Make Britain Great Again By Getting Your Daughters Blown To Pieces At A Concert

I’ve been following this attack while at my day-job tonight, so apologies to everyone for not having a piece(s) out sooner during the immediate aftermath of this latest example of Moslem enrichment.

But really y’all already know what the deal is with this incident, although perhaps things need to sink in a bit deeper for the message to get across.

From NBC News:

At least 19 people were killed and about 50 others were injured in what British Prime Minister Theresa May called “an appalling terrorist attack” after an Ariana Grande concert Monday night at Manchester Arena in England, authorities said.

Multiple senior U.S. law enforcement officials briefed by British authorities told NBC News that forensic evidence at the scene — including a body found at the blast site — indicated a suicide attack. British and U.S. law enforcement officials said they believed they had tentatively identified the bomber.

Greater Manchester Police said the incident was being treated as terrorism. A senior White House official told NBC News that President Donald Trump, who is on a visit to Jerusalem, had been briefed.

Police said the explosion took place outside the arena, which is near the Manchester Victoria transit station, as the concert ended at about 10:35 p.m. local time (5:35 p.m. ET), catching people as they exited.

Ian Hopkins, chief constable of the Greater Manchester Police, said investigators were coordinating with British intelligence.

“This is clearly a very concerning time for everyone,” he said at a brief news conference early Tuesday.

Honestly, Ian, this isn’t even all that concerning at this point in time, as you’ve had literally DOZENS of examples of Moslem terror to demonstrate that your nation, and the rest of the West, is heading towards the abyss.

You’ve had soldiers beheaded by Africans, bombs exploding on your trains, your fellow Europeans ripped to shreds by shrapnel in other cities on the Continent, and your girls trafficked by Moslem animals for sex, and yet you still cannot see the light.

Maybe when it’s your daughter lying in a pool of her own blood with her intestines on the ground, you’ll understand.

But I’m honestly not even optimistic with that scenario.

Even in America, we have issues with the Third-World invasion, with our supposed “Nationalist” President seemingly more engrossed with groveling before the relatives of (((those))) who have spearheaded the arrival of millions of these barbaric hominids.

I’ll obviously be writing more on this topic once more information on the attacker comes to light, but really there is little more to say other than a very simple phrase:


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  1. At least the British voted for Brexit. That was a solid move. Now it’s time to push every Paki into the sea.

  2. At least now I’ve heard of Ariana Grande. She needs to realize being a famous leftard who’s concerned about the ‘disadvantaged’ in Africa won’t make her any less of a target for the mohamads.
    Its Ok- no British politicians were harmed in the attacks.
    They indirectly caused the attacks due to their treachery, but are never caught up in the actual carnage.
    Jail the elites, and deport the muds. Nothing short of that will save us.

  3. No doubt most of the fans who attended that stupid show were immature liberal dingbats who support the unending flow of violent brown-skinned invaders into the UK. So enjoy your “new normal”. You are getting exactly what you wanted – and deserve.

    • You got me, El Chapo.

      You single-handedly figured out I get $1488 per week in disability payments…

  4. Maybe I’ve mentioned this before–here at Occidental Dissent, I mean–but shortly after the 9/11 attack, there came to my mind an image of the U.S. with four bull’s-eyes on it. They were–let’s see–Disney World, Las Vegas, the Universal Studios Tour (in Los Angeles), and a Broadway theater (unspecified). I was thinking that if I were a Moslem terrorist, those would be my targets: strike the Jews at the sources of the revenue with which, ultimately, they buy the politicians who support Israel.

    Well, I guess I’m just wondering whether that was a part of the thinking behind this attack–and maybe behind the Bataclan attack in Paris, in 2015.

    Hmm–just found the following, in Wikipedia’s “Bataclan (theatre)” entry:

    “For 40 years, Bataclan had Jewish owners, Pascal and Joel Laloux, who sold the theatre to new owners on 11 September 2015. The theatre was a target for anti-Zionist activists, since the venue often held pro-Israel events. One extremist group called ‘Army of Islam’ threatened the Bataclan in 2011 because its owners were Jews.

    “Pro-Palestinian activists have protested against the Bataclan’s association with pro-Israel activities. A video posted on YouTube shows masked pro-Palestinian militant protesters at the Bataclan in 2008 stating: ‘We came here to pass along a small message. Be warned. Next time we won’t be coming here to talk.'”

    Hadn’t been aware of any of that. Didn’t hear anything about it at the time of the attack, which took place in November 2015.

  5. I’m going to do something rare for me and play the devils advocate. Nobody at that concert deserved to be harmed. 14-15 year olds can’t be expected to have politically mature views. They haven’t the life experiences and whatever they believe now, was likely cultivated by left leaning schools, media and entertainers.
    I went to concerts when I was that age, and the entertainer was likely a liberal, but I wouldn’t have realized it at the time, nor understood what any of it meant. I was just there for the music.
    Targeting children anywhere is the most gutless of acts by losers who can’t fight real men in real fights.

  6. What is going on? Why hasn’t Nikki Haley linked this crime to the Confederate Flag and why haven’t workers been working through the night wearing bullet proof vests taking down the monuments in Charlottesville and Richmond VA? Somebody is slipping…

  7. Not Grande is a racial mongrel WHORE, advancing the cause of instructing little White girls on the glories of fucking niggers when ever and where ever. WHO would allow their children to have ANYTHING to do with that shit skinned trash?

    • Sad thing is that the majority of parents these days are either too stupid or too cucked to care.

  8. Not suggesting a conspiracy but it’s interesting how this ISIS attack comes on the heels of Trump’s huge anti-ISIS arms deal with the Saudis. At the same time Western “leaders” do nothing to keep Muslims out of their countries, let alone start deporting the ones already present. These “leaders” are traitors.

  9. Honestly, only parents that are ignorant to the Satanic agenda of the entertainment industry would allow their daughters to attend an Ariana Grande concert. She follows the Kabalah and she is a mudshark. How the heck is that good parenting? I wonder what Grande was doing when the bloodletting occurred?

  10. White parents are now literally sacrificing their daughters on the altar of Die-versity. It is a semitic death-cult.

  11. The prime suspect is the son of Libyan refugees: Us out of their lands, them out of ours.

  12. From initial reports that I took a look at last night, I had the impression the explosive had been set off at or near a point of egress from the arena proper. Sure enough, a graphic I saw a few moment ago indicated it had been set off in the building’s “foyer.” Evidently, the attacker found a weak point and waited until the concertgoers were exiting, but I guess the security apparatus had precluded his getting into the audience.

  13. This is what comes of rejecting the rule of Christ the King. This is what comes of siding with the “crucify Him” party against Christ. This is what comes of allowing the Hebrews to determine the direction of Christian people in their own country. Queen Isabella and other monarchs like her got it. We cannot have sanity until we are master in our own house.

  14. Just goes to show the Euro governments does not protect its people.Metro city hostile aliens territory.Country side permanent living space.

  15. I didn’t think it was possible for a society to commit suicide until the last five years. It’s beginning to look like it now.

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