The “Mainstream” Is Degenerate

If this is the “mainstream,” I am happy to be called an “extremist”:

I reject “mainstream” culture.

In the last week, The New York Times has celebrated tearing down Confederate monuments and open marriage. Do we have anything at all in common with these people? We’ve reached the point of full blown Weimerica cultural AIDS. It is time to pick a side.

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  1. Some call the mainstream media the urinestream media. I think its a better name for them considering what they actually DO.

  2. Yes, Sir, the mainstream is, if not entirely degenerate, then largely so.

    How could it be anything but for two generations whose general approach to life has been, ‘Drugs, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll’?

  3. Raise your hand if you think Baylor is the only school using gang rape as a perk of membership.

    No one?

    PS His name was Seth Rich.

    Evil walks the land.

  4. This truly is a degenerate society that needs to be washed clean. If it is not then it will descend into open barbarism – which we already see in some corners of society.

    Even comparing this society to the Weimar Republic doesn’t go far enough in describing the degeneracy here.

  5. I am depressed and want to recant a bit my anti-Papistry.

    Seems the leadership of CPP – Celtic People’s Party of Ireland – has stepped down, leaving a void.

    It had no overt official affiliation with Catholicism, but among the causes of its disbanding was the never-ending strife between Northern and Southern Ireland.

    Dogmatically, I have no time for the Pope and his fagboys. I’m mostly an atheist whose spiritual guide comes more from nature and my people’s communion with it.

    Why can’t my people unite as celts, vikings, aryans?!

    Why why.

    The Church is (by design) degenerate, the Prots are compromised beyond redemption and jewish porn blares out at us from all quarters.

    Evil indeed, Afterthought.

  6. We should be so lucky that the Mainstream Multi-cult rejects us, I am so broken up. Not, I’m a bad man.

  7. @ Michael Cushman

    What makes your assessment true, Michael, is the scope of the degeneracy now and here compared to Weimar’s Germany. All of America has gone to greed and narcissism. Weimar’s worst sins were more concentrated in the cities and the few elites.

    Our middle class is falling as much because of its own vice as from sabotage by The Chosen, a term I include more than just jews in.

  8. @Michael Cushman

    Weimar Germany was just a rough draft of what the Jews and Marxists wanted to achieve – you figure it only lasted for a decade or so.

    But America has been under full-scale (((engineering))) for close to a century now (maybe 60 years at hardcore levels)…

  9. “Cultural AIDS” ……Exactly. “Cultural syphilis” might also be an apt term.

  10. just bear in mind that EVERYTHING the Jews do is based on debt-finance. Including the current kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, and judeo-feminism. When their latest megaPonzi collapses, (((they))) will fall with it. That is in fact the entire history of the Jews. Each time they rise high (Ikhnaton’s Egypt, pre-Roman Palestine, the Ottoman Caliphate, Judeo-communist Russia, pre-1933 Germany) they fall hard. I think it quite likely that, when their current smoke-and-mirrors self-apotheosis dissipates, (((they))) will attain terminal downward velocity.

  11. These depraved misfits will try to normalize peadophilea next.
    Its all a ‘new’ and ‘different’ kind of mainstream thats all inclusive.

  12. @John: And If you don’t approve of pedophilia they will accuse you of being a “pedophobe”. The degenerate Marxist scum love to engage in name-calling, since they have no lucid arguments to support their sick agenda.

  13. @spahn, pedophobe….thats a good one. They can add that to the list of other phobes they love labeling us with. Or maybe pedist to go with ‘racist, ‘sexist’, etc.

  14. It’s time some of the St. Nicholases in the room, slap some of the Ariuses, silly. And be ready to be charged for standing up for White, Christian Culture. [Referent is the First Ecumenical Council, AD 325]

    Oh, and Onceler. We Whites can NEVER again become ‘Pagans,’ because our ancestors covenanted to be Christians… and, as the White Man’s ONLY VALID religion, we either denounce heresy (wherever it appears- wither Papism or Protestantism) or we wallow in it.

    Your choice, even as you seek to distance yourself from it, is merely another variant of wallowing.

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