    If you want a correct answer to why Poland has so many migrants from Ukraine, but very few from MENA, pay attention to the major differences in the benefit systems. Those who see a chance to stay in Germany or Sweden naturally have no wish of going to Poland, let alone staying in the country where “one has to starve” (according to the 65 Syrian Christians who came to Poland and fled to Germany a few weeks later).

    Having visited Poland three times in the course of the last six months (I’ve retired so I’m free), I no longer have any illusion when it comes to Poland’s “far-right” government nor its anti-migrant rhetoric. Since I live in Sweden but was born and bred in Poland, I naturally have pondered over moving to Poland. Not anymore, as the scales finally has fallen from my eyes. Poland has in fact after the “liberation” from the communism become even more corrupt than it was in my childhood’s time in the fifties. The country, if you mean the people, was never liberated, as the roundtable conference 1989 in Magdalenka only resulted in a liberation from liability for the communist cliques; the Lustration (Lustracja komunistow) was burried in the name of Christian values. OK, not all of them are in power now, as some have grown too old even for the easy task of posing as patriots, but every single one has been replaced by a younger relative.

  12. @One who knows. According to alternative media, Donald Tusks mother was Jewish. By the way, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of PiS, tthe neo-conservative party that poses as far-right, claims that he comes from a German aristocrat family, and their name change – from Kalkstein to Kaczynski – was carried out by his parents because of the Polish hatred for Germans. It actually was his twin brother, president Lech Kaczynski, who intensified the Tribe-friendly policies that his predessessor, president Aleksander Kwasniewski aka Stolzman, was working so hard on. Mr Kaczynski carried out what Mr Kwasniewski did not dare, to make the since 70 years banned B’nai B’rith Polin legal again. Most of Poland’s big wigs have Jewish background but many of them appear to be more Catholic than Poles of Slavic origin.

  13. “There is no place in Europe for ethnically pure states.”

    FROM WIKIPEDIA-Clark’s father’s family was Jewish; his paternal great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Belarus in response to the Pale of Settlement and anti-Jewish violence from Russian pogroms. Clark’s grandfather, Jacob Kanne, graduated from the Chicago-Kent College of Law and served in the U.S. Naval Reserve as an ensign during World War I, although he was never assigned to a combat mission. Kanne, living in Chicago, became involved with ward politics in the 1920s as a prosecutor and served in local offices. He served as a delegate to the 1932 Democratic National Convention that nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt as the party’s presidential candidate (though his name does not appear on the published roll of convention delegates). His mother was of English ancestry and was a Methodist. Kanne came from the Kohen family line, and Clark’s son has characterized Clark’s parents’ marriage, between his Methodist mother, Veneta (née Updegraff), and his Jewish father, Benjamin Jacob Kanne, as “about as multicultural as you could’ve gotten in 1944”.

    It’s a stereotype that everyone who promotes multiculturalism is at least partially Jewish. But that’s only because it’s true.

  14. “While Poland’s leaders seem ready for a fight, they are up against powerful enemies in the EU as well as the Catholic Church who feel it is their duty as Christians to welcome the world and be replaced”

    In deference to my racial comrades that are still believers in the Nazarene I’ll refrain from my usual caustic statements on The Way but this is EXACTLY the reason I am no longer a Christian. Hail Odin!

  15. Wes Clarke’s son was BFF with a hardcore stalker of women at Georgetown University undergrad. Clarke, Sr., (the general) is arrogant to the point of delusional along sexist lines particularly.

  16. If the worst happens, and Poland has to accept refugees, they could build a line of tent camps along the German border and house them there.

    Not sure why the Catholic Church is cucking for refugees, or why anyone takes them seriously. If Jesus says you have to let Muslims into your country, why did the popes of Crusader times not realize this? Religion that changes its core precepts is not religion, it is fashion.

  17. Crimea belongs to Christian Russia…not to the filthy fucking Jew Cass Sustien….and if the Poles don’t like this….they will be nuked and BLACKTOPPED by Christian Russia….

    Poland is now occupied by a Negro-Muzzie-Homo US Army occupying force….The NEO-Nazis are on board with this…….

  18. Poland can at least survive having a few US troops stationed there – she cannot survive floods of Third Worlders coming in. Let’s give the issues their proper priority.

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