Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Appointed As Special Counsel For Russia Election Hoax

As you may have already heard, Bush/Obama Era FBI Director Robert Mueller – who is just a partially-creepy old White guy and not a Jew – was appointed earlier as the dreaded Special Counsel meant to investigate the slanderous allegations of Donald Trump cooperating with Russia during the Presidential Campaign.

Now, at first I thought that this situation merited little attention due to Mueller’s relative lack of political views and statements on issues – he did whine briefly about “muh White supremacy” a decade ago, but that was just standard nonsense at the time for a man of his station.

But the more I study and read into this event, the more I wonder if this was meant to be a deathblow for Trump – or an opportunity for further blackmail if he went off the reservation.

Too many coincidences and words from all the wrong people, if you want my honest opinion.

From CBS News:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel to oversee the previously confirmed FBI investigation of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters.

“I have determined that a Special Counsel is necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome,” Rosenstein said in a statement. 

Ok, let’s just start here.

I said from the beginning that Jeff Sessions recusing himself from this investigation would come back to bite us all, and it looks like I was right.

I could potentially be dead wrong, but I’ll trust my gut in this one, and stay wary of the recommendations of someone who resembles a Julius Streicher cartoon come to life.

The letter announcing the appointment reads that Mueller is authorized to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and…any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”  

The appointment comes as numerous Democratic lawmakers have called for a special counsel, colloquially known as a special prosecutor. Such calls increased in recent days after Mr. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. On Tuesday, it was revealed the Comey had written a memo alleging that Mr. Trump had asked him to back off from investigation former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The memo allegedly says that the president said, in a private conversation with Comey at the White House, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Rosenstein’s letter announcing the appointment of Mueller says, “If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the special counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.”

Would this include potential impeachment-level crimes?

How about accusations leveled against honorable men like Sessions, who was a close adviser to the Campaign for much of the final year?

Again, not trusting the grandson of one of Streicher’s most famous caricatures.

Democrats on Capitol hill are embracing this as a victory, and many of them, along with a small number of Republicans have been calling for a special prosecutor. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, said in a statement that Mueller’s appointment is “a good first step” and said that “there’s no better person who could be asked to perform this function. He is respected, he is talented and he has the knowledge and ability to do the right thing.” 

It gets worse than Trans-Soros approving, everyone.

Just trust me on this.

From NBC News:

Mueller is “a great selection,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said on Twitter. The ranking Democrat on Chaffetz’s committee, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, called Mueller’s appointment “a solid choice” in a statement Wednesday night.

So we’ve got the Mormon Jew and one of Baltimore’s finest Diversities…

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, one of the first Republicans to call for appointment of a special counsel, called Mueller “a fantastic person.”

“I don’t know him personally, but I think it’s a good move,” Kinzinger told reporters in Washington.

A Top Cuck extraordinaire…

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, a member of the Judiciary Committee, told MSNBC: “Bob Mueller has the experience and expertise, the guts and backbone, to ensure the independence of this investigation.”

Another Jew – probably destructive if laws of nature hold…

Even Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union — which sued the FBI numerous time during Mueller’s tenure as director — said, “We applaud the selection of Robert Mueller,” adding: “We are confident that he can and will carry out an independent investigation.”

And a homosexual Puerto Rican who honestly gives Rosenstein a run for his money in terms of just pure rodent-like appearance (there is no word on Romero possibly being a Jew, however).

These are the characters praising the appointment of Mueller, and based off of this alone, I’d be very, very worried if I were Trump.

Because it needs to be understood that no amount of cuckoldry and lies to the people will gain the love and adulation of these enemies of the state.

They will continuously seek blood, and will advance like a Walker chasing after his human prey.

It’s just that plain and simple, and if Donald doesn’t learn quickly, he’ll likely soon be looking at the big “I” word appearing on the horizon.

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  1. This filth needs to be weeded out. We need to Meme them into irrelevance. Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings aka Mammy and Rastus are prime material for Meme’s

  2. Conservatives should mock the democrats’ Russia conspiracy theories. Some of the contributors with comedic talent must have jokes about the crazy Trump is a Russian agent conspiracy theory.

  3. Trump is done. Typical Conservatives, no idea how to fight back, they would make good SCV members. Sessions blew it. The frame is being constructed. In the meantime the murder of Seth Rich by the Democrats will not even be mentioned. A true Soviet America is right around the corner once the Bolshevik Dem’s have ousted Trump and the incompetent Republicans since beneath the waves.

  4. Trump had one job, and he failed: first get control of the Deep State, then deport all the illegals.

    That’s it! Not health care, not taxes, nothing else!

    Trump is being counseled by Jack Welch, former head of GE, to go to war against the Deep State. Duh! That’s a day 1 thing! Trump found himself a general in the midst of a war he didn’t want or understand, and refused to staff the government with his loyalists. He thought that personal charm means shit in the world of bare knuckle politics, it doesn’t!

    I was generously calling Trump an idiot savant, perhaps he was just an idiot?

  5. ‘It’s just that plain and simple, and if Donald doesn’t learn quickly, he’ll likely soon be looking at the big “I” word appearing on the horizon.’


    I would say that Trump will be out in a year, but, neither The Democrats or Republicans would wish a Pence presidency, as he is a biblethumping States’ Rightser, far far to the right of any president since Reagan.

    That said, they would like to launch impeachment proceedings, and keep them going long enough to strangle the Trump Administration that, from all appearances seems determined to strangle itself through a many-angled treachery.

  6. @Denise…

    ‘And Trump? Will he just roll over and die?’

    Trump campaigned brilliantly, but, in matters of governance, he seems, outside of the purely economick realm, to be in way over his head.

  7. Junius, Reagan cucked out. Pence, a Bible thumping, Israel Firster, “pro lifer” is just what they want. Whether or not he is “states rights” is irrelevant because it will come to naught. With Pence it will be business as usual. First, of course, they have to get rid of Trump. He was never supposed to win in the first place. He’s a wild card and our overlords don’t like wild cards.

  8. Do the Jews and Roman Catholics in the Democrat Party want a war with Russia? If they start it, will they fight it?

  9. Krafty, I don’t doubt the warmongering (((Neocons))) want it. They certainly won’t be on the front lines fighting it. That’s a job for the goyim, RC or otherwise.

  10. Hopefully all of this degeneracy, jew war mongering, Negro unrest and Federal tyranny leads to the collapse of the Empire. The USSA is NOT worth saving. But the White race is.

  11. When can we talk about Israeli interference in American elections? I remember an FBI program called -“Ab-scan” which was designed to test the influence of Arab states the petro dollar) on the American system. I believe a few were arrested but can you imagine a government sting operation called project Jew Scam or project Zio-Scan. Then you would really catch some!

  12. I don’t know if Trump just screwed up and thought if he moved some of the establishment types in they would help him or if…I don’t know what he’s doing but here’s what Daddy Bush, who probably has a great deal of influence on the prosecutor said about Trump. I think he really screwed up. I wonder if Kushner put him onto this path?

    The only way out of this is to spill the beans on 9-11 using building 7 as an indisputable proof as it is indisputable that the building was demoed. There’s no other way to describe it. Fire the large majority of the NSA, CIA, DSA, FBI. Decimate. Take off the top 10% and have public hearings while he’s protected by special forces. Back out of all military alliances and wars for the time being. I think he could pull this. He would have to go full tilt against the Jews. If this doesn’t happen he will probably be impeached at the least and will be lucky to live. If they impeach him it will be a coup. There’s no other word for it.

  13. It’s looking pretty bad for Comrade Trumpsky. He should have lawyered up months ago, never should have asked the FBI and NSA to derail the investigation. He walked out of an interview when asked about his Russian mob business partner, Felix Sater. Comey wouldn’t answer questions about Sater, which means he’s under investigation.

    America is just waiting to see if Trump is smart enough to resign before he gets impeached by his own party.

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