Philippines: ISIS-Affiliated Units Seize Large City, Rody Duterte Declares Martial Law

All y’all cuckolds – we’re talking to you in particular, Donald – need to pay special attention to how the Alt-Right’s favorite Asiatic deals with this specific Moslem encroachment on his nation’s sovereignty, for it may help to save lives at some point in the future.

From RT:

Militants affiliated with Islamic State are vying for control of the city of Marawi in the Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterte put the island of Mindanao under martial law, ordered in special forces and cut short his state visit to Russia.

Islamist-extremist insurgents from the Maute group are engaging government forces in firefights and the area, which boasts a population of 200,000, is now on lockdown, according to Philippines authorities.

Local reports indicate the militants have established checkpoints in the city.

Facebook posts by Marawi residents depict photos of fighters, clad in black, moving through streets while heavily armed. Local media reports the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) flag flies over a medical center while other residents are tweeting that buildings have been set ablaze and roads blocked.

President Duterte declared martial law for a 60-day period. Authorities have asked the public not to share any information which could “compromise operational security.”

A government official said in a press conference Tuesday that the whole of Marawi city has been blacked out with snipers patrolling the streets as government troops continue to engage with the insurgents.

Duterte is cutting short his state visit to Moscow to return to the Philippines.

You see, with the followers of Muhammad (Sunnis especially), it’s best to shoot first and ask questions later if you’re the government of a nation hosting such savages.

Negotiations don’t work due to the Moslem scriptures honoring deception in a way that would make many Jews applaud with approval.

Ceding territory and/or rights doesn’t work due to the whole taking kindness for weakness thing.

And Civic Nationalism, as I explained in an earlier article, will fail each and every time.

Study Rody, and marvel at how efficiently his Allah problem gets solved.

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  1. and meanwhile in Rothschild-run Britain: ZOG-stooge bitch PM calls out troops to protect muslims in wake of latest (((atrocity)))…while parents of murdered children hold (another) “candlelight vigil”.

  2. Right now Asia has the two best national leaders in the world – Rowdy Roddy Duterte and Kim Jung-Un, aka, Groovy Leader.

  3. If martial law is declared in ‘Murrica they won’t be hunting down foreign nationals. They’ll be coming after whitey, root cause of all evil.

  4. I’m not sure why Trump thinks that killing small time dealers and users is a good idea. The red states are full of pillbillies. Even if they can’t, or don’t vote, their families do. They might not like Billy Bob getting clipped by the gestapo for abusing painkillers.

  5. When the “root of all evil,” WHITEY, is destroyed (MORE OF THE SAME) then you shall have Armageddon and the snakes that really are the root of all evil will strangle you and suck on you like parasites and WHITEY WILL NOt BE THERE TO DEFEND YOU!!! think about it loser!!

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