The Battle of New Orleans

They couldn’t leave them alone.

We’ve been saying for years now that antifas hate the Southern people. They want to destroy our identity. They hate our heritage. They hate our culture. They hate you for being Southern. We are their enemy. Your enemy is someone who wants to cause you physical harm. That’s what they want to do to us.

I don’t think the Confederate heritage crowd ever really understood that. They get hung up on slogans like “Heritage, Not Hate.” They are eager to tell you about legions of “Black Confederates.” Your enemy doesn’t care about these things though. They simply hate you. They want to erase you from public spaces. They’re only using the charge of “racism” as a club to bludgeon and humble you. Do you get it now?

We’re told that “antifas” are opposed to hate. They’re opposed to “fascism.” I have never once believed any of this bullshit. These people are ideologically motivated anarchists and communists. They love you so much that they will slash your tires, strike you with brass knuckles from blind alleys, throw rocks and hurl broken bottles at you, spit on you, scream at you, mace little old ladies, etc., etc. They are doing that because they hate you. You are their enemy. They want to harm you.

So, this brings us to New Orleans.

I’ve only traveled there as a tourist. I haven’t been there to spread racism or fascism. I know how antifas operate though and so last weekend I was in Pikeville, KY to stand beside the actual Nazis against the antifas. Why did I do that? I went to Pikeville, KY because antifas are my enemy. They want to cause me physical harm. I’m actually not a Nazi, but I am aware it is all the same to these people. We all know antifas are like rabid dogs who violently attack everyone to the Right of Vladimir Lenin.

I got a lot of criticism for that decision, but I still say it was a sound one. Antifas don’t care that I am a Southern Nationalist. I love the Southern people. I’m pro-White. I’m pro-Christian. I’m not ashamed of my ethnic, cultural or racial identity. I love my ancestors. I care about the welfare of my descendants. Again, in their eyes, all forms of nationalism might as well be Nazism. Trump is basically Hitler. When they scream “every nation, every race, punch a Nazi in the face,” a Southern Nationalist will suffice.

Earlier this week, Black Rebel, Arlene Barnum and other Black Confederate heritage activists were guarding the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans. None of us were there. There was no one who was remotely a fascist there on the ground in New Orleans. And yet, that didn’t matter to the antifas. They hate Black Rebel as much as they hate Richard Spencer, Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos. So they attacked them too on May Day and wrote a big triumphant story about it:

“If you know nothing else about New Orleans, know that even its anarchists are intensely provincial. We don’t like anybody telling us what to do, but we reserve special detestation for people from outside New Orleans trying to assert control over our communities.

We also really super-duper hate racists! …

Oh reader, we tried with these dummies. We tried dialogue, we tried heckling, we tried burning their ugly belongings, but they just didn’t get the message.

So on May Day, we ran them off entirely. …

These pathetic, deeply isolated self-hating losers yelp about “loyalty” and “FAMBLY” constantly, like Dom Toretto with tourette’s, but when it comes down to it they’ll never have each others’ backs. They’re paralyzed by fear and listless with alienation… because fear and alienation are the wellspring of their (deformed, incoherent) politics! Profound loneliness, terror of the perceived “other,” and an inchoate desire to be part of something meaningful: while one can be sympathetic to these shortcomings, what it means in practice is that all the “3% militia” and “Proud Boys” and “Patriot Bikers” and other effectively nonexistent internet fantasy clubs they assign themselves amount in the end to nothing, or more exactly, to a half-dozen LITERALLY SHAKING out-of-state livestreamers sobbing “Send reinforcements!” into their iphones while a crowd of 200 surrounds and jeers them. …

But alas, Pygmalion’s white supremacist remained cold unfeeling stone, unmoved by either the neoconfederates’ tears or the eggs and pies we lobbed to provide the (notably ungrateful) monument defenders supplemental nutrition. …

New Orleans has awful infrastructure. The white supremacists’ vehicles must have hit some very sharp-edged pot-holes on the way over, because when the Confederate Dunces loaded up into their trucks, they found their tires had been slashed! Ay dios mio. In the little space before they accepted this and rolled noisily off down the street on their rims, they got to witness New Orleanians smashing and destroying the remaining shrine of candles and fake flowers these nobodies had laid at their stone idol’s feet.

With the fascists run off, the party continued long into the night. Some racist monuments got redecorated. It’s New Orleans. It was May Day. We like to have a good time. …”

In related news, antifas committed serial arson in Philadelphia. They caused over $100,000 worth of damage there in vandalism alone. These people rioted in the streets of Portland, Oregon and Olympia, Washington. They hurled Molotov Cocktails at the police in Portland and Paris and engulfed police officers in flames. Can you imagine the kind of press we would get if any of us so-called “hate groups” were doing anything remotely similar to these people?

This is what antifas are doing in New Orleans:

Let’s not forget this one:

I don’t see how their feelings could be anymore clear. Do you?

Over at “,” New Orleans Antifa boast about attacking New Orleans Police Department patrol cars, committing arson at the Confederate History Museum, repeatedly vandalizing monuments and smashing windows out of banks other businesses. We can add to that list menacing, threatening and assaulting Black Confederate heritage activists. Has Mayor Mitch Landrieu given these antifas a free hand in New Orleans? Why aren’t these people the public nuisance?

Mayor Mitch Landrieu has surrendered to radical antifas and black power groups:

Black Rebel and others issued a call for help. New Orleans Antifa mocked the Black Confederate heritage activists for being abandoned by their SCV supporters. Who are you going to call?

The Alt-Knights have responded:

A shitload of people are en route to New Orleans.

We know Arlene Barnum. We also remember what happened to Anthony Hervey after the Monumental Dixie rally in Birmingham, AL in 2015. We haven’t forgotten about that.

RIP Anthony Hervey.

If you were alive today, we know you would be there in New Orleans. We weren’t the ones who ran you off the road and murdered you for your political views.

If you can make it to New Orleans this weekend, please come. Anti-Communist Action will be there to defend Confederate heritage activists against feral antifas and support our historic monuments and Southern identity. Oh, and we’re also going to have a lot of fun doing it while we are there. We haven’t had one of these events in Louisiana before. You don’t want to miss this one.

Note: As many have noted, this has less to do with the Civil War than the Second Civil War.

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